Ya, it’s unfortunate but I have to discontinue the show due to lack of interest. Tonight’s final stream will be on Justin.tv/kawamichi.

Anyway, thanks for all of you who kept up the support for the radio cast we did since episode 1. It was a rocky start but we did good.

On a side note,  apparently the recent Internet Explorer version allows you to customize the browser.  (About fucking time)

Sheen Roast was hilarious, and life has once again returned to normal status. Be sure to catch MLP S2E3  this saturday, enjoy yourselves bronies.

As for me…well this blog and this show have been quite the haven for me, but I’m gonna have to discontinue this cause I’m too tired of blogging once a day or even once a week and once a month? I might as well just use tumblr. =/

Fuck that.

I’ll blog when I find news of stuffs. See you folks.