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I was watching AMV hell and this came on, soz a little research later, I found a parody and DL’d it so…

Don’t ask…If you haven’t heard, I’m N Luv with a stripper, you won’t get this.
If anyone’s seen NBC lately, well this…

The president’s trip will start in Seattle on Sept. 25. He will also make three stops in California: San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Obama’s trip will wrap up in Denver on Sept. 27.

Anywho, those on the west coast, go out and see the guy; Or if you’re like me and don’t give a shit, well don’t go. Just enjoy the west coast sun like any other day and go about your day like nothing ever happened.
Or you can be like Colbert and try something like  your life depended on it.
also this…

Rattlesnake Victim: “Pain Worse Than Childbirth”

Best headline ever.

Link to article in case you people care.

Well it’s back to Warshington’s Drawing boards if you know what I mean.

Those of you wondering if Itoi will ever make Mother 4/Earthbound 3, don’t count on it. He only made the mother games cause he wanted to play them. And he got tired of programming games so, all he’s doing is charity work girls.

Articles can be found on…or  you can click this, Lazy America.

That’s our show for tonight, here it is your moment of Zen.—daily-routines—glasses?xrs=share_copy

Now with 25% more facepalm and narcissism


I made my own Facebook page…Why? I have no idea. I guess I just want to get the word out that Grass has views and ideas that people might take interest in.

Anyway, I should probably say this, so here goes.


Now, I can’t remember if it was the 18th or the 23rd for the US or for Europe. My release date memorization fails me, unfortunately.  Pre-Ordering  nets you the 25th Anni. Zelda concert CD and a gold Wiimote.

Not exactly thrilling…I mean OOT celebrated by giving us a gold we get a gold disc and and gold remote. *shrugs*

Ya, sorry, this just isn’t exciting  enough. At least, on the bright side, this means people will  be pirating the CD. Though,  I’d rather buy just the CD. The game, although very nicely created, doesn’t really appeal to me. I will still play it, but I’m beginning to get tired of console games.  I’m one of those people who will play a game once through and toss the disc back in the case and never touch it again.  I don’t know why, but from how I see it. Beating a game doesn’t prove shit, so why buy it? My recommendation is just subscribe to GameFly and wail on the game for a bit, return it and do it again. Or,  if you don’t like paying monthly  subs or don’t console game enough, like myself, Blockbuster is generally the answer. The truth of the matter is that no one really buys games anymore. Unless you’re a little 5 year old who’s obsession is Pokeymon, and you think something like  Neopets is “the shit”. Games have steadily deteriorated over the past 20 years and I frankly couldn’t care less. The industry is digging it’s own grave everyday. The problem with the current day and age is that there’s no originality anymore. Back in the 90’s, originality was all over the place. It was when people abused these original ideas and overlayed on them 20 fold that 20 years of gaming history went to shit and now the only thing you can buy on the market is in 1st fucking person. Almost every 5 games being made, one in 10 is a platformer, 2 in 20 is an Action RPG and 3 in 10 is a turn based  RPG. Now I’m not putting down Sony for making games like Digaea or  Naughty Dog for making games like Uncharted and Crash Bandicoot. What I am saying is that companies not only lack imagination, but they also lack sense. Milk the cash cow cause you know some dipshit 14 year-olds will beg their mommies and daddies for the cash to buy your shitty games. This is the current standard for games in the US and will continue to be so. It is becoming increasingly rare for me to find a game that I can sit down and want to play for more than 1 hour. I know I’m ranting at this point, but I really can’t understand what the fuck is going on with the minds of the developers of some of these companies. It’s like they don’t understand how a game is supposed to look like. Anyway, I’ll stop for now cause in a matter of years, when I leave the US and go to make games in Japan, I will leave all this garbage behind.

That’s our show for tonight, tl;dr of block text is that I hate current gen developers. And now here is your moment of zen.

Bold New World



Ya that’s right, the hoe is finally dead. How did she die? who cares. I know this is like 4 day old news, but I’m one who enjoys being fashionably late for something like this, something that no one seems to care about. Like dead celebs. 🙂

At the time of this post, I was in class and never finished it, so here I am back home and finishing shit so whatever.

Big news, since I haven’t seen Robin Williams outside of his Broadway Show, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, I was surprised to hear he was going to be in a Batman film with Anne Hathaway.  Hear check it out.

Tee bee Ae, I thought Williams retired. I saw the guy grow a beard so I thought he quit as an actor; Boy was I wrong.

