Wednesday marks the day of my radio program tonight at 8 PM PST, but it also means that it’s the middle of the week, but that’s not the news  I wanted to discuss. The biggest news is that I will have hit over 1000 views by the end of the day and this isn’t even my 100th post. *applause*

Anyway,  before we begin today’s session, I want to run this by you guys. Nintendo has someone scheming in their ranks cause until recently Nintendo had nothing to output now suddenly we’re getting games like Mario 3D Land, Return to Dreamland and Skyward Sword. 😐 I hate schemers, they’re always up to no good. 10 months Nintendo has had to produce something. I was told that MKDS, a 2005 game, sold 10 million copies this year alone, and the biggest thing the 3DS could do was give us Luigi’s F-ed up mansion. This means that following said logic, Nintendo is only able to profit from old stale franchises from several years ago and nothing current. 10 million copies this year for Mario Kart DS which was made by Nintendo FIVE years ago. Nintendo is the new Sega, profiting off whatever ounce of respect they used to have, proof is in the air folks. Mario has become the new Sonic, old but lovable, PS3 has given me new reason to love the franchise with Uncharted 3. We have spent for the past 10 years in gaming from 1990s to 2000s and the best we could do is 3D? Sony doesn’t do 3D, it can but it doesn’t have to.

First off, let me give you something to fill your stockings.

3 games worth buying this holiday season for your friends, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.

Number 1

Skyward Sword

Number 2

Super Mario 3D Land

Number 3

Return to Dreamland

Alternatively you can also choose DKC Returns and Colors if you want.

Now that your holiday shopping list choices for Nintendo are done and over with, I suggest you buy your brother or sister Uncharted 3 and have them play the  game; If you’re a cool sibling you will also get them the Uncharted 1 and 2 pack. Now let’s put this aside and look at today’s news.

First off is Hanamura doing…Reimu? O_o She does a better Marisa to be honest.

Hanamura Misaki Hakurei Reimu Cosplay

Author: Leon

A LenfriedMisakiTouhou duo may still only be the staff of fantasy, but Misaki can at least manage a sexy Reimu cosplay of her own, albeit with rather less missing apparel.

Huge gallery is huge, most of it is worksafe, I guess, so enjoy.

Next up is the top 25 animes from 2000 to 2005.

Top 25 Classic Anime of 2000-2005

Author: Artefact

Anime fans with what pass for exceptionally long memories amongst otaku and their ilk supply a very passable ranking of the best anime of the early 2000s – providing a rare glimpse into the brief pre-moe era between the end of the nineties and the advent of Haruhi.

The ranking:

1. Gundam Seed

2. Full Metal Alchemist

3. Scryed

4. Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

5. Full Metal Panic

6. Eureka Seven

7. Aria the Animation

8. Kaleidostar

9. Rozen Maiden

10. Ghost in the Shell

11. Air

12. Planetes

13. Genesis of Aquarion

14. Fruits Basket

15. Elfen Lied

16. Shaman King

17. The Twelve Kingdoms

18. Jigoku Shoujo

19. Mushishi

20. Fafner in the Azure

21. Genshiken

22. RahXephon

23. Zatch Bell!!

24. Kamichu!

25. Hare+Guu / Last Exile

I noticed Zatch Bell and Fruits Basket, 2 series I didn’t watch much of till much later. Good times, very good times. It was around that time I got into Chobits.

Anyway the next story comes from China. Apparently a train was barreling down the tracks 195 km/hr (121 mi/h) while  the driver was asleep.

Brave Train Driver Proves China’s Trains “Best in the World”

Author: Artefact

China’s high speed rail network is the best in the world, with trains capable of safely driving themselves – or so it is hoped, after one shocked Chinese passenger discovered the driver was asleep at the wheel, whilst the train hurtled through the night at 195kph.

The train was en route to Fujian province when a 25-year-old female passenger noticed the driver had left the door to his cabin open as his air conditioning was broken.

To her horror she realised he was sound asleep, and so she naturally took photos of him and uploaded them to a Chinese not-Twitter service.

Coming only a few months after 240 people were killed in a high speed rail accident the government literally attempted to bury, an uproar soon ensued – although not without some wag observing that “this brave driver has proven beyond doubt that China’s high speed rail technology is the best in the world!”

Puts a new spin on the saying ‘asleep on the job’.

One more figure post for today.

Planet of The Cats Shiroi Neko Micro-Bikini Ero-Figure

Author: Leon

Coming straight from Neko no Wakusei / Planet of the Cats, “Shiroi Neko” appears in a nice skimpy dress, which happily can be removed for an even nicer view at her tight little bikini and more.

Set to be released in March 2012, by Embrace Japan.

Once again March 2012 is the time to be. It’s my birth month, maybe one of  you guys will be kind enough to order a random figure for me. [laughs.gif] I doubt it, but it’d be nice.

Before I move onto discuss today’s headlines, let me drop this (nsfw) off. This image has apparently made it to Sankaku’s minibox 2 days in row now. Let’s move on, shall we?

