First thing’s first, 2 videos from from an animator on youtube.


Next up, if you haven’t checked out Freeman’s Mind, you must see it. This guy basically dubbed over a Half-Life 1 (not to be confused with Half Life 2 Episode 1) and did a comedic LP of sorts. Check it out in the link below.

Tuesday marks Day 2 of NCFC and if you haven’t checked them out, there’s still time. Check out there stream, which is right over here.

They usually stream till about 2 am EST, so check  ’em out.

Let’s talk about Japanese stalkers…

Agency: “We’ll Sue All Aki Toyosaki’s Stalkers!”

Author: Artefact

Music Rayn, the agency of top Yuinyan seiyuu Aki Toyosaki, is saying it will take aggressive legal action against the stalker who uncovered the probable fact that she lives with her musician boyfriend Tom H@ck, whilst Toyosaki has commented on the claims, saying “he listened to my private worries.”

The agency promises legal action “of a criminal or civil nature” against “some thoughtless fans” who operate the site in question, saying their acts “threaten the safety of our business and seiyuu” and “caused considerable psychological harm” to their seiyuu.

They also promise legal action against anyone else stalking or threatening their seiyuu, which probably covers most seituu fans at some point.

Regarding the actual suppositions of the site regarding her private life, they only address them in passing, accusing them of “making speculative writings.”

Finally, they say they will be stopping their seiyuu from updating their blogs so as to “guarantee their safety.”

Although many are delighted that he is being pursued, there is some doubt as to whether the stalker in question has actually done anything actionable or gone beyond the sort of paparazzi stalking most celebrities must endure – although presumably the company’s lawyers think otherwise.

Accompanying their legal threats, no less than Aki Toyosaki herself posted a long and very vaguely worded update on her blog, saying “sad things” in her private life do not affect her voice work and describing Tom H@ck, her presumed lover, as “someone who respects my work and listened to my private worries.”

The fact that this in no way comprises a denial has attracted a great deal of comment.

All the other members of her “Sphere” group also posted similar updates at the same time, with broadly similar themes and a general lack of content. Tom H@ck for his part has already closed his blog.

After so many scandals, online there is now a distinct scepticism about the efforts of seiyuu and their agencies to maintain the fiction that all seiyuu are sweet little virgins living the mental and physical lives of 11-year-olds:

“Crush them!”

“They’ve admitted it!”

“This is practically confirmation.”

“With that much evidence all they can do is admit it.”

“It’s a bit late in coming.”

“Arrest that stalker.”

“So it’s OK for a weekly magazine to do this, but it’s NG for a blog to do it?”

“How does this differ from a scoop in one of those magazines?”

“If this is a crime then the whole of the mass media are criminals as well.”

“By identifying an unknown perpetrator as a ‘fan’ they are basically thinking of all their fans potential criminals.”

“They are laying it on pretty thick considering she is not a virgin after all.”

“They admit defeat! They admit Toyosaki and Tom F@ck live together and do it – are those Toyosaki fans still breathing?”

“You are just guessing. There is no real evidence she lives with Tom F@ck.”

“She didn’t deny living with him. OUT.”

“They just want to go on tricking their fans as if nothing has happened.”

“So they were busy pushing her as a doll but they didn’t do any risk management. What an amateur agency.”

“These seiyuu just need to stop lying to everyone by saying they have no boyfriends.”

“So they want to make money off otaku maintaining their images as virgins, but in private they want to do any guy they fancy?”

“This is worse than Hirano.”

Oh boy, dem crazy Japanese, man dey sure iz crazy. I’ll never understand Japan’s femiNazi double standard ways. I find it funny that countries with more women tend to have these crazy ass laws that protect women. Where as in China, you never hear about rape or persecution of women; It truly is hilarious. Here’s an idea, make a world where there’s only men, that way the only rape you’ll hear of is from homosexuals and then all the Christians will come raining down on thou who art not worthy. The more I see Japan do these retarded ass things, the more I want to leave this ridiculous world that we live in and create our own world on some uninhabited planet where we would use what knowledge we have as human beings to survive, and hopefully from there we can see something more impressive like how humans evolve over a time period. I liked the idea of the Terrans from Starcraft set up their story line: ‘They’re world is running out of natural resources so they send criminals into space to explore for terrestrial planets.’ I hope this comes to light someday, in that instead of killing criminals, we just launch them into space for a couple hundred years and hope they find some inhabitable planet where we can extract resources like crystals and gas. But I digress, if we’re reluctant to do such a thing, I won’t be alive by that time.
Anyway, let’s move onto some more pressing matters. Tokyo has decided to ban anime and manga to stop sexism…


Really? [facepalm.jpg] I’m sorry you oldfags up in government are such shitheads, I truly am.

