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Hello ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to Monday’s Weekend wrap up…we got a lot to cover, so let’s  get started.

Sexy 40-Year-Olds: “There Really Are Miracles…”

Author: Artefact

After being introduced to the charms of Masako, above, even 2ch’s substantial contingent of JK worshippers has conceded that mature women can be exceedingly attractive indeed.

Most famously of late, 43-year-old model, mother (her eldest daughter is actually 20) and housewife Masako Mizutani, said to “have the looks of an 18-year-old”

Huge gallery posts are huge, enjoy yourselves.

Next up is a figurine also for march 2012, better prep your asses for figurine raep on March 2012.

Charlotte Dunois Cute Tracksuit Figure

Author: Leon

Lovely French IS pilot Charlotte is to receive a suitably lovely figure by Alter, showing off her rather fetching tracksuit. Coming with alternate hairstyle and expressions, she is set to be released in March 2012.

Yet another gallery post…so much so that it’s hardly worth my consideration to post the rest

I have no words for this next story. I don’t even know what to say; Just know it’s NSFW.

Manyuu Hikenchou Extreme Breast Abuse Anime

Author: Leon



The formerly censored episodes of Manyuu Hikenchou now explode with scenes of gigantic breast abuse, finally delivering the full oppai anime experience.

Scenes from the disc, with some suitably horrible reminders of the glare-dominated TV version



That should be enough to get you guys fapping for a while.  Rest of the gallery can  be seen over there thru the title, enjoy.

Next up, China’s leaning tower of Pisa?

China Builds “Leaning Tower of Zhejiang”

Author: Artefact

A China quality apartment building is currently being hailed as an inadvertent copy of Pisa’s famous architectural blunder, thanks to its increasingly pronounced lean – and as an added bonus, the tilting tower looks as though it may be about to create the world’s largest domino set.

Completed in China’s Zhejiang province in January, the 68m tall high-rise residential tower block was found to have started tilting in June, but specialists dismissed it as being “within design specifications.”

However, it kept tilting, and by the start of October it was so heavily tilted that even the local government was finally inclined to issue an evacuation order – not only for the leaning building, but also for several of the neighbouring towers, lest it suddenly topple into them.

A problem with the foundations is blamed for the tilt. It is not clear what will happen to the building.

The residents of the 18 households which had to be evacuated from the slanted building are now being housed at the developer’s expense.

Online, Chinese have dubbed the tower “The Rip-Off Leaning Tower of Pisa” and wondered if Italians would consider suing them should it lean any further – although given the fate of similar Chinese towers, it may not be around for much longer:

I’ve always known China to make shitty buildings and this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’m sure China will become the new New York slums.

Next up is some weird ass doujinshi…what is this, I don’t even.

“The Most Messed Up Doujinshi Ever Made”

Author: Artefact

An ero-doujinshi featuring the depraved antics of Caramel Corn and his intimate encounters with his snack friends is currently being hailed for its extreme perversion.

I’m not even going to image link, it’s that fucked up.

Next up are 2 nenodroids or nendroids or whatever…

1st up is Menma from Anohana

Cute Honma Meiko Nendoroid

Author: Leon

Those who enjoyed the company of Honma Meiko, Menma for short, will surely enjoy this cute Nendoroid representing her in various moe moments from the animoe.

By Good Smile Company (who else?), the Nendoroid is due in February 2012:

Not a terribly bad set of figures.

Today (Monday) is also Marie Curie’s birthday; Marie Curie was the wife of Pierre Curie. Both were French, but Marie was a physicist-chemist while her husband was a physicist.  Marie was famous for her research of radioactivity and her wiki article can be found here.

Moving on…

our second doroido is this…

Ikoku Meiro No Croisée Nendoroid Set

Author: Leon

Fans of the overly cute lolita anime Ikoku Meiro no Croisée will appreciate this set of little Nendoroids consisting of Yune, Claude and Alice.

The set will be available in April 2012

Full gallery can be seen on Sankaku as there’s too many to post.

Next up, strippers are arrested for stripping.

Strippers Busted for Stripping – “Please, Not That Kind of 69!”

Author: Artefact

Police have arrested a stage full of strippers for stripping and a crowd of men for watching.

The bust occurred at the “Naniwa Music” strip club in Osaka, with police arresting the 80-year-old proprietor and 6 strippers aged 29-69.

The strippers have been charged with public indecency for exposing themselves to their audience, amazingly enough.

All the accused admit the charges.

Not satisfied with this abuse of power, police arrested a further 9 men from the audience for “abetting” their crime by paying ¥500 to take photographs, though they seem to have spared those who only paid to get in.

Amongst online sex crime watchers there is some bewilderment as to why the establishment was raided when stripping is notionally legal in Japan, especially given there is no shortage of establishments offering sexual services ranging from full sex to risqué dancing in Osaka.

