I  wanna start my blog off by apologizing to Wolf Hikari who has somehow changed his name on Spacebook to Oukami Half…ya, don’t ask. I was fucking with him late last night…till a friend of mine told me he was in a coma. Anyway, sorry wolf,  I hope you feel better.

Moving onto more pressing matters. I’ve decided to put up a few sites you guys can browse through.
First and foremost is Everything Shii (pronounced she) Knows.


a guy wrote this page back  in 2006 and there’s a lot of interesting stuff on there; Mostly just general knowledge, but it’s pretty worthwhile to check it out. It can’t hold a candle to TvTropes, but it’ll  have to  do.

Next up, we have Well-Cultured; A site based on the PDF by Shii called “The Well Cultured Anon“. A worthwhile read. Trimmed by Shii. The PDF will be in the download section of the blog.

Well-Cultured.com is mostly a lot of dating/sex/life tips to get anons off their asses. Though it holds a well balanced amount of info for non-Anons as well.

Last but not least, if you guys want to read my literary works they can be found here on my DA.


Until next time, see ya folks.