Happy Halloween, everybody, whether you’re out and about tonight or just handing out “the goods”, be sure to tune in tonight on the live cast tonight around 10 PM PST for our holiday cast. If you see a black screen, it’s cause my computer can’t really video cast cause a certain “friend” of mine, gave me a pirated copy of something a couple years back and didn’t mention that I was missing a registry file/important file that won’t allow me to visual cast, so just read this while listening to some fitting holiday music. Let’s begin tonight with some news for Halloween.

UNESCO votes to admit Palestine; U.S. cuts off funding

By , Updated: Monday, October 31, 11:38 AM

NEW YORK — UNESCO voted Monday to admit Palestine into the organization as its newest member, and the United States promptly responded by cutting off funding for the agency.

Acting under a legal requirement to cut U.S. funds to any U.N. agency that recognizes a Palestinian state, the State Department on Monday announced that the United States has stopped funding the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization because of the vote. Department spokesman Victoria Nuland told reporters that the Obama administration would not make a planned $60 million payment to the agency due this month.

The vote at UNESCO’s Paris headquarters follows a stalled effort by the Palestinians to seek recognition as a U.N. member state. It signaled that the Palestinians intend to pursue membership in a number of specialized U.N. agencies, which have their own rules for membership and where the United States does not have veto power.Yasser Abed Rabbo, a senior aide to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, expressed disappointment with the U.S. intention to cut funding to the agency.“We hope that the United States will not take such a step,” he said. “The world is changing, and the Arab region is changing as well, so it is better to move toward recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people, rather than adopting the same old policies which have proven to be fruitless.”The vote came amid a surge of cross-border violence between Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli military. Gaza militants fired several rockets into Israel on Monday after an Israeli drone strike overnight left two Palestinians dead. Egypt continued its efforts to mediate an end to the violence.Since Saturday, rocket exchanges and Israeli airstrikes have left 12 militants and one Israeli civilian dead. Most of the rocket firing has been carried out by Islamic Jihad, an Iranian-backed militant group.The UNESCO membership bid, which required approval by two-thirds of the agency’s General Conference, passed by a vote of 107 to 14, with 52 abstentions.

Huge cheers erupted in the Paris meeting hall when the Palestinian membership was approved, news agencies reported. France cast a surprise yes vote, drawing applause from the delegates. The United States, Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany were among those voting no.

The United States provides UNESCO with more than $80 million a year, covering about 22 percent of its budget, thus making any cutoff painful. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), who chairs the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said she supports a cutoff of aid as mandated under U.S. law.

“Today’s reckless action by UNESCO is anti-Israel and anti-peace,” she said in a statement. “It rewards the Palestinian leadership’s dangerous scheme to bypass negotiations with Israel and seek recognition of a self-declared ‘Palestinian state,’ and takes us further from peace in the Middle East.”

“We recognize that this action today will complicate our ability to support UNESCO’s programs,” said David T. Killion, the U.S. ambassador to UNESCO, who characterized the Palestinian bid as “counterproductive” to pursuing peace in the Middle East.

After the vote, the Israeli Foreign Ministry issued a statement denouncing the membership bid as a “unilateral Palestinian move which will bring not change on the ground but further removes the possibility for a peace agreement.”

The prohibition on U.S. funding of U.N. agencies that recognize a Palestinian state was included in two pieces of legislation that were signed into law by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 and President Bill Clinton in 1994.

The 1990 law prohibits the appropriation of funds “for the United Nations or any specialized agency thereof which accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as a member state.”

In 1994, Congress barred funding “any affiliated organization of the United Nations which grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.”

The latest Palestinian move comes as congressional appropriators are looking for cuts in foreign aid spending and the Republican-controlled House, especially the Foreign Affairs Committee led by Ros-Lehtinen, is keen to impose cuts on the United Nations for considering the Palestinian statehood drive.

Fearing cuts, UNESCO’s ­director-general, Irina Bokova, appealed to the United States not to punish the organization for the decision of the agency’s executive board, which is comprised of representatives of UNESCO member states. In a letter to The Washington Post, she said UNESCO “supports many causes in line with U.S. security interests” from Afghanistan to Iraq, where “we are helping governments and communities prepare for life after the withdrawal of U.S. military forces.”

“The issue of Palestinian membership should not be allowed to derail these initiatives, which go far beyond the politics of the Middle East,” she added, citing UNESCO’s work in tsunami early warning in the Caribbean and the Pacific. “None of this is in the interest of UNESCO. Nor do I believe it’s in the interest of Americans.”

