Well let’s start this off with my new wallpaper. Badonk from DA made a wallpaper version of Yattaro’s Art. And well, I took it upon myself to become the Jalorda/Serperior in the image.

I loved it. 🙂

Anyway, onto more pressing matters.

I have a site I  wanted to promote.

Those of you who remember FUSION?! from doujinstyle has this youtube channel he wanted me to promote. The channel, from what I saw, was primarily Sonic game plays and let’s  plays (LPs) but it had EosD as well so I didn’t hate. Fusion knows his touhou well. Very well. *sips tea*

And let’s face it, I’ve never been  good at touhou shooters, or any danmaku I know of. Anyway, I’ll leave his channel here before I  start rambling.


Last and final piece of news I  have for you is that I’ve found 2 interesting and cheap indie games for you to buy.

For a measly $10 you can get machinarium which is a point-and-click puzzle game and it has this built in walkthrough you can use if you get stuck.

The other game is botanicula, which is similar to machinarium, except it hasn’t been released yet, I’m really happy that these games are cheap and fun. The kind of stuff that indie game devs do is  by far the most fun I’ve seen in a lot of games.

That’s all  the news I have to share today, I’ll see you again next time.