Ya that’s right, the hoe is finally dead. How did she die? who cares. I know this is like 4 day old news, but I’m one who enjoys being fashionably late for something like this, something that no one seems to care about. Like dead celebs. 🙂

At the time of this post, I was in class and never finished it, so here I am back home and finishing shit so whatever.

Big news, since I haven’t seen Robin Williams outside of his Broadway Show, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, I was surprised to hear he was going to be in a Batman film with Anne Hathaway.  Hear check it out.

Tee bee Ae, I thought Williams retired. I saw the guy grow a beard so I thought he quit as an actor; Boy was I wrong.

The Dark Knight Rises comes to theaters on July 2012; Basically next year.

In other news, I heard from my teacher yesterdays since it’s 12:39 here of Tuesday, uh there used to be something called “Squatting” and before you ask, no, it has nothing to do with the squatting exercise. It was basically a when a person holds a URL under their name and holds it so someone else can’t use that username. Basically, being a general asshole. Courts can take this away from you lol so, egg on your face.

Well, that’s our show for today. Have a nice night. Here’s your moment of zen.