Tokyo: “We’ll Ban Manga & Anime To Stop Sexism!”

Author: Artefact

Tokyo’s Ishihara-led government is proposing yet more onerous censorship of manga and anime, this time on the grounds that they are sexist and violate the human rights of the groups (i.e. women and children) being depicted.

From one of the Tokyo government’s latest policy documents, outlining their plans for enforcing a “gender equality” regime on the people of Tokyo:


However, much media information is based on sexual stereotypes and frequently depicts sexual violence towards women and children, and this is one of the prime impediments to gender equality.

According to cabinet surveys, 80% of people now think there are problems with depictions of sex and violence on TV and the Internet.

Freedom of expression should be respected, but it is also necessary to adequately respect the human rights of the people being depicted to not be the subject of unpleasant sexual or violent expression in the public media.

Tokyo recently revised its ordinance for the healthy development of youth, and also established Tokyo’s duty to allow the healthy development of young people by restrictions on their Internet environment and the eradication of child pornography.


Our policy direction:

It is necessary to demand media undertake to voluntarily censor themselves with regard to depictions of sex and violence.

Tokyo must ensure publishers and advertisers do not promote sexual discrimination.

All media must thoroughly uphold moral restrictions [on their publications].

It would appear Tokyo has finally succeeded in combining both right-wing demands for censorship on the grounds of upholding public morals and left-wing demands for censorship on feminist and “human rights” (i.e. those of the people depicted in or exposed to the expression of others) grounds.

Online there is not much surprise – it was long obvious to all but the most deluded apologists that Tokyo’s manga ban was the thin end of the wedge, and that Ishihara and company would simply keep tightening censorship until only rape novels and pornographic videos remain:

“So this means shonen, shoujo, seinen and ladies comics are all going out of print for promoting sexual discrimination.”

What did I tell ya. [kookoo.gif]

I’m not going to go on ranting at this point, those of you planning to go to Japan, you can forget about it if you want mangas or planning on buying their fanime. Yup, it’s over.

Ya, let’s  move forward, this is getting ridiculous.

ACE Strikes Back – Weakly

Author: Artefact

The Anime Contents Expo will go ahead after all, although it seems the anime industry is now thoroughly cowed as they are still participating in TAF and have dropped all mention of opposing censorship.

The Anime Contents Expo will go ahead shortly after TAF on the 31st of March and 1st of April, at the Makuhara Messe in Chiba. Admission is ¥1500 for those over 3, and 50,000 attendees are expected.

Their site is also now active again, after having been reduced to a placeholder for many months with no word whatsoever on its existence or future plans.

However, their official press release has dropped all mention of protesting Ishihara’s manga ban, instead presenting their belated restaging of the event as being “out of  gratitude to the fans who supported ACE 2011″ (somewhat rich coming from Kadokawa).

The original event was explicitly presented as being an act of defiance against hypocritical efforts of the Tokyo government to simultaneously denounce manga as the domain of perverts and deviants whilst managing a major anime event.

As Kadokawa and company are still listed as major participants in TAF, have not opted for the more provocative move of scheduling the event on the same day as TAF, dropped all talk of opposing Ishihara, and took so long to actually bother updating anyone about the event, there are plenty of doubts being expressed as to whether their heart is really in it.

Gee, Japan’s entertainment industry sure is collapsing around here.

Next up we have some sad news regarding, regarding a boy in China being run over…again and again. Deja Vu. =/

Chinese Truck “Ran Over Boy Twice To Avoid Medical Costs”

Author: Artefact

A Chinese truck driver who ran over and killed a 5-year-old boy has been accused of deliberately reversing over the child after hitting him to ensure he would not have to pay his medical costs.

5-year-old Xiong Maoke was said to be on his way home from his kindergarten in Sichuan province when he was hit by a truck.

