We begin tonight with the straw pull of the candidacy from IOWA!!!


The best six minutes of the show you will ever see.


Dow 11,343.68 +200.37 (1.80%)
Nasdaq 2,523.27 +30.59 (1.23%)
S&P 500 1,188.82 +16.18 (1.38%

This is amazing; Look at this increase…DOW WENT UP 200 POINTS. Someone stab me, motherfucker; iDisbelief.

Anyway,  a few days back, watching the US economy collapse is probably the most profitable I’ve had all year, not because it gave me an excuse not to find work, but because I believe the US deserves this. I’m not saying Obama did a bad job as President, I’m just sayin’, maybe he could’ve done a better job. I just want you guys to realize by 2012, the only end of the world that is there, will be a financial meltdown of the global economy.


Onto the world of  gaming, DSiWare shop has some random new games including something called Kokopolo. Screenies look nice.


Then there’s something else called Crazy Hamster…

As for WiiWare shop, it’s not even worth my time to post the images cause it’s just some animal games or whatever. I hate you 3rd party motherfuckers making us play this shit. Needz moar BlazBlu.


That’s our short show for today, for more on the stuff about the world, come check out our radio shows on Justin.TV.

See you next time.