Staff writer William Branigin in Washington and correspondent Joel Greenberg in Jerusalem contributed to this report.

Irony, true irony, we’re cutting funding to the middle east, after we tore apart their government. Oh the melodramatic irony and all if it is the American Love/Hate drama from the mouths of the pig disgusting people in the house and senate doing the dumbest things. By the way, for those of you who don’t know what the UNISECOis, I’ve provided a link, so enjoy.Next up is this lovely  miku figurine gallery…

Hatsune Miku HSP Version Figure

Author: Leon

A new Miku figure based on one of Kanzaki Hiro‘s illustrations, also known as “Hanasoumen-P,” is set to be released in March 2012 thanks to Max Factory.

The gallery can be seen on the site, enjoy.

This is a bit interesting, this next news I mean. I do want to warn you that there’s blood and stuff in the images and it’s a little gross even for my tastes so, view with caution or not at all; Better to not see than try to UNsee, I always say.

Naked Women Crawled Into Horse “To Feel One With It”

Author: Artefact

Police have declined to press charges against a woman who posted photographs of herself climbing inside a horse she had just gutted and subsequently standing naked and covered in blood before its carcass.

According to reports, the Oregon couple recently took custody of the 32-year-old horse. As it was elderly and in declining health, they decided to kill and eat it.

Sometime during this process the 21-year-old woman decided it would be a good idea to strip off and climb inside the gutted horse’s carcass. For good measure, the couple photographed their handiwork and posted it on Facebook.

To Love-Ru Darkness Plunges Into Toilet

Author: Leon

The latest To Love-Ru Darkness chapter has managed to expand its already legendarily broad portfolio of fetishes to include young girls going to the toilet whilst accompanied by a male chaperone…
Since this another one of those NSFW galleries, I’m not going to post it. But here’s an interesting fact, my brother watches this stuff. My brother may not masturbate, but he watches this shit. I spent 7 years among lolis, pornfags, and god knows what so I’m completely over looking at 2D. It’s one of the reasons I rarely watch anime or look at 2D girls, but that’s neither here nor there.
Anyway, since I don’t want to bore you too badly on Halloween night, I’ll share some history with you of what Halloween really is. Halloween is the celebration of All Hallow’s Eve or Dia de los Muertos as the Hispanic call it. All Hallow’s Eve, well… let me just give you a wiki article.

Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while “some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain, whose original spelling was Samuin (pronounced sow-an or sow-in)”.[1] The name of the festival historically kept by the Gaels and Celts in the British Isles is derived from Old Irish and means roughly “summer’s end”.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of English folk lore: “Certainly Samhain was a time for festive gatherings, and medieval Irish texts and later Irish, Welsh, and Scottish folklore use it as a setting for supernatural encounters, but there is no evidence that it was connected with the dead in pre-Christian times, or that pagan religious ceremonies were held.”

The Irish myths which mention Samhain were written in the 10th and 11th centuries by Christian monks. This is around 200 years after the Catholic church inaugurated All Saints Day and at least 400 years after Ireland became Christian.

Last up, I’ll share a bit of advice for you on Halloween. I know many of you get enough of this shit from work, but I’m gonna give you some good advice, not the kind your co-workers give you and you end up realizing ‘Oh I shouldn’t have gone to that party’ kind of feeling. So without further ado here it is:

  1. If you’re going to a party don’t drink. One drink leads to another and another and before you realize it you’re drunk and you can’t drive home. OH NOEZ!!
  2. If you’re going with your kids, make sure they’re not 13 or 14 or something to that degree, they can handle themselves. Just make sure they get home before midnight.
  3. If you’re going to be working alone at night at the office, don’t be too surprised if the janitor scares you.
  4. If you’re going out with friends, make sure they don’t ditch you and forget to text you. My friend, Tracy, was apparently ditched by her friends. Learn from this friend fail. d(‘ ‘)d
  5. If you’re going to pass out and forget to hand out candy, put the candy on the porch.
  6. And always remember to have enjoy your days and nights like every day may be your last. You will love life more this way.

Those are my rules to remember for a wonderful evening. I hope you guys enjoy your Halloween tonight and don’t forget, we’re all stuck in the same boat in life, so keep a stiff upper lip and keep your hopes high. Good night, everybody.