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So apparently, this seems to be a big deal or I wouldn’t have bothered posting a response the next day. Apparently, I had so many hits on my blog yesterday regarding the whole deal of a black woman in Korea causing a ruckus. So, let me set you boys and girls straight about this whole mess, Colbert style.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, you have nothing to worry about whatsoever. Your government is on it. [salute.jpg]’

But in all seriousness, if  you want to venture toward South Korea, just do it. Waste less time by not being a xenophag and worrying about what other people think.

And with that out of the way. Let’s move onto some funny news.

This was posted September 9th, 2011.

Just hilarious really; I can’t believe that they’d actually implement something like this. I mean, if I recall correctly, one of our amendments clearly states that it’s up to the individual to choose their religion, i.e. freedom of religion. Man do stupid Americans crack me up.

Anyway, next up I want to plug this site I discovered on the net last night. Haruhi Suzumiya dot net is apparently this huge site, I’m considering joining. I’ve been a fan of the series since S1 and I’m still a supporter of the series. I’m not one of those crazed maniacs who will  defend endless 8, but let’s not get into that.

Clicking this banner will take you there. Enjoy.

If you ask me these, banners suck for the most part, which isn’t a bad thing per se, but simplicity only goes so far. In any case, that’s  my plug for the day.

Next thing I want to plug  is super crate box. I heard about this game on byte jacker and was instantly hooked. It’s a really  fun indie game, you guys  should  check out.

One last indie game I  want to plug is Super Smash Bros. Land. A quirky, low tech version of the SSB franchise; I found it on VGCats which is a site run by Scott Ramsoomair who is one of my favorite artists 2nd to egoraptor, who did the ‘Awesome’ Series. Both guys have a huge sense of comedy in all areas from satire to generically good humor. I can’t praise these 2 enough, so go check them both out.

Here’s an interesting video that was actually on Cartoon Network.

Onto the daily news files. *cracks knuckles*

I realize this was 2 minutes before Friday, but fuck it.

For Obama, some vindication of approach to war


updated 10/20/2011 11:58:58 PM ET

WASHINGTON — For President Obama, the image of a bloodied Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi offers vindication, however harrowing, of his intervention in Libya, where a reluctant commander in chief put strict limits on American military engagement and let NATO allies take the lead in backing the rebels.

Mr. Obama’s carefully calibrated response infuriated critics on the right and left, who blamed him either for ceding American leadership in a foreign conflict or for blundering into another Arab land without an exit strategy.

But with Colonel Qaddafi joining the lengthening list of tyrants and terrorists dispatched during the Obama presidency, even critics conceded a success for Mr. Obama’s approach to war — one that relies on collective, rather than unilateral, action; on surgical strikes rather than massive troop deployments.

“I think the administration deserves great credit,” Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, said in an interview on CNN. “Obviously, I had different ideas on the tactical side, but the world is a better place.”

Mr. McCain had called for the United States to impose a no-fly zone over Libya in the early days of the rebellion, and to use heavier air power against the Qaddafi forces once the NATO operation began — measures that Mr. McCain said he still believed would have brought down the dictator far sooner.

The president rebuffed those calls, deciding on a more cautious strategy that depended on marshaling the support of NATO allies and Libya’s Arab neighbors, and shifting much of the burden of the air campaign to Britain and France. It was a strategy suited to a country weary of war and strapped for cash.

“Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives, and our NATO mission will soon come to an end,” Mr. Obama said in a Rose Garden address that served as a muted victory lap. “We’ve demonstrated what collective action can achieve in the 21st century.”

Mr. Obama drew a link between Colonel Qaddafi’s downfall and the killings of Osama bin Laden and other leaders of Al Qaeda, saying they show the “strength of American leadership across the world.” But it is a very different kind of leadership than that exercised by President George W. Bush or other presidents.

The strategy was summed up trenchantly by an unnamed Obama adviser, who described it in an article in The New Yorker magazine as “leading from behind,” a turn of phrase seized on by critics like Mr. McCain.

“It’s time to set aside the snide interpretations of ‘leading from behind,’ and simply call it leading,” said David Rothkopf, a foreign policy expert who wrote a history of the National Security Council. “This was the kind of multilateral, affordable, effective endeavor that any foreign policy initiative aspires to.”

Even so, Mr. Obama is not likely to get any lasting political credit for the success of the Libyan rebellion — just as he received only a fleeting bounce in the polls after the commando raid that killed Bin Laden in Pakistan.

The Republican presidential candidates certainly did not rush to credit Mr. Obama. Eric Fehrnstrom, an aide to Mitt Romney, said in a statement that Colonel Qaddafi’s death “brings to an end a brutal chapter in Libya’s history, but that does not validate the president’s approach to Libya. The credit goes to the people of Libya.”

Later, after a campaign appearance in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Mr. Romney was asked whether the president deserved some credit. “Yes, yes, absolutely,” he said, before disappearing through a back door.

Mr. Obama, his aides say, has long tried to balance a willingness to intervene in cases of mass atrocities with a reluctance to be drawn into large-scale combat. Last week, for example, he ordered 100 armed military advisers to Uganda, where they will help regional forces fight the Lord’s Resistance Army, a renegade group that has raped and murdered villagers in central Africa.

On Wednesday, Mr. Obama reiterated that he decided to intervene in Libya after Colonel Qaddafi’s “forces started going city to city, town by town to brutalize men, women and children.” But he also made a point of noting that the United States was winding down the Iraq war and turning over security in Afghanistan to the Afghans.

