So today is the last day before the thanksgiving holiday which means today’s last post will be a pony weekend post to save us the problems of not making a pony post this week. That said, I will open today’s article with a post from Equestria Daily.

ED has a bit of music for us

I love these faces.  I don’t know why.

A few remixes of the new song have popped up.  The very nature of it makes this a difficult feat.  It doesn’t really have a solid melody throughout the entire track, which is probably the reason why these are trickling out so slowly.

Anyway, check them out after the break! The videos in that third one are hilarious.

1.) Giant Monarch Butterfly
2.) Pony Pet Labour
3.) Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy – Find A Pet Song (Electrotank Remix)

Enjoy the music folks

From Equestria to Japan we rockin’ this party.

“Haruhi Ruined Anime”

Author: Artefact

Anime fans have been discussing the controversial thesis that the advent of Haruhi and her subsequent blockbuster hit status is responsible for drastically lowering the quality of anime to its current moeblob worshipping Type B paradise status.

The exchange:

“Late night anime from 2004-2006 was great. After Haruhi it all went downhill.”

“You like Da Capo and Bottle Fairies?”

“This period was actually the worst!”

“No way!”

“After an otaku onanism title became a major hit everyone started worshipping them.”

“You can’t just come out with this stuff without explaining what causes it!”

“You can tell without explaining it. Now they just churn out these light novel adaptations in droves.”

“2004 was godly, but 2006 was a dark age. 2005 was OK.”

“I agree with him. Everything went crazy after Haruhi. Nobody funds proper anime, the work is all outsourced, the quality went down the toilet after they started getting those dirty Koreans to do it, and so fewer people watch it and the quality gets worse still in a vicious cycle.”

“Didn’t they say this sort of thing when Eva came out?”

“This guy doesn’t even watch recent anime! These days hardly any anime suffer quality collapse problems.”

“Besides, they’ve been outsourcing to Korea for years, long before Haruhi.”

“I think the animation quality has improved hugely. It’s gorgeous now. And Korea and China are much better at doing the work as well.”

Gun Parade March
Last Exile
Da Capo
Onegai Twins
FMP Fumoffu
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien

Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
Maria-sama ga Miteru
Initial D Fourth Stage
Gundam Seed Destiny

Oh! My Goddess
Honey & Clover
Eureka Seven
PoniPoni dash
Lyrical Nanoha A’s
Shakugan no Shana
Aria the Animation

“There’s no trash there!”

“It’s nothing but trash! Nothing’s changed!”

Haruhi ruining anime? Pee-Shaw…ya right. Nothing personal Japan, but you are full of shit and everyone knows it. Next up another top ten of girls with…normal boobs? O.o

Top 10 Anime Girls with Normal Sized Breasts

Author: Leon

Anime fans have been busily ranking anime girls “who are more than totally flat but less than huge breasted,” doubtless having nothing better to do.

For those wondering, there is not even a catchy specialist term (as with “pettanko” or “kyonyuu”) for having a bust not at one freakish extreme of the size spectrum.

The ranking:

1. Konoe Subaru (Mayo Chiki!)

2. Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu)

3. Senjougahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari)

4. Taneshima Popura (Working!!)

5. Mikazuki Yozora (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

6. Kotobuki Tsumugi (K-ON!)

7. Kirishima Shouko (Baka to Test to Shoukanju)

8. Haruka Morishima (Amagami SS)