So’z apparently, I spend the weekend over at my folks place to do work right? Wrong. I spend Friday night working,  WHOLE OF SATURDAY working, and half of Sunday working, and my dad’s still not satisfied. In other words, I’d have to be a robot to please the fucker.

Fuck that!
He can go suck a big one for all I care.  My house rules mean you work, you can relax. Fuck high expectations asian father. Fuck asian parents. We’re here now, we’re ready to win.

Another thing I got to do was watch #sheenroast  over the weekend;

Loved it!

Anyway, I haven’t posted much in almost a month so here’s an update.


I wrote some shit on DA. If you like my schpeils,  you’ll love this.


Well, that’s our show for the day…why am I still  saying this. This concludes today’s post. Go fuck off or whatever.