Hello again, everyone~ By request, today’s review is of Portal 2~

Sequel to the groundbreaking Portal, Portal 2 continues Chell’s adventures as she once again finds herself navigating the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. Pushing the Source engine to its limits, Valve manages to create an even more detailed environment than before. Portal 2 is a considerably longer game than its predecessor.  Opinions have been mixed on whether this is a good thing, but I for one feel that it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Though it may lack the sharp twist its predecessor had, the story and dialogue are still well-written, and there are even a few secrets hidden in that reveal a rather amazing revelation…

The standard Portal 2 story is good on its own, but what I loved most about Portal 2 was the co-op mode. Having to coordinate with a partner can sometimes be harder than one would think, and the usual result is delicious, though mostly harmless schadenfreude. There are a wide variety of puzzles for you and a friend to explore, and the dialogue is as well-written as the main game, so all in all, it can be even more enjoyable than single-player with an appropriate partner.

To conclude, I really enjoyed Portal 2, and would recommend it to virtually anyone that plays games. It might be a good idea to play the original first for plot reasons, but other than that, I’d recommend putting this one pretty high on your to-do list.