Eyewitnesses were left dumbfounded by what they say they saw happen to him:

I saw the truck coming, the children were walking by the side of the road, not in the street.

He fell, but after being knocked over, immediately stood up again and bent over to pick up his umbrella.

I saw the truck move back a little and then move forward again, Xiong Maoke became wrapped up in the wheel, and then the truck continued forward another 10 meters.

‘What are you doing? Stop!’ I yelled. The truck halted and the driver exited, cursed, and walked away.

The driver offered to pay compensation, but has apparently not been forthcoming in explaining how the accident occurred.

It has been alleged that one of the arrested drivers in the recent “Yue Yue” case told the girl’s father that he fled the scene because “If she is dead, I may pay only about 20,000 yuan ($3,125). But if she is injured, it may cost me hundreds of thousands of yuan.” He supposedly hit her because he was busily nattering on a mobile phone.

Local villagers assert that the truck driver deliberately ensured the boy died to limit his liability.

Chinese state press claims the latest incident was an unfortunate accident, uncritically reporting the verdict of local police and officials that he was only hit once, died instantly, and that the driver was the first to call police, and going on to imply that the incident may have been exacerbated by villagers more interested in compensation than the fate of the boy.

However, given the level of outcry over the last such incident, the authorities may have their own motivation for ensuring the incident does not become yet another focus for public discontent.

Given that incidents of accident victims making false claims in order to claim compensation from bystanders are not unknown in China, and may have played a role in the reluctance of Chinese to help “Yue Yue,” unfortunately either explanation seems quite plausible – only the fact that another small child died horrifically and at least one party acted disgracefully is beyond dispute.

The images can be seen on the site via the title link, though I should probably put up a viewer discretion sign here somehere, let me see…

There we go..

That’s all the news from East Asia so let’s hit the US and middle east. *dusts off hands*

Gaddafi buried in unmarked grave in Libya desert to avoid creating shrine

Bodies of dictator, his son and a general are given full Islamic rites and washed by relatives and sheikhs before secret burial.

A spokesman for Libya’s National Transitional Council confirms Muammar Gaddafi has been buried Link to this videoThe belated finale for Muammar Gaddafibegan on a marble slab in a car park and ended with a lonely burial in the desert far from the reach of family or foe.After his body spent five days on gruesome display, Libya‘s new rulers finally decided late on Monday night to put Gaddafi to rest, capping a week of uncertainty about what to do with the slain despot’s remains and closing an era of fear and infamy.”We gave him all the Islamic rituals that we would give any Muslim,” said the deputy chief of Libya’s new governing council in Misrata, Sadiq Badi. “It was more than he would have given us, but we gave him a dignified end.”He was prepared for burial alongside two other corpses – his son Mutassim and his former military chief, Abu Bakr Younes, who had been holed up with him during the fall of Sirte.Just before midnight, three Islamic holy men, all of whom have been imprisoned by rebels, along with three family members of the dead men, were taken from their cells in Misrata to a building on the outskirts of town.The six men were told to wash the three bodies. Younes’s sons, Osma and Younes, were allowed to clean their father, while the grandson of Gaddafi’s sister, Sharif al-Gaddafi, had the task of washing his great-uncle. They were the only family members allowed near the bodies.

Libyan officials rejected repeated requests from the Gaddafi tribe in Sirte to hand over their patron and leader. Overtures from his wife, Safia, and daughter Aisha were also turned down.

Alongside the men were three sheikhs who the regime had used to help secure its 42-year grip. Khaled Tantoush, Medina Shwarfa and Samira Jarousi were loyal to Gaddafi until the end, their captors say.

They crouched at a cream-coloured marble slab, which was slick with water from a nearby garden hose. Nearby, three tables stood illuminated by a giant lamp, a generator purring next to them and uniformed rebels watching from the shadows.

The slab was outside a nondescript government building that like many others in Misrata had been ravaged during the civil war. It was purpose-built for washing corpses, an essential prerequisite for Islamic burials, almost all of which are conducted within 24 hours of death.

The extended time above ground had clearly taken a toll on Gaddafi’s remains and Tantoush said preparing the dictator for burial was an unpleasant experience. For most of the previous five days, the decaying bodies had been displayed on blood-stained mattresses in a meat-packing crate, with thousands of people clamouring for trophy photographs.

