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Let’s begin today’s article with some fail.

My friend, Tracy, showed me this link on myFace regarding the idiocy of a really retarded human being on Yahoo Ask.

As you can clearly see, this Rebecca M (more like Rebecca Black) is a complete moron. Thanks again, Tracy, this will help end world hung I mean further prove that Americans are retarded.

Let’s move on, shall we.

Next thing I happen to have is this video. I’ve been looking at littleshrimp‘s stuff since I heard about his touhou art….I think it’s a he. (shrimp did once mention that she was a girl. But if shrimp was a girl, she’d be the best girl ever)

Anyway, androgyny aside, I heard this song on his tumblr which lead to me looking for the video on youtube and I got this.

Ya, I don’t know, go figure. Moving on.

Our next story is more news regarding Occupy wall street. Ugh.

Though obviously photoshopped, I think it’s safe to say that America’s pretty fucked.

Here’s the entire gallery of Occupy Wall Fuck photos on Photobucket.

I’m really sick and tired of reading about this and knowing Japan wants to follow in America’s footsteps and do the same thing. Holy fuck Japan! YOUR COUNTRY IS DYING AND YOU WANT TO PROTEST THE LACK OF JOBS? WHAT?!!

I got a chance to check over to see what Comedy Central’s funny man, Jon Stewart, had to say about this. Here’s some quotes from last night’s episode.

“They’re like the Hard Rock cafe of Leftist movements. Hey everybody, try the Emma Goldman Burger, it’s a revolution.”

“‘The protest known as occupy has collected over $300,000.’….I think they should change the name of the protest.”

Before I begin my rant, I want to drop this video here since it seems most appropriate.

Now, I’ve said this time and time again, but Occupy wall street is a joke. It’s nothing more than a few retarded Americans doing the dumbest things which terribly surprising since you got racist white folks out there everyday taking sides with people like Romney and Santorum and lest we forget SENATOR RICK PERRY! C’mon, America, you’re disgracing yourself. The only America’s shown in the 2012 election is that douchemongers like Republicans prove that that 99% of you tea-partying-bullshit-eating Americans are fucking racist. You are disgusting pigs who vote for disgusting pigs who run the disgusting pig of a nation’s capitol called Washington D.C. This is a disgrace and I’m fairly sure if Washington saw this with his own eyes, he’d shit bricks. It is with true regret that if we let a Republican into the White House, we are fucked. Vote Obama if you care about America, because so far he’s the only president since JFK, imo, that’s done something many presidents have not been able to accomplish. I won’t glorify the guy, but Obama has done more for this country than those Republican pigs. Now, you’re probably wondering, ‘why are you being so harsh about Republicans?’ Well, look at it this way. When have we had a Republican since H.W. Bush that’s done a great enough service for America that warrants remembrance. Lincoln, Monroe, Jefferson, these were all Democrats in their time. I’m not saying that we haven’t had good Republicans, it’s just the OGP clearly  presents themselves so poorly that every time we think about the word Republicans, we want to kick their faces in.

Anyway, enough ranting. Let’s continue.

Our next piece is the top 5 animes broadcasted in the 10 years of the 2000s. The whole thing was top 25 but the top 5 are the most significant.

Top 5 of 25 of the top 25 animes of 2000s

1. Clannad

2. Gundam SEED

3. Code Geass

4. Haruhi

5. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

Rest can be found here.

The next story is about a teacher who sexually harassed a student and the irony here is that he’s a sexual harassment prevention teacher.

Sekuhara Training Teacher Busted for Sekuhara

Author: Artefact

A teacher who instructed teachers to “inform the vice principal if you ever have to be alone with a female pupil” during sexual harassment training has been arrested for indecently assaulting one of his pupils whilst he was alone with her.

The 47-year-old teacher taught at a Shizuoka prefecture high school, and as a 20-year veteran of the profession was esteemed by his principal as “a teacher who was expert at instructing younger teachers.”

He recently participated in a sexual harassment (“sekuhara”) reduction training session at the school, during which he advised teachers that they “should inform the vice-principal if they are ever alone with a female student” and that it “should be in place where both people are clearly visible from the outside.”

However, no sooner had the training finished than police arrested him for indecently assaulting a 17-year-old student during the summer holidays.

According to their account, he threatened the girl into letting him kiss her and grope her breasts, telling her “you’ll pay with your academic career if you don’t keep your mouth shut and obey me!”

He admits kissing her, but maintains he kept his hands off her breasts.

One of his colleagues who undertook the training with him is almost speechless – “We just got out of the training, I can’t believe he…”

Oh, Japan and your silly irony.

Let’s move on.

Seiyuu Hirano Aya gets her ass bashed.

since this is one of those fanboy filled dramas I won’t talk  about it, just link you here.

Next up, we have squid-chan aka Ika Musume, who has figures releasing March of 2012. Hey that’s my birth-month. 😀

Read more here.

Now for a bit of old  news, Feb. 2010 to be exact.

An old NES console sells for $13,105 on ebay.

Old Nintendo system sells for $13,105


Everyday folk discovering colossally valuable collectors’ items amid everyday junk has been the lifeblood of antiques shows for years, but it’s not every day you see a real-life gold-in-the-attic tale play out on eBay.

Last week, North Carolina eBay user lace_thongs35 thought she was putting up an everyday, 80s-era Nintendo Entertainment System (together with five games) up on the popular auction site. But less than an hour after the first bid, the price was over $6,000 — and on Wednesday, when the auction closed, the final selling price topped $13,000.

Why? Not the console itself, but one of the games bundled with it — a deeply obscure 1987 release called Stadium Events, a highly sought-after collectors’ item. But it wasn’t even the game itself that was worth the bulk of the money — it was the original cardboard box, which collectors value at a breathtaking $10,000. Fewer than 10 complete copies of the game are thought to exist, and retro gaming aficionados consider it one of the hardest-to-find NES games ever made.

Bet you’re wishing you hadn’t let Mom throw out your Nintendo collection now, eh?

Wasn’t expecting that eh?

Well I’m gonna leave this last bit of a gallery/article thing. It’s definitely NSFW, but enjoy at your own time. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


That’s our show for today, here’s your moment of zen.