Life Hacker has some tips on dealing with stress as voted by the public.


The Best Ways to Keep Stress and Anxiety at Bay

By Melanie Pinola

It’s National Stress Out Week, which, contrary to what the name implies, means it’s time to try to combat poisonous stress. In honor of the occasion, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to tackle stress of all kinds.

  1. First, understand what stress actually does to you and identify whether you have acute stress (temporary and immediate) or chronic (constant) stress. For acute stress, deep breathing can help calm your mind. Chronic stress requires more practice in stopping the stress reflex as soon as it starts.
  2. Meditation has been proven to relieve chronic pain and stress, actually helping people control their brains’ alpha waves better. And it’s not hard to get started with meditation.
  3. Another reason to exercise regularly: doing so actually prepares our bodies to deal with stress, making us more stress-resistant. Because of its emphasis on breathing and being in the “now,” yoga is one of the best practices for alleviating stress.
  4. Got a crazy person causing your stress (like your boss, perhaps)? Put as many people between you and crazy as possible, and disengage.
  5. Developing a personal renewal program that includes exercise, spending time with your friends, and/or enjoying hobbies may protect you from a toxic work environment. You’ll need to find time for your personal life to do this.
  6. If money problems are at the root of your stress, try donating to charity to relieve your anxiety.
  7. Scheduling your worry time is another unusual, but possibly effective strategy.

We’ve discussed before how you relax and compose yourself on the job, but we’re all ears again for your input on how you handle stress.

Next up is a story about Syrian protestors throwing eggs.


Syrian Protesters Pelt Opposition with Eggs

VOA News

Syrian protesters throw eggs toward Abdul-Aziz al-Khair, a member of the Syrian National Coordination Committee, center, and other opposition leaders as they try to enter the Arab League headquarters where they were to hold talks with the organization's c

Demonstrators confronted a Syrian opposition delegation outside Arab League headquarters in Cairo on Wednesday. Some protesters called the opposition  figures “traitors” and pelted them with eggs.

Reporters say the protesters were apparently concerned the opposition figures would agree to a dialogue with Syrian authorities.

The confrontation forced the four-member delegation to postpone its meeting with league officials until later in the day. They were to discuss Syria’s continuing crackdown on anti-government dissent.

The Arab League plans to hold an emergency session on Saturday to discuss the apparent breakdown of an agreement under which Syrian authorities would halt violence against anti-government demonstrators.

Activists say more than 110 people have been killed in the week since Syria announced it had agreed to the plan.

Syrian opposition activists say security forces killed six more people on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, the U.N. human rights office said at least 3,500 people have been killed during the Syrian government’s eight-month crackdown on dissent.

There’s egg on yo’ face gov’nah. This aught to be jolly good time to remembah, eh? Silly British accent aside, I always found  it funny that Syria is so SYRIUS. Ok, I’ll stop cracking corny ass jokes now.

So, the other day, Iran said they wanted ‘Peaceful Negotiations’. The U.N.’s like, nah fuck that, we’re in your base lookin’ at your nukes.


Iran says it wants ‘respectful’ negotiations


Foreign Ministry spokesperson says Iran prepared to negotiate; Ahmadinejad says he won’t retreat “a needle’s width.”

Iran remains ready to engage in negotiations with world powers concerned about its nuclear program, its Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We have always announced that we are ready for positive and useful negotiations but, as we have mentioned repeatedly, the condition for those talks to be successful is that we enter those negotiations in a stance of equality and respect for nations’ rights,” Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by the website of Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam television.

Mehmanparast said the resumption of talks – which, if successful could lead to an easing of sanctions on Iran – depended on the actions of the other countries

“We will observe all the behavior and moves of the 5+1 completely and we will make our final decision by studying the situation and their moves,” he said.

“If we feel the situation is ready for constructive talks with cooperation then we will announce our response.”

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday declared that Tehran will not pull back “even a needle’s width” from its nuclear path, even after an incriminating UN report on its nuclear program.

Decrying the UN nuclear watchdog’s report, which was released Tuesday night, Ahmadinejad said it damaged the International Atomic Energy Agency’s dignity and was based on “invalid” US claims.

“You should know that this nation will not pull back even a needle’s width from the path it is on,” he said in a speech carried live on Iranian state television. “Why do you damage the agency’s dignity because of America’s invalid claims?” he asked.

Ahmadinejad’s comments echoed those of Iran’s IAEA envoy on Tuesday, who spoke shortly after the report’s release.

“The IAEA report is unbalanced, unprofessional and politically motivated,” said Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA.

The Iranian ambassador said the IAEA report “did not contain any new issue.”

“Despite Iran’s readiness for negotiations, the IAEA published the report … which will harm its reputation,” Soltanieh said.

On Wednesday, hours before the report was released, Ahmadinejad criticized IAEA chair Yukiyo Amano, calling him a pawn for US interests.

Ahmadinejad said that IAEA was a tool for a few countries bent on world domination, and stated that Iran would continue to pursue nuclear development despite international pressure.

