It seems OCR’s done it again and released another amazing album. FIRST POKEMON AND NOW THIS!!!?? Holy SHIT!!

anyway here’s a link to this. Enjoy.

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I kind of lol’d at this

funny facebook fails - A Bookstore in London
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Just sayin’, England you crazy English bitch you.

and still following

More goodness from Johnny Boy


Them stocks be trollin’. 5 days of down down down and 1 day of up, then MORE days of down. Them stocks DEFINITELY be trollin’; and even if ‘Merica thinks it’s da pitz, they can still pull out of it if the economists realize one thing, and that is that Americans need to leave the United States. But in all seriousness folks, consider moving to Canada. Why you ask? well consider the fact they have national health care and you don’t really  need insurance.
Yes folks the state of the world is indeed in chao. Thanks Jon, maybe with you’re help we’ll survive 2012.

In the world of SPA-nime, Soul eater is on DVD!!


Lupin the 3rd coming next Spring

Lupin DVD Project

Oh and those of you worried about the 2012 apocolypse, the earth won’t blow up, but it IS possible the world will run out of money.

That’s it for today. SEE YOU BOYS LATER!!!