The spectacle had stirred disquiet in Misrata and turned stomachs abroad. Libyan officials defended the display as a need for people of this traumatised country to find closure and to see for themselves that their 42-year ordeal was over.

“I didn’t feel anything when I was washing him,” said Tantoush. “I was just doing my duty as a Muslim. He was a person and he should be properly buried.”

“Liar,” muttered one of his jailers, Haithem Danduna, at Tantoush. “He is a chameleon,” he added, pointing at Tantoush. “He was green until a week ago,” in reference to the colour of the regime.

Appearing flustered, the sheikh continued: “It was a good thing what they did last night, allowing us to bury him. It was a good start of a new beginning. After we finished washing him we moved to the tables and we wrapped them in white, then prayed for them. The whole process took about an hour. The guards helped us move the bodies.”

The whereabouts of Gaddafi’s grave is a closely guarded secret in Misrata. Authorities here and elsewhere in Libya are anxious to avoid his grave site becoming a shrine for his supporters, or a target for his enemies.

Of his inner circle, only Gaddafi’s long-term driver, Huneish Nasr, and Sharif were present at the burial alongside rebel guards. “We are not going to let him be remembered as a martyr,” said Danduna. “He got a proper burial and now let the desert consume him.”

Across town, at a cemetery for nameless victims of the war, gravedigger Salam Zwaid pointed a gnarled hand at the grey slabs behind him. “This is the best Gaddafi could have hoped for,” he said, walking through the shallow graves, all of which were sealed by cheap concrete.

“He saw himself as the king of kings, someone who was better than all of this,” he said. “But he was no god. He was a person and a bad person at that. No one should learn where he was buried.”

Back at the prison, Tantoush claimed the burial could be cathartic for Libya, where Gaddafi’s brutal end is still sinking in. “In the beginning I thought he was righteous and on the right path,” he said in remarks his jailers insisted were self-serving. “And after 17 February every bit of news we got was wrong. We didn’t know this was a real revolution.

“I was in Sirte and after a while we knew he was there. But I changed my support for him a month ago when they wouldn’t let the Red Cross enter to treat the wounded. After that it all became clear.

“His death should wake people up. It is time to move on now. I hope people never find his grave. If they wanted to tell me where it was, I would not want to know. All Libyans should think the same.”

Pictures of Gaddafi’s corpse continue to be published in Libyan newspapers and shown on TV. Freshly painted graffiti on the streets of Tripoli – in Arabic and English – read: “Dictator Gaddafi sent a message to the Libyan people from hell, saying ‘I am staying here.'”

Images were also circulating on the internet apparently showing Gaddafi being sodomised with a stick or metal rod. The footage was shot on a video on a mobile phone and includes sounds of gunfire and shouts of “Allahu akbar.”

Ala Hu Akbar?!!

Hmm…reminds me of this…

Next up, we have Republicans committing suicide. OH BOY!

The Republican Candidates’ Suicide Mission

By Molly Ball

Oct 25 2011, 1:52 PM ET

As birtherism resurfaces in the GOP presidential primary, Haley Barbour is the latest to fret the party’s damaging its image

Top Republicans are increasingly worried the party is shooting itself in the foot.

The latest is Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who told reporters Tuesday that it’s “not good for the Republicans” when presidential candidates bring up issues like President Obama’s birth certificate.

“Look, if this election is about Barack Obama’s policies and the results of those policies, Barack Obama’s going to lose,” Barbour said. “Any other issue that gets injected into the campaign is not good for the Republicans.”

Barbour was responding to a question about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s decision to stoke the issue of Obama’s birthplace. In an interview published over the weekend, Perry said he didn’t “have a definitive answer” about where the president’s was really born, and on Tuesday he toldThe New York Times he got a kick out of keeping the issue alive: “It’s fun to poke him a little bit.”

But Barbour, answering questions after speaking at the National Press Club, said the candidates are hurting their chances if they veer into sideshow territory.

“Republicans should want this election to be what American presidential elections have always been: a referendum on the incumbent’s record,” he said. “Barack Obama cannot win a second term running on his record — zero chance. So for anybody to talk about anything else is off subject.”