Some sort of grievance towards the establishment on the part of authorities is suspected – “lack of payment” always being a prime candidate in these cases, given the unhealthily close relationship Japanese police enjoy with notionally illegal enterprises such as brothels and pachinko parlours.

Rather more bewilderment arises from the arrest of the 69-year-old however; explanations range from her being a fetish special for maniacs to her having been arrested along with the strippers for some other reason…

So it seems Japan will now be “sexless” for a while, ironically speaking. Really not terribly surprised, I sometimes see it as Japan’s penance for screwing each other over the last decade and Ishihara’s crackdown on porn as a silly way of dominating women even more so. It’s clearly ok to dominate both men and women for the sake of your own silly delusions, Ishihara.

Our last story for tonight is the gallery of Marisa Cosplays which I won’t put up since there’s just too many images.

Hanamura Misaki Sexy Marisa Ero-Cosplay

Author: Leon

As Lenfried is to Reimu, so Misaki is to Marisa, showing off both more and less of her sexy Marisa cosplay, and displaying what looks to be a promising interest in mushrooms.

That’s Sankaku, now for Monday day posts of the rest of the world. And right away, Komrade, we go to Soviet Russia

80000 Muslims pray together on the freezing streets of Moscow to celebrate Eid

By Associated Press,

MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of Muslim men knelt shoulder-to-shoulder in prayer on the freezing streets of Moscow on Sunday to celebrate the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha.Estimates of the number of Muslims living or working in the Russian capital run from 2 million to as high as 5 million, but the city only has a few mosques.

Police said 170,000 people celebrated the holiday in Moscow, including 80,000 who gathered on the street outside what was once the main mosque. The 100-year-old pastel green Cathedral Mosque was torn down in September and a new mosque being built next to it is still under construction.

Many of those who braved temperatures of minus 8 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) to pray on Sunday morning were migrant workers from countries in Central Asia that were once part of the Soviet Union.

“Of course new mosques are needed,” said Maruv, a shop worker from Tajikistan who gave only his first name. “Look at how many people are in the street and it’s cold. They have been standing here waiting for the beginning of prayers since 6 a.m. and there are no facilities.”

Police cordoned off the area and set up metal detectors to screen worshippers. The mosque is located next to the Olympic Stadium, where this weekend women tennis players from Russia and the Czech Republic played the Fed Cup final.

Muslim prayers also were held at three other mosques and in three city parks.

Eid al-Adha, a feast celebrated by Muslims worldwide, is known as Kurban-Bairam in Russia.

Russia’s Council of Muftis said that for the first time this year the ritual slaughter of sheep was performed at 10 slaughterhouses on the outskirts of Moscow. In past years, Muscovites have complained angrily about the killing of sheep in the courtyards of apartment buildings in the city center.

Muslim and government leaders apparently made a special effort this year to address the rising ethnic tensions that have accompanied the influx of Muslim migrants, including many from the Caucasus republics in southern Russia.

“We, Russian Muslims, are proud of our fatherland, Russia, and we are trying to make Russia proud of us, our culture and our contribution to the modernization and development of our state,” the head of the Council of Muftis, Ravil Gainutdin, was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency as saying during the prayer service.

President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin both sent holiday messages to Muslims in which they stressed the importance of instilling the young with moral values and promoting religious and ethnic accord.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Next up is a Jewish hack threat in, you guessed it, Israel.

Israel Govt. Websites Down, After a Hacker Threat

By John Ribeiro, IDG News

Israeli government websites were down on Sunday, two days after the hacker group Anonymous had threatened to attack the government for its maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Israel has however said that the websites were down because of a server malfunction.

The English websites of the Mossad intelligence service, and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were still down late Sunday. The website of Mossad was under maintenance, while that of IDF was not accessible. The website of the Israel Security Agency, known as Shabak or Shin Bet, was also under maintenance.

“Israeli government websites crashed today because of a server malfunction, not as a result of a cyber attack,” said Ofir Gendelman, a spokesman in the Israel Prime Minister’s Office, in a Twitter message on Sunday.

Several Israeli government websites, including those of the IDF, Mossad and the Shin Bet internal security service were down on Sunday, according to reports in some newspapers in Israeli.

In a message on YouTube on Friday, Anonymous criticized the Israeli Navy’s interception and boarding on Friday in international waters of two vessels – one Irish and the other Canadian – which were not carrying any weapons,.

“As the world has witnessed today your Navy soldiers boarded the vessels which were en-route to the Gaza Strip, attempting to break the illegal maritime security blockade placed by you to hurt the people of Gaza in the name of counter terrorism,” Anonymous said in what it described as an open letter to the government of Israel.

Anonymous threatened to strike back again and again, if Israel continues blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza. Anonymous MMV, the group that posted the video, has not taken credit so far for bringing down the websites in Israel.

