Stuff :3

So I finally got stable internet, thanks to Papa John, aka my dad. But that’s not the best news I  have for you today. My  second piece of news is this..

4chan  recently had it’s birthday not long ago. Moot seemed happy.

4chan, as we know it is often times populated full of retards and the reputation of anonymous has slowly waned since then.  As a fellow semi-active channer, I just wanted to wish my gratz for 4chan; One of the most popular imageboards online to this day. So, happy birf-day, bro.  8)

Anyway,  I was out for a walk earlier. About 2 hours-ish and I spent time gazing down at the city, was great. Ok ok, so this blog post really means nothing  to me but, it was cloudy and stormy earlier and when I got back, well, let’s just say it started pouring again.

Well last news  of today, and I apologize for the lack of content in here is the fact in 2 months, Sunjae will be heading to Japan. I will unfortunately not be in Japan at the time as my business course will start in the winter.

also this

That’s all for today, tune in next time as we explore some stuffs that happens on Grass’ world.