Hello, everyone~ Today’s review will be of Super Crate Box, and it won’t be a terribly long review, so let’s jump right into it~

Super Crate Box is a freeware platformer/shooter by Vlambeer. The objective is pretty simple: There are crates, you collect as many as you can before you die. Each crate will give you a new weapon chosen at random to fight your enemies, and since your character is a one-hit-point wonder, you’d better hope you don’t get stuck with a bad one. That being said, there aren’t many ‘bad’ weapons in Super Crate Box; some can be difficult to work with at first, but with practice, all are quite effective.

So, why should you play Super Crate Box? It’s fast-paced, addictive, has awesome chiptune music, and will make you long for the good old days~ Well, that last one is optional.  Nevertheless, if you’re in need of a good time-killer, you should definitely give Super Crate Box a try.