Hello, all~ It has been requested that I review Half-Life 2 this week, so here’s my brief take on it.

For those unfamiliar, Half-Life is one of the central franchises of leading digital game distributor Valve. The original game in the series, Half-Life, was released in 1998 and has sold well over 20 million copies. After three expansions were released for the original game, it saw a genuine sequel, Half-Life 2, in 2004, and was the first game distributed via Steam’s now-famous digital distribution system. It was also the second game to use Valve’s Source engine, the first being Counter-Strike: Source. It has been followed by two episodic sequels, and the release of the third is an eagerly awaited event to many. It also spawned the highly acclaimed spin-off series Portal.

My time with Half-Life 2 and the following episodes was highly enjoyable. The games are immensely immersive, with well-designed levels and well-balanced enemy difficulty. The physics engine, highly advanced for its day, still holds up well even in the present day.  The variety of mods available also add hours upon hours of additional replay time, particularly the most famous of those mods, Garry’s Mod.  Finally, the plot, while not the most compelling in existence, ties the framework together well to create a truly enjoyable experience.

And that’s my commentary for the week. Sorry for shortness and delays as usual. As always, feel free to leave requests for what to review or talk about in the comments section.