Evening, all~ Just in time for Halloween weekend, this week’s review is of one of the creepier VNs I’ve read lately, Chaos;Head.

Chaos;Head follows a borderline hikkikomori otaku by the name of Nishijou Takumi. Though he goes to school on occasion, most of his time is spent locked away playing games or surfing the internet.

However, this peaceful, if lonely, existence isn’t meant to last, and before long Takumi finds himself caught up in a string of serial murders…and a plot that threatens to change the world as we know it.

The game has a unique “Delusion” feature that allows the player to choose the direction that the daydreaming protagonist’s fantasies go. The green delusions are often happy and cheerful, the red ones paranoid or violent. The game is certainly not meant for everyone, and should be avoided by children and those that are particularly sensitive. For those that can stomach it, however, Chaos;Head has an incredibly tense and riveting story that will keep you in suspense until the very end.

That’s all for now, everyone~ See you next week!