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So I was looking at the site stats this morning and well…see for yourself.

I don’t recall ever making a mention of a horse’s vagoo in any of my posts, this isn’t a furfag blog…so how are people’s terms popping up like this? 😐

Anyway, without further ado, let’s move onto the news today.

PETA: “Mario Promotes Animal Cruelty”

Author: Artefact

Animal rights crazies PETA have been denouncing Mario for promoting animal cruelty, saying Mario’s use of a “Tanooki” suit legitimises skinning animals alive for their fur.

PETA’s claims:

When on a mission to rescue the princess, Mario has been known to use any means necessary to defeat his enemy—even wearing the skin of a raccoon dog to give him special powers.

Tanooki may be just a “suit” in Mario games, but in real life, tanuki are raccoon dogs who are skinned alive for their fur. By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it’s OK to wear fur. Play Super Tanooki Skin 2D and help Tanooki reclaim his fur!

To make their point, they provide a Flash Mario parody mini-game on their site

The group also recently condemned Battlefield 3 for including a scene of rat killing, prompting many to comment unfavourably on their decision to completely ignore the game’s major premise of humans slaughtering other humans.

What, if anything, they have to say about the rampant animal skinning action seen in Skyrim also remains to be seen.

The Japanese response is sceptical to say the least – although if PETA’s objective was simply to splash their name around the Internet, even if only as an example of their desperate need for publicity and at the cost of alienating all reasonable gamers, they may have succeeded:

“It’s an animal suit.”

“They are totally crazy.”

“These people just use yakuza methods.”

“I’d expect them to be more concerned with Mario jumping on turtles all the time…”

“So reindeer suits are out as well now?”

“What about frog suits?”

“Mickey Mouse suits are animal abuse.”

“Pity the furries!”

“Tanuki Mario is from 1988… why now all of a sudden?”

“They just ignored the FPS?”

“Do people call them tanuki overseas as well?”

“The actual game is quite good.”

“Isn’t this copyright infringement?”

“I’d think it is Nintendo who will be suing them…”

“Do they think all those neko and usamimi are made from real animal ears or something?”

“So basically they want to extort money from Nintendo in exchange for shutting up about it.”

“They apparently started an ero site to spread their animal rights message more widely.”

“I’d really like to eat that.”

“These people are just nuts. I guess they don’t lead very satisfying lives, so they have to do this stuff.”

“Why are animal rights groups nothing but crazies?”

“This stuff is why I hate animal rights people.”

This is just plain fucking nonsense, nothing, nothing at all can make this make sense. PETA have always been dumbfucks and frankly I’m not surprised. Sure these people wanna protect animal rights, but this is going too far.

Next up,  pedophilia.

“80% Underage” Schoolgirl Delivery Health Service Busted

Author: Artefact

Police have arrested two men for running a delivery health operation where 80% of the girls were under 18.

Kanagawa police arrested two men, 32 and 28, for managing a Yokohama based delivery health operation, charging them with inducing minors to commit obscene acts.

They were found to have employed a 16-year-old “unemployed” Chiba girl as a delivery health prostitute, despatching her to the homes of two local men for sex, charging from ¥17,000 to ¥20,000 a time.

According to police, of the 10 girls working for them, 8 were minors aged 15-17.

Whether the managers knew their girls were mostly underage is not clear, but as the laws concerned specifically make no distinction between knowingly and unknowingly inducing minors to commit “obscene” acts (even if they use false ID or similar), it is not terribly relevant to the slew of charges police are likely assembling against them.

Although technically criminals themselves, the prostitutes will almost certainly not face any legal repercussions. Their clients are also technically guilty of committing obscene acts with minors even if they had no idea they were underage, but it seems police are not taking action against them.

Way to go,  Japan’s feminaziists more women’s right’s protected because of you. I’m leaving Tracy with he rest of the world news. Take it away.

By NATALIE ROTMAN, Associated Press

Many brides keep their wedding dresses a secret until the moment they walk down the aisle, but all of cyberspace isn’t usually speculating about it. The exception is Bella Swan.

The much anticipated bridal gown will make its debut on Friday as “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1” is released in movie theaters.

What’s known about the gown worn by Kristen Stewart’s character as she married Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen: It’s designed by Carolina Herrera. It has 100 buttons down the back. It’s made of lace and satin, and it aims to be simultaneously romantic and mysterious.

“Well, the inspiration became a little bit by the book,” said Herrera on the red carpet at the Los Angeles premiere Monday night. “And the description of the book, and the magic and the moment that is the wedding and also about her (Bella’s) personality which is very important in a wedding gown. She is this very innocent girl that is believing in her first true love and there is romance and there is fantasy and mystery. Everything so, I took all that into consideration.”

Pattinson approved, saying it was a “beautiful” dress and Stewart did it justice. “She looked incredible,” he said. “I mean, it’s a really sweet scene.”

I can’t get over the fact that, when I searched for US news… This was near the top. I believe what I said to Grass was “Who cares if a rapist got out of jail or something, let’s read about a soon-to-be sparkly vampires wedding dress!” That just about sums up my opinion on this article. Just with a lot of sarcasm added in. Next, I’ll go ahead and cover the crisis in Italy~

Italy crisis: Debt cost puts pressure on Mario Monti

Italy’s cost of borrowing has risen again to the 7% danger level, putting the new PM Mario Monti under pressure as he works to form a government.

The figure indicates continuing nervousness about the country’s high level of debt.

