Well, it seems reviews will continue for the time being~ I’m a little low on material, but this week, I’ll talk a bit about the game that’s been eating away at most of my free time, the online MMO Mabinogi.

Mabinogi is a game loosely based on Irish mythology and has a wide userbase of players.  What seperates it from many, though not all, other MMOs is the wide variety of things one can do to survive and thrive other than combat. The game places less emphasis on level and more on ‘skills’ that can be ranked up. Some of these are combat oriented, others are oriented towards producing or gathering items.

Why do I find Mabinogi to be so addictive? It certainly isn’t for stability; the game is constantly having to go down for maintenance. Even as I write this, it’s under maintenance yet again.   The community is about the same as it always is for MMOs; a blend of kind veterans, clueless newbies and complete trolls.  Whatever it may be, however, it has enraptured me with its mysterious charm.

So that’s what I’ve been doing. That and work.

Anyway, that’s my spot for this week. Apologies for shortness, I’m a little behind on work. Please feel free to leave suggestions for next week’s topic in the comments section~