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We begin tonight with a 3 videos talking about the candidates for Republican representatives from the Corn Pull.

Bachman won and noone cared…but what is this BS about top tier? can’t they just say top 3?

lol Michelle Bachman

Rick Perry is the new George Bush

Mitt Romney is Top tier


So apparently, congress has an approval rating of 14%. Fourteen percent? MFW

Congress should have a 3% approval rating. No one gives a shit about congress. They suck, they waste our tax dollars, nuff said.


Well no one in congress cares about Tim Pilenty I mean Plenty. 😛


moving onto anime related news

Chartfag a new site show to me by my good friend Purianite aka Amaranthea..and we’ve got ourselves our fall 2011 line up.



Take a gander at that. If you can’t  read it, click on the image for the real deal.


That’s our show tonight. Join us tomorrow for another exciting episode of the Grasshole show.

And now here it is, your moment of Zen.

See ya everybody.