Mr Monti, 68, got the backing of both main parties during talks on Tuesday.

He is putting together a government led by technocrats, but it must still have parliament’s support to push through tougher austerity measures.

Mr Monti has also met representatives of industrialists, trade unions and youth and women’s groups.

The office of the Italian President, Giorgio Napolitano, said Mr Monti had succeeded in forming a new government.

Mr Monti is expected to meet the president and name his cabinet on Wednesday.

It is not clear if his cabinet will include politicians or consist entirely of technocrats such as himself.

Only one party, the right-wing Northern League, says it will withhold its support.

Angelino Alfano, leader of the centre-right People of Freedom Party (PDL) of outgoing PM Silvio Berlusconi, said “we think that the efforts of Professor Monti are destined to have a good outcome”.

And the leader of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), Pier Luigi Bersani, said “we encouraged Professor Monti to go ahead with determination”.

“We did not set a deadline to the government,” he added.

Sense of urgency

Mr Monti, an unelected technocrat and former EU commissioner, has said he will “act with urgency” to address Italy’s deep-rooted economic problems.

He also intends to remain in office until the end of the current legislature – 2013.

He has not yet revealed details of the economic reforms he might try to implement.

He was appointed on Sunday after emergency austerity measures were passed by parliament, triggering the resignation of Mr Berlusconi.

The Italian bond rate reached a record of 7.48% last Wednesday, draining investor confidence and hastening Mr Berlusconi’s departure. Lenders worry that the government may not repay its debts.

In what was seen as the first test of Mr Monti’s leadership, Italy sold 3bn euros of new five-year bonds on Monday.

However, it had to pay more to borrow the money, a rate of 6.29%.

Now it is above 7% again – the rate at which Greece, Ireland and Portugal were obliged to seek emergency bailouts from the EU.

Over the weekend, parliament passed a package of austerity measures demanded by the EU with the aim of balancing the budget by 2014. The measures foresee 59.8bn euros in savings, from a mixture of spending cuts and tax rises.

Is it sad that I can’t get over that he’s Italian and his name is Mario? That just kills me. Anyway, I’ll be serious. Where’s Luigi. Never mind, spotted “Pier Luigi Bersani”. Close enough. Serious, right now, I will be. Kind of looks like Italy is up shit creek without a paddle right now. Apparently, a lot of people are confident that they’ll have a positive outcome but… I’m just not so sure. Things just don’t look good right now. Guess that’s why it’s being called a crisis, huh? Next, oh-oh, news regarding Election 2012 and I decide whether it’s worth voting next year or not.

Perry outlines plan to uproot and overhaul D.C.

By Nia-Malika Henderson

Looking to save his faltering campaign after a disastrous gaffe that led Republicans to question whether he has the intellectual timber to occupy the White House, Texas Gov. Rick Perry unveiled Tuesday morning a plan to massively overhaul Washington’s ways.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (Nicholas Kamm – AFP/Getty Images)

In Iowa, which is in many ways a do-or-die contest for the Texas governor, Perry sought to put down stakes as the most radical change agent in the race, casting his rivals (mainly Mitt Romney) as small-bore, nibble-around-the-edges, managerial types, and casting himself as a massive wrecking ball that would level the political and economic Beltway culture.

“I do not believe Washington needs a new coat of paint, it needs a complete overhaul. We need to uproot, tear down and rebuild Washington, D.C. and our federal institutions,” said Perry, according to prepared remarks. “It is time to tear down the monuments to bureaucratic failure, and in their place build a smaller, more efficient federal government that puts the American People first.”In his speech Tuesday, Perry called for reforming the federal judiciary by eliminating lifetime appointments, slashing congressional salaries and budgets in half, and for elected officials to spend half their time in their home districts.

In the speech and in a new TV ad, Perry called for jailing any congressman who profits from insider trading, an issue on which a recent 60 Minutes episode focused.

The Republican race has been dominated by a smaller government meme, championed by the tea party, and Perry himself has suggested eliminating at least three agencies — Commerce, Education and Energy (though of course it took him awhile to remember the last one).

His speech today comes as he tries to course correct, become the anti-Romney, and stave off a permanent Newt Gingrich surge. Meanwhile, some Republicans have openly declared that his candidacy is unlikely to recover. Polls in Iowa show Perry running at 7 percent.

With $15 million in the bank. the Texas governor recently launched a $1 million national ad buy on Fox News to introduce himself to the voters who will decide his fate.

He also called for shrinking government spending.

“I will bring spending down to 18 percent of GDP, the average amount of the last 50 years. And I will fight in every corner of this country for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution,” he said. “And two more points on spending: no longer will we prop up failed entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which were at the heart of the economic collapse because of mortgage financing policies that gave false confidence to home buyers who have now defaulted or are under water.”

He also called for restructuring and overhauling the Environmental Protection Agency, a favorite Republican whipping post.

“Washington is so broken, Americans will accept nothing less than a complete overhaul of the way business is done in America,” he said. “Americans know there is a season for everything under the sun. And this is the season for tearing down and rebuilding again, for uprooting the broken branches of government in Washington, and building a new government that is smaller and more humble, so America can be stronger and freer again.”

Oh, I like him. But I have so many doubts that things will work out like he intends. I mean, Obama sounded like a great choice when I voted for him but so far, things are as bad as ever in the US. It does sound like a pretty good plan though, he’s definitely got my vote.
And this is Tracy, getting ready for work detail. Have a nice, fun, night folks~
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