The Grasshole show is up on season 2, and we are now called Grass² (Grass Squared).  I will be looking into more stuff now and hopefully proved you with a better show.   Last  show was done the previous day, 7:00 PM PDT, as of this day, if you haven’t seen it go see it now.

As for the blog and show itself, I feel it is necessary to promote this blog and show people what is out there; Whether it be Mike Relm, YattaroSB’s comics, or just general wackiness from ChuggaaConroy. As you can see here,  I have now also added the addition of opening link’s in tabs on all links in the blog to allow for better browsing.

‘It’s the time’s mate.’

Ya well in 2011, I still party like it’s 1990.

Yesterday’s celebration was kinda tiring and I think I may need to catch up on sleep,  buuuut that’s not a problem for me.

Now, let’s talk about Bush #2; Aka Rick perry.

He’s already beaten Romney in slayer and continues to fight him in 1-on-1 debating.
So anyway, I passed out for a bit, and well, holy shit, I find out I was late for class, so my mom; whom I thank god is still nice enough to send me to class; sent me over. And I go over to the cafeteria to get some food, and you’ll never guess this, but apparently soda and water are $1.50 now. When did this happen?

Anyway, here is your moment of Zen.