I was watching AMV hell and this came on, soz a little research later, I found a parody and DL’d it so…

Don’t ask…If you haven’t heard, I’m N Luv with a stripper, you won’t get this.
If anyone’s seen NBC lately, well this…

The president’s trip will start in Seattle on Sept. 25. He will also make three stops in California: San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. Obama’s trip will wrap up in Denver on Sept. 27.

Anywho, those on the west coast, go out and see the guy; Or if you’re like me and don’t give a shit, well don’t go. Just enjoy the west coast sun like any other day and go about your day like nothing ever happened.
Or you can be like Colbert and try something like  your life depended on it.
also this…

Rattlesnake Victim: “Pain Worse Than Childbirth”

Best headline ever.

Link to article in case you people care.

Well it’s back to Warshington’s Drawing boards if you know what I mean.

Those of you wondering if Itoi will ever make Mother 4/Earthbound 3, don’t count on it. He only made the mother games cause he wanted to play them. And he got tired of programming games so, all he’s doing is charity work girls.

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