So after a fabulous (raritylaugh.avi) weekend at the old folk’s home, I’m here to bring you the Weekend Quickie like usual. So Sunday gave us some unusual news about a couple of cops who were fired because they pepper sprayed a couple of non-hostile protestors on UC Davis’ campus. It’s pretty darn funny how a couple of people on campus who make a big deal out of something get fucked by the cops. I think this post deserves a good lawl for societal fail and how poorly cops behave in shitty situations. Good job, peeps, keep up the good work and all. Though I’m pretty much laughing my ass off cause a couple of cops did something dumb. Yes, DO spray the public, DON’T keep the in-mates in jail and do every corrupt thing there is to do; After all, the world is a-crumblin’.

California campus police on leave after pepper-spraying

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) — The University of California at Davis has placed two police officers on administrative leave after video of them pepper-spraying non-violent protesters at point-blank range sparked outrage at school officials.

Friday’s incident has led to calls for the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, who announced the action in a written statement Sunday. Katehi said she shares the “outrage” of students and was “deeply saddened” by the use of the chemical irritant by campus police.

“I am deeply saddened that this happened on our campus, and as chancellor, I take full responsibility for the incident,” she said. “However, I pledge to take the actions needed to ensure that this does not happen again.”

In addition, she said, an investigation announced Saturday would be sped up. Katehi said the task force established to conduct the probe will now report in 30 days, instead of 90. And she said she will hold talks with students, faculty and staff “to listen to their concerns and hear their ideas for restoring civil discourse to the campus.”

A group of about a dozen protesters sat on a path with their arms interlocked as police moved in to clear out a protest encampment affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement Friday. Most of the protesters had their heads down as a campus police officer, in a sweeping motion, sprayed protesters at close range before other officers moved in.

“I was shocked,” Sophia Kamran, one of the protesters subjected to the spray, said Saturday. “When students are sitting on the ground and no way of moving to be violent, being totally peaceful, I don’t understand the use of pepper spray against them.”

The school said 10 protesters arrested were given misdemeanor citations for unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. Eleven were treated for the effects of pepper spray, which burns the eyes and nose, causing coughing, gagging and shortness of breath.

Occupy roundup: A fallout, a silent protest and a new encampment

Earlier, UC Davis spokeswoman Claudia Morain said police used pepper spray after protesters encircled them and blocked them from leaving. Cut off from backup, the officers determined the situation was not safe and asked people several times to make room, Morain said.

But the incident set off a flood of comments on the school’s Facebook page, most of them critical of police and the administration. The Davis Faculty Association, citing incidents at other campuses, demanded “that the chancellors of the University of California cease using police violence to repress nonviolent political protests.”

It called for greater attention to cuts in state funding to education and rising tuition. Its board demanded Katehi resign, saying she exhibited “gross failure of leadership.”

In response, Katehi first released a statement, then held a news conference Saturday.

“Yesterday was not a day that would make anyone on our campus proud,” Katehi said in her statement. Then, at the news conference, she called the use of pepper spray “chilling.”

“The use of pepper spray as shown on the video is chilling to us all and raises many questions about how best to handle situations like this,” she said.

But Katehi refused calls from faculty members and others for her to step down, saying she did not violate campus policies.

Saturday evening, as Katehi left campus, dozens of students sat cross-legged and with their arms linked in a silent protest.

A reporter asked Katehi, “Do you still feel threatened by the students?”

“No,” she replied. “No.”

Time: Watch video of police pepper-spraying and arresting students

Morain told CNN that 25 tents were in place Friday afternoon despite fliers explaining the campus prohibits overnight camping. It does so for security and health reasons, Katehi said.

After written and verbal warnings, officers reminded the protesters they would be subject to arrest if they did not move their tents from the quad, Morain said. Many protesters did decide to remove their tents and equipment, officials said.

A use-of-force review will “determine whether we made all the right decisions and handled it the way we should have handled it,” Annette Spicuzza, chief of campus police, told reporters.

Critics took issue with the college’s account, saying the seated protesters did not pose a threat to the officers.

“Without any provocation whatsoever, other than the bodies of these students sitting where they were on the ground, with their arms linked, police pepper-sprayed students” wrote Nathan Brown, an assistant professor in the college’s English Department, in an open letter to the chancellor.

He said that police then used batons to separate the students, kneeled on their bodies and pushed their heads to the ground.

“When students covered their eyes with their clothing, police forced open their mouths and pepper-sprayed down their throats,” Brown wrote.

He called on Katehi to resign.

“I call for your resignation because you are unfit to do your job. You are unfit to ensure the safety of students at UC Davis. In fact: you are the primary threat to the safety of students at UC Davis.”

I’m terribly sorry, did you say that we are a ‘threat‘ to students and staff? I was under the impression John Smith and Jane Doe were out of their minds protesting how John Q. Public screwed over the government’s finances. Oh, please, don’t feel bad for them, feel bad for the rest of the surviving sufferers. It’s alright, after all, we all must suffer the great pain of the world on our shoulder’s everyday. It just wouldn’t be right otherwise. Though, I have to ask you one question, Jane, who the fuck runs this school and what the fuck are our kids learning in there. Cause it sure as fuck isn’t helping the world or our economic situations. Ma’am do you ever wonder why the nation is fucked? It’s not cause of banks. it’s not because we don’t pay our taxes, it’s cause people like you fuck the students over;I’ll see you in hell.

And that my good sirs and madams is all she wrote; So to speak. It’s not uncommon rather to question the education system, when in clear and obvious numbers, people have wronged themselves time and time again. Do people repeat history? They sure as shit do, and they never learn from themselves. Appearances are deceiving ma’am, and you can take that to the grave. Of course with all leaders, they have a responsibility to fulfill and that responsibility is to the people. It’s been over 10 tears since Bush took office at the turn of the century, and the only thing we have to show for ourselves in the current generation is the lack of healthcare for America and it’s fellow citizens. Now race aside, I believe people have the right to a fucking doctor when they’re bleeding out the ass or stomach. This being the case doesn’t satisfy enough people, because due to our lack of government support for American lives, America will die, slowly and painfully. That bottle of pills your holding, don’t expect it to be there one day because when the time comes and America can’t afford shit for pills, then America will begin dying. As for my political prediction for 2012, count on it. If fist fights break out in Italy over a fucking bill, you can most assuredly believe there is no hope for the world. The world you know and love is falling apart, and worse case scenario we’ll all be turned into fucking zombies when the economy collapses. 😆

So before you bake that bird in your oven on Thursday, look at the world around you for once and think what the next best thing for this world is. It won’t be your PS3 or that shiny new XB360 for Christmas, but a uniting of ideas and peace for this world.

Anyway, food for thought this holiday season. I’ll see you around, this is Grass, signing off.