Left unsaid was another central element of Mr. Obama’s war-fighting strategy: a shadowy string of drone bases, where the United States sends out unmanned aircraft to hunt suspected terrorists like Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born Qaeda propagandist, who was killed last month in Yemen.

“Nobody could have predicted that in a six-month period, you’d see the deaths of Muammar Qaddafi, Osama bin Laden and Anwar Awlaki,” said Benjamin Rhodes, a deputy national security adviser. “But it flows directly out of the decisions the president has made since the beginning of his administration.”

Sticking to limited operations like Libya also makes sense at a time when the White House is seeking to cut at least $400 billion out of the Pentagon budget. “The whole thing cost $1 billion,” said Micah Zenko, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “It’s a rounding error.”

The problem for Mr. Obama, analysts said, is that Libya is not much of a template for other conflicts.

In Bahrain, for example, strategic considerations and Saudi Arabia’s resistance constrain American options. In Syria, Russia and China have blocked efforts to ratchet up pressure on President Bashar al-Assad, partly out of anger with what they view as a military mission in Libya that exceeded its writ.

“In Syria, which is the linchpin of the Middle East, what happened in Libya cannot be replicated,” said Martin S. Indyk, director of foreign policy at the Brookings Institution. “There is no international consensus; on the contrary, there is an international divide.”

So it seems that Mr. Colbert’s mention the previous night regarding America finding a new war target wasn’t a joke. Ah, good old America, picking fights when they can’t even prioritize their internal financial problems. That’s like a man with polio picking a fight with something like Randy Moss, how much more absurd can you get? Obama gave a speech regarding the death of the dictator and hopefully easing the minds of Americans. But I don’t believe in the media and if I recall, there was an article on everything shii knows regarding the way news is broadcast, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just say news is biased and will always be biased.

Our next story for today is about that Chinese girl who is now pronounced dead after being run over several times and completely ignored. Ah, China you never change. 😀

Crushed Girl Dies – “Farewell, There Are No Cars In Heaven”

Author: Artefact

The 2-year-old girl who was repeatedly run over by Chinese motorists and ignored by no less than 18 people as she lay bleeding in the road has died.

So severe were her injuries that she fell into a coma and was later pronounced braindead, with doctors holding out little hope for her survival.

She finally passed away after lingering several days, with the hospital claiming the cause of death to be “systemic organ failure.”

Meanwhile, the humble rag-picker who dragged her off the road and left her for dead has been feted as a national hero and given $15,000 by corporate benefactors as a reward for her heroic conduct in the face of conceivable risk:

Hey you wahn mahnee?

The circumstances surrounding the girl’s death have provoked outrage and revulsion in China, with millions angrily decrying the undeniably wretched moral character of modern China.

Many Chinese have expressed the opinion that Chinese law is so backwards and corrupt and the Chinese people themselves so immoral and treacherous that they would fear to help anyone in need lest they be turned on and held financially responsible for the incident by the person they helped – as has in fact happened in several widely reported cases.

Others have pointed to the flagrant disregard for the most basic standards of ethical behaviour routinely displayed by China’s government and businesses as evidence of a society which simply does care about individuals or tolerate them acting morally.

However, with all this universal outrage some will doubtless be left wondering where all these kind-hearted Chinese were as the little girl lay dying in the middle of the road after being run over twice.

Aside from the arrest of the two drivers who ran her over, the only official response has been the provincial government mooting a law to force people to help accident victims (seemingly highly unpopular) and calling for suggestions on how to better promote “socialist morals” amongst the people – although an increasingly large body of Chinese appear to be of the opinion these are what got them into this situation in the first place.

Next up is a little preview of  things to come by IGN.

Where Is the Uncharted 3 Review?

IGN’s final verdict on Nate and Sully’s latest adventure is just around the corner.

October 20, 2011

It’s been two years since we left Nathan Drake yammering on and on about clowns, but the wait for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is almost over. In fact, so is the wait for the IGN review. Monday — October 24 — we’re going to post our Uncharted 3 review at 9 a.m. Pacific time (Noon Eastern, 5 p.m. UK, 3 a.m. Tuesday AU). This page is going to turn into the review, so go ahead and refresh it on Monday.

Until then, watch our livestream of the live Uncharted 3 event Thursday night and bone up on the story so far with our recap…

[Insert video here]

The whole Arkham  city info and guides are on IGN and can be found here. Since, I sit here broke before you, I can’t possibly afford to try this game or even anything remotely like a piece of working technology so, best of luck to those who want to try it.

Now for a bit of interesting news. Steve Jobs said he wanted to destroy Android, calling it a ‘stolen product’.

Steve Jobs Vowed to ‘Destroy Android’

New biography reveals personal animosity toward Google’s mobile OS.

by Justin Rubio
October 21, 2011

“Steve Jobs,” a biography by Walter Isaacson, takes an in depth look at the life of the former CEO of Apple. In addition to revealing details about his health and his fight against cancer, the biography also unveiled Jobs’ true animosity towards the Android platform.

According to the Associated Press, Jobs was quoted in the book saying:

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

In a meeting with Eric Schmidt regarding a lawsuit against an Android product, Jobs told the executive chairman of Google (and former board member of Apple):

“I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.”

To this day, the Apple iPhone is the most successful smartphone line in the world. In addition, the Apple iPad holds a vast majority of the tablet market.

Steve Jobs lost his battle to pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011.

The “Steve Jobs” biography will be available starting October 24.

I’m actually not surprised that  Jobs would QQ over a competitor’s products and this is nothing more than competition drama where people rage and sue each other.

That is all for today and I will see you next Monday.