Our last story is from the home front where Obama is prepping his campaign.


Obama’s strategic edge: cash to campaign everywhere

He shouldn’t have to concede any states for lack of money – and he already has raised more than his Republican rivals combined.

By Peter Nicholas, Washington BureauNovember 7, 2011

Reporting from Washington—

His approval ratings are down and the economic recovery is sputtering. But President Obama brings to the 2012 campaign one strategic advantage that previous Democratic presidential candidates would have envied: the money to compete everywhere.

Flush with more cash than all the Republican candidates combined, Obama’s reelection campaign envisions an electoral map every bit as expansive as that of 2008, when he picked up a string of states that had been safe GOP territory for decades.

Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia. Obama’s national momentum helped him pull off some improbable wins. Even Obama is doubtful he can duplicate his showing given the poor economy. He’ll need to “grind it out” in 2012, he said recently.

But along the way, campaign officials say, they are determined to use their financial clout to keep as many states as possible in play for as long as possible.

“Part of our job in 2011 is to expand the map as much as possible and to have as many routes to 270 electoral votes as we can get,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in an interview.

Democrats for a long time just put all their marbles on a couple of states,” Messina said. “And that was bad politics, it was bad for the party, and those are days we’re never going to go back to.”

The war chest will allow Obama not only to spend more money in swing states but also to launch aggressive operations in states that past Democratic candidates, for lack of money, essentially conceded to the Republicans. Even if Obama can’t realistically expect to carry a specific state — Georgia may be an example — he can force Republicans to commit money that is needed elsewhere.

So Democrats are opening offices, airing TV ads and building up campaign machinery in the upper South, in Rust Belt Midwestern states and across the Southwest.

“Obama widened the playing field last time because he had such enormous resources,” said Bob Shrum, a strategist in Democrat John F. Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. “And that’s why he’ll be able to play on a big playing field this time as well.”

In 2008, Obama parlayed a huge fundraising advantage over Republican John McCain into an electoral college landslide. Obama collected $730 million, compared with McCain’s $368 million, en route to winning 365 electoral votes — 68% of the total.

Obama should be able to hit his fundraising goals despite the restiveness of some liberal supporters. He is raising money in buckets, packing in half a dozen fundraising trips on quick sprints west. So far, he has collected $89 million, while his nearest competitor — Republican Mitt Romney — has picked up $32 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Still, the Republicans this time around probably will be able to keep pace. The equalizer for the GOP will be the “super PACs,” which are allowed to raise unlimited sums of money from individuals, corporations and unions. A Supreme Court ruling in January 2010 gave rise to the groups, which are expected to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to the benefit of both parties.

Karl Rove, former political advisor to Republican President George W. Bush, helped found one such group, American Crossroads. He believes the groups will erode the incumbent’s advantage Obama enjoys in fundraising.

“The question is, how big an advantage will he have?” Rove said in an interview.

Rove said Democrats outspent Republicans 2 to 1 in states like Ohio and North Carolina in the last election.

“However, I don’t think the disparity will be that big” in 2012, Rove said. “There will be groups like American Crossroads, where our goal is to raise $240 million. So we will close some of that gap.”

Each party sees a viable path to the magic number of 270 electoral votes. Obama’s advisors cite population trends showing growth of the Democratic-leaning Latino population. In Virginia, for example, the state grew 13% as a whole from 2000 to 2010, but its Latino population nearly doubled.

The Obama campaign also has recruited volunteers and begun to register voters in Arizona, where Latinos have gone from 25% to 30% of the population over the last decade.

“The new census numbers ought to be a good guide that these states are changing,” Messina said. “These are not your parents’ states any more. And the growth in some of these states is huge, and they create opportunities that have not been there in the past.”

Republicans are undaunted. They believe the charismatic Obama who captivated voters in 2008 has morphed into a conventional politician whose base is disillusioned.

“The coalition that elected President Obama in 2008 no longer exists,” said Steve Schmidt, who ran McCain’s campaign.

Can money help rebuild it? Past Democratic presidential campaigns say they were at a major disadvantage because they lacked money on the scale of what Obama has raised. Adjusting for inflation, Obama collected nearly twice what Kerry raised in the 2004 election, and more than four times what Al Gore raised in 2000.

Gore and Kerry had to pick and choose where to compete. In 2004, Kerry was running even with Bush in Colorado but had to pull out because of a lack of money, Shrum said. Kerry lost the state by 5 percentage points.

“We were basically tied in the state, much like we were in much of the nation,” Shrum said. “You had to make some very hard calls.”

Obama’s  got a long way to go to impress the rest of us;  especially with stocks falling. Gonna be a bumpy ride 2012, prepare uranus.

That’s our recap of the weekend, be sure to join us Monday night for more craziness and Wednesday night for our first radio show, g’nite everybody.