Barbour joins a growing chorus of GOP voices who believe the campaign’s increasingly personal tone and focus on hot-button wedge issues could be damaging the party’s image.

At last week’s Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, pollster Frank Luntz tore into the candidates for the tone of the previous night’s debate, which featured a newly combative Perry accusing Mitt Romney of “hypocrisy” on immigration.

“If you Republicans insist on tearing yourselves down, you have no one to blame but yourselves if you lose,” he said, adding, “What happened last night was horrific.”

Newt Gingrich has made calling for unity and attacking the moderators his hobbyhorse in the debates. It’s mostly a cheap, crowd-pleasing ploy aimed at exploiting voters’ distaste for the mainstream media — the point of a debate, after all, is to allow candidates to articulate their differences.

But Gingrich’s notes of caution are also ones more and more Republican insiders are starting to express.

“I’d like to see us getting away from the bickering. I think the bickering does not help the Republican Party,” Gingrich told the Las Vegas conference last week. He compared the petty back-and-forth to “some cafeteria in the seventh grade.”

“It’s stupid, and it hurts the Republican Party,” he said. “If what voters get is the idea of a bickering, tiny party, it weakens us in our great objective, which is to defeat Obama so decisively that we sweep the Senate and the House and we change the country back in the right direction.”

Barbour, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee, seriously contemplated running for president himself earlier this year, but ultimately decided against it. Had he run, he would have been dogged by distractions of his own, particularly a trail of controversial statements about race.

Barbour, whose governorship ends in January, said Tuesday that he will not endorse another candidate for the nomination but will be active in the general-election campaign next year.

He said the field remains fluid because both party activists and big-money donors can’t decide which candidate represents their best chance at beating Obama.

“I think that a lot of donors, just like a lot of precinct committeemen and -women and a lot of grassroots activists, want to wait until they feel comfortable that they’ve identified the Republican candidate with the best chance of winning in November 2012,” he said.

Image credit: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

Shooting yourself in the foot, Republicans? No shit, Sherlock. What was your first clue?

Good job, we now have the GOP Machine becoming self-aware. God help us if they become the Terminator of Politics…

Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll

Corbett B. Daly
October 25, 2011 7:23 AM

UPDATED 7:54 a.m. ET

CBS News Poll analysis by the CBS News Polling Unit: Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Fred Backus and Anthony Salvanto.

Businessman Herman Cain is now atop the field of Republican White House hopefuls, squeaking past former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

Cain garnered 25 percent support of Republican primary voters in the poll released on Tuesday, compared to Romney’s 21 percent.

In early October, the two men were tied at 17 percent.

The poll was conducted Oct 19-24 among 1,650 adults. 1,475 interviews were conducted among registered voters and 455 voters who said they plan to vote in a Republican primary. The margin of error among primary voters is plus or minus four percentage points.

Cain’s support surged among voters who identified with the conservative Tea Party wing of the Republican party, rising to 32 percent in mid-October from 18 percent just a few weeks ago. That’s more than four times the level of support he had from the group in mid-September.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took 10 percent of likely primary voters, while Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s support was at 8 percent.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who led the poll in mid-September, plunged to just 6 percent support. He had 12 percent in early October and 23 percent in mid-September.

Romney’s Tea Party support has held steady in October, at 18 percent, after a modest increase from September’s 12 percent.

Perry, however, has seen his Tea Party backing go up in steam. He had just 7 percent support in the latest poll, compared to 12 percent in early October and a staggering 30 percent in mid-September.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman were at the back of the pack, with 2 percent, 1 percent and 1 percent respectively.

The race is still open, as voters are not firm in their support of any of the candidates. About four of five voters said it is too early to say for sure who they support for the nomination, with just 19 percent saying their minds are already made up. That’s about the same as it was at this point in 2007.

Americans are getting interested in the 2012 race for president. About 70 percent of registered voters nationwide are paying at least some attention to the 2012 election campaign, including 31 percent who said they are paying a lot of attention.

Republicans, of course, are paying closer attention to the campaign. About 78 percent said they were following the campaign closely, compared to about 68 percent of Democrats.

I got nothing. Nothing at all, just more political BS spewed out by the propaganda machine. That’s all for today, folks and boy am I beat. I’ll see you all next time, here on Grass’ World.