The Dark Knight Rises comes to theaters on July 2012; Basically next year.

In other news, I heard from my teacher yesterdays since it’s 12:39 here of Tuesday, uh there used to be something called “Squatting” and before you ask, no, it has nothing to do with the squatting exercise. It was basically a when a person holds a URL under their name and holds it so someone else can’t use that username. Basically, being a general asshole. Courts can take this away from you lol so, egg on your face.

Well, that’s our show for today. Have a nice night. Here’s your moment of zen.

Hyrule – Fox’s new action-packed series and 3 days of madness

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Let’s start off today with  this

Second Shark Spotted in Mission Beach

Another shark has been spotted on Mission Beach, fire department authorities said.

Longtime surfer Tom Lochtefeld saw the shark Friday morning near tower 13. He said the dorsal fin was about 14 inches. The shark did not act aggressively toward him.

Though scientists have not yet determined what type of shark this one is, it could potentially be a great white shark, as several have recently given birth off the coast of Southern California, said UC Davis shark expert Peter Klimley.

When the sharks give birth, they migrate north, often feeding near beaches, Klimley said.

Thursday at noon, a lifeguard spotted a 10-foot shark about 100 yards off shore, near tower 15 in Mission Beach. Klimley said the shark spotted today could very well be the same one seen yesterday.

Mission Beach will be closed one mile from each direction of the shark sighting. Klimley advised lifeguards to keep the beaches closed for 24 hours.

The closure is only precautionary, though, said Lt. John Everhart of the San Diego lifeguards.

“I think it’s important to keep it in perspective. I think the chances of getting attacked or injured by a shark are infinitesimal compared to chances you take driving to the beach and back home on the freeway.”

Still, many who planned on going swimming Friday had to change their plans.

“I’m a little bummed. Me and buddies here wanted to go to the beach today, since we go back to school on Monday. We wanted to have one last time out, but the shark kind of prevented that today,” said Elijah Lopez, a San Diego resident.

About a dozen surfers were asked to get out of the water when the shark was spotted. Swimmers may get in at their own risk, however none are currently in the water, said SDFD Spokesperson Maurice Luque.

Those of you not from the west coast well, tough luck, go find a shark to kill with a gun. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
As for the title,  well I was thinking about this in the shower just now and I closed my eyes and I imagined this series about life in Hyrule in my  head with a castle, Zelda and her people.  It’s not like most Americans wouldn’t watch it. Nintendo just needs to release some rights (Yeah right.  Hahaha!) and Fox will have more viewers tonight then when HBO started doing Game of Thrones.
But hey, I’m sure someone out there will stitch together another lulzy Zelda April fools joke.
cause I mean, who can forget this?

It was lulzy, it was epic and boy did rainfall films do an amazing job on this.

In many ways, this was the first and only trailer I’ve seen anyone do faithfully to the series, even if the trailer was based off of OOT.

And don’t even get me started on OOT 3D.

One last story tonight…

click the image for the story.

Anyway, that’s our show today. Here it is…


Steve Jobs designs the new iResign

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Links to everything I’ve talked about in the show

Steve Jobs’ iResign

Black Rock Shooter stuff

Bush’s book



I apologize if peter’s voice didn’t make it onto the show, I’ll try to do another one with a guest and increase the volume, we were on skype so if you guys wanna join the call, add me, Gr4sshole. You’ll be able to hear the show in HD!!

I’m a mac and I’m a…

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A funny little video …Computer’s suck. XD

No major news today so enjoy this video. 🙂

and another one

Rick Santorum’s Summer dance party over the weekend

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Tonight’s music is brought to you by Danneman & Silverknekt

We begin tonight with a 3 videos talking about the candidates for Republican representatives from the Corn Pull.

Bachman won and noone cared…but what is this BS about top tier? can’t they just say top 3?

lol Michelle Bachman

Rick Perry is the new George Bush

Mitt Romney is Top tier


So apparently, congress has an approval rating of 14%. Fourteen percent? MFW

Congress should have a 3% approval rating. No one gives a shit about congress. They suck, they waste our tax dollars, nuff said.


Well no one in congress cares about Tim Pilenty I mean Plenty. 😛


moving onto anime related news

Chartfag a new site show to me by my good friend Purianite aka Amaranthea..and we’ve got ourselves our fall 2011 line up.



Take a gander at that. If you can’t  read it, click on the image for the real deal.


That’s our show tonight. Join us tomorrow for another exciting episode of the Grasshole show.

And now here it is, your moment of Zen.

See ya everybody.

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