Hi, all~ Sorry for the delay; last week, I was sick and couldn’t think of much to write. I still can’t think of much to write, but we’ll go ahead with this anyway.

This week, we will be reviewing the Sam and Max series, specifically the later ones.  If you’re not familiar with it, Sam and Max is a series of point-and-click adventure games known for its quirky characters and patented Lucas Arts sense of humor, even though the majority of the series was made by Telltale Games. The series was abandoned for many years before being revived in 2006 in an episodic format, one of the first such games.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed playing through these games. The humor aspects are top-notch, the puzzles are challenging but not frustratingly so, and the episodic format makes it easier to work into a busy schedule. The cast is also particularly memorable, from the paranoid convenience clerk Bosco and new-career-every-week Sybil to recurring characters such as the former child stars known as the Soda Poppers to the charismatic and magical yet decidedly strange Hugh Bliss. If you haven’t taken a look at this series before, give it a try.

And that’s pretty much all for now. Remember, if you have something you’d like reviewed or want my opinion on, be sure to suggest it in the comments section. See you next week~