“They have empowered a person in the IAEA that has no authority and violates the agency’s rules by repeating the words of the US,” the Iranian president said according to Iranian semi-official FARS News Agency.

Ahamdinejad made the comments just as the IAEA was expected to release a report detailing intelligence about Tehran’s nuclear capabilities.

The Iranian president also lashed out at the United States, saying Iran does not need an atomic bomb to “cut off [the] US’s hands,” official Iranian PressTV reported.

Noting that the United States possesses over 5,000 nuclear warheads,  Ahmadinejad accused Washington of arrogance in its campaign against Tehran.

The US, he said, has allocated “$81 billion to upgrade its atomic bombs, while the entire annual budget of Iran’s nuclear research is merely $250 million,” according to the report.

The UN nuclear watchdog report is expected to show recent activity in Iran that could help in developing nuclear warheads, including computer models of such weapons.

Next up, how to be a Sara Palin Republican. We turn to Jon Huntsman.

NBC’s David Gregory To Jon Huntsman: ‘Are You A Sarah Palin Republican?’

Jon Huntsman has been on a quest to reach out to Republican voters who would prefer to see a moderate candidate run against President Obama as opposed to an ideologically pure one with little chance of winning a general election, but he was put on the hot seat about this very issue on Meet the Press today, when David Gregory brought up Huntsman’s glowing speech about 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at the Republican National Convention three years ago.

In the speech, Huntsman declared to the audience, “We are looking for Sarah!” and praised her for having an “independent spirit.” Gregory took the opportunity to ask Huntsman if he was a “Sarah Palin Republican.” Huntsman then began a series of careful explanations as to why he gave such words of praise to a candidate who many would consider part of the Republican extreme Huntsman is now so viciously decrying.

“I was asked to introduce her and nominate her because I think I was about the only person who actually knew her after John McCain had picked her as a running mate. I was chair of the Western Governor’s Association, I’d worked to a limited extent with Sarah Palin, so when you’re looking for somebody who can actually go up and nominate her, I was asked to do it and I did as told.”

Gregory asked if this meant Huntsman didn’t actually believe the United States was ready for Palin at the time, and Huntsman further explained that he felt indebted to McCain, a “good friend,” and did in fact believe Palin could have made a suitable vice president. Gregory pressed further, asking if Huntsman shared some of her views, and Huntsman admitted he’s not quite sure how much he has in common politically with Palin, but said he would assume they were in line with “principles of conservative governance.”

RELATED: Jon Huntsman Hits Sarah Palin For Stringing People Along: ‘Too Much Drama’

Gregory took one brief moment to show Huntsman a recent article from The Onion claiming that Huntsman is “quietly relieved” to be polling poorly among GOP voters. The satirical publication “quotes” Huntsman as saying, “These people scare the bejeezus out of me.” Gregory asked Huntsman if there was any truth to the Onion‘s satirical tone. Huntsman explained that just because he sounds like a moderate, having a moderate tone does not necessarily beget a moderate record.

I have no idea why the bolded those words; It makes no sense what so ever to bold arbitrary words.

Our last story tonight is Hermain ‘Sugah’ Cain.


Cain accuser filed complaint in another job

By Catalina Camia

One of the women who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment filed a workplace complaint against another employer and dropped it, calling the matter “relatively minor.”

The Associated Press reports Karen Kraushaar complained to the Immigration and Naturalization Service that she should be allowed to work from home after a car accident. A former supervisor, who was not named, told AP that Kraushaar accused a manager of circulating what the wire service described as a “sexually charged e-mail.”

STORY: Cain denies harassment

By Nick Oza, The Arizona Republic

The INS incidents occurred three years after Kraushaar complained about Cain’s treatment while they worked at the National Restaurant Association, the AP says. She told the AP she considered the INS complaint “relatively minor” and dropped the matter.”I filed a little complaint,” Kraushaar told CNN Tuesday night. “I am not a troublemaker at all.”

Kraushaar’s attorney, Joel Bennett, told USA TODAY that his client’s proposed joint news conference with other Cain accusers is coming together, but the date and place haven’t been scheduled. Two to five women could participate, he said.

Gloria Allred said she would recommend that her client, Sharon Bialek, take part.

Cain has denied he sexually harassed anyone, charging that the accusations are coming to derail his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. He said Tuesday that “there will probably be others” who come forward because “the Democrat machine” is trying to take him down.

We all know Herman Cain is being targeted because of Racist America, what we don’t know is why Jon Stewart hasn’t made a joke about this yet.

That’s our show for tonight. Be sure to tune in tonight at 8 PM PST for our show on blog talk radio. Goodnight everybody.



  Iran remains ready to engage in negotiations with world powers concerned about its nuclear program, its Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Wednesday.

“We have always announced that we are ready for positive and useful negotiations but, as we have mentioned repeatedly, the condition for those talks to be successful is that we enter those negotiations in a stance of equality and respect for nations’ rights,” Ramin Mehmanparast was quoted as saying by the website of Iran’s Arabic language al-Alam television.