So another weekend was spent with my psycho-social-pathilogical father and stubborn-as-fuck mother, amounted to me getting my workload done for school. Pic not related.

Anyway, moving onto more serious matters, I’ve compiled 3 days worth of posts for you today; Barring news that happened today but I’m sure Faux News will cover that, amirite?

Let’s start with last Friday, shall we?

Friday evening I was browsing ShitBO (HBO) for decent flicks worth watching. Sadly they had nothing decent on and I found ‘Vampires Suck’, which I will get to in a minute,  so I decided why not. My friend Amanda said she loved it so I say, wtf why not give it a look. For those of you who don’t know. This movie was made by those guys who made the Scary Movie comedies back in the 90s which were a huge hit. Sadly, their content (much like 7chan) has lost it’s charm and appeal. So without further ado, I’ll give you guys a review in HD of my account of the flick.


Vampires Suck review

So it’s Friday night,  I’m sitting on the couch hoping for something to watch cause ponies is tomorrow :U and I find this flick on HBO called ‘Vampires Suck’. If I recall correctly, vamp was made back in about a year or 2 ago. Definitely not long ago and definitely not a cult-classic. I realize the idea of shiny vampires is nothing more than a joke these days, but this movie is not funny, even if you never saw the twilight saga series. The synopsis is this; Or as I can best describe it. Becca is some 17 year old that moved to some incoherent town in Sas I mean Washington, as in NotCanada and she’s going to this school and meets the Sullens. Oh boy, says the guy in me, can’t wait for the shit to hit the fan already. Shit happens and here’s where I’m gonna stop cause the movie just decides to drop the plot after this point. I think what the writer tried to do here was  mash up all 4 stories into 1 movie and failed badly with some of the most obvious jokes known to the public.  The ending was based on  the first twilight movie where it ends with prom and I don’t know where to go from here. The movie is a mish-mash of horrendous documentation of 4 overly hated and dramatized flicks about illogical romance and shit that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. My final conclusion?

Need I say more? The movie Vampire Sucks, just plain sucks. But let’s get off this bum note and talk about our next topic.

Our next topic, GlaDoSiri!! I mean, 4Siri (4$). Made by Jobs, nevermind the guy’s dead, I meant Apple.

4$ as I like to call it has one of those ingenious ideas that takes into account that people are a social and humorous species and has what is called a sense of humor. Siri can communicate with the user via a computerized voice. I’ll link a video (also this was made). Before I continue,  I stumbled upon this. Just shows you, iPhone 4S pretty much blows. Let me continue, as I continued reading the article for Siri on Friday, I came upon a startling revelation that Apple  declined to answer questions about how their voice recognition program worked. Now, the public doesn’t have to know the intricate details of how recog works, but they should know how Apple put theirs together. This isn’t to say that their competitors will try to copy this, not like they won’t whether or not Jobs tells them. It’s so the public has knowledge of how recog works from Apple’s standpoint. Am I the only person that’s questioned Apple’s decision on their new technology like Nintendo when they first came out with the NDS? So it seems we are entering into stage of human development where computers will take over. Also, if you listen closely, you will recongize that voice as Microsoft Mary. MICRO$OFT MARY, AS IN APPLE IS USING BORROWED TECHNOLOGY!! Herp derp. Sorry Apple, you didn’t make the voices, Gates did. Good job copying your competitor. 🙂 Oh, but on an interesting note, you can ask Siri questions and get answers from it, but nothing philosphical. Ironic isn’t it.

That’s all for Friday, let’s move onto Saturday.


Saturday was mostly work for me and I didn’t get much in the way of news so here’s what I got.

My mom made me read this speech that Steve Jobs gave back in 2005 to a graduating class in Stanford University.  I won’t type out the story but feel free to read it yourself on your own time.

The other bit of news, is this Sarah Palin story I found on TMZ;  Link below. It’s about her and wanting protection from her quote-unquote stalkers.

Sarah Palin believes her TWO jailed stalkers are still very much a threat … and she’s begging an Alaska judge to extend the restraining orders against them for another 6 months.

Gimme a break woman.

Anyway, onto Sunday.


Sunday gave me a quick and easy end to my weekend assignments and thus time to do research for this blog. 😀

Let’s start Sunday off by plugging my new IRC channel which can be found here. I’m almost always on except at night and weekends.  Please, stop by and say hello.

Next up, some ghost story. Read it here; Nothing to paste.

Next piece of news, Tim Allen’s back on TV with a new hit Sitcom that’s not Tool Time. For show info and such, check here.

Onward and upward we got to Mozilla’s new SpaceBook/myFace. Mozilla has made something over here that’s rather interesting. Mozilla Drumbeat, as it’s apparently called, is a social network for people in Web Development. Web dev generally includes such notable and annoying languages such as Java, Flash, and the notoriously easy language known as HTML. But the notable thing about this is that it provides web tools and lets you connect with hackers and technologists if you work in education,  media or science. Working with hackers? O’Rly?

Welp, moving right along. I had a chance to look at android and apparently Google’s to blame for this. They have something called a NeXUS $(S). Google’s iPhone offer’s google trans so you can TALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN. And all this is for the Android, the lady says with a plastic smile on her face.

One last bit of note for Sunday is The Gates Notes which is basically Bill Gate’s blog for development, health, personal matters, energy and education. Last note he wrote was about Jobs.

Onward to Monday.


Now, I know I only wrote two notes for Monday but let me explain. One was for Japan setting up a simulation and the other thing I wanted to discuss was  Halloween.  I want you guys to leave me comments telling me how you’re spending your end-of-month time. Whether it’s taking your kid out to trick-or-treat or attending your halloween parties, leave me some notes and confirmation telling me how you want to spend your October 31st.

Well, until next time.