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Second Shark Spotted in Mission Beach

Another shark has been spotted on Mission Beach, fire department authorities said.

Longtime surfer Tom Lochtefeld saw the shark Friday morning near tower 13. He said the dorsal fin was about 14 inches. The shark did not act aggressively toward him.

Though scientists have not yet determined what type of shark this one is, it could potentially be a great white shark, as several have recently given birth off the coast of Southern California, said UC Davis shark expert Peter Klimley.

When the sharks give birth, they migrate north, often feeding near beaches, Klimley said.

Thursday at noon, a lifeguard spotted a 10-foot shark about 100 yards off shore, near tower 15 in Mission Beach. Klimley said the shark spotted today could very well be the same one seen yesterday.

Mission Beach will be closed one mile from each direction of the shark sighting. Klimley advised lifeguards to keep the beaches closed for 24 hours.

The closure is only precautionary, though, said Lt. John Everhart of the San Diego lifeguards.

“I think it’s important to keep it in perspective. I think the chances of getting attacked or injured by a shark are infinitesimal compared to chances you take driving to the beach and back home on the freeway.”

Still, many who planned on going swimming Friday had to change their plans.

“I’m a little bummed. Me and buddies here wanted to go to the beach today, since we go back to school on Monday. We wanted to have one last time out, but the shark kind of prevented that today,” said Elijah Lopez, a San Diego resident.

About a dozen surfers were asked to get out of the water when the shark was spotted. Swimmers may get in at their own risk, however none are currently in the water, said SDFD Spokesperson Maurice Luque.

Those of you not from the west coast well, tough luck, go find a shark to kill with a gun. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
As for the title,  well I was thinking about this in the shower just now and I closed my eyes and I imagined this series about life in Hyrule in my  head with a castle, Zelda and her people.  It’s not like most Americans wouldn’t watch it. Nintendo just needs to release some rights (Yeah right.  Hahaha!) and Fox will have more viewers tonight then when HBO started doing Game of Thrones.
But hey, I’m sure someone out there will stitch together another lulzy Zelda April fools joke.
cause I mean, who can forget this?

It was lulzy, it was epic and boy did rainfall films do an amazing job on this.

In many ways, this was the first and only trailer I’ve seen anyone do faithfully to the series, even if the trailer was based off of OOT.

And don’t even get me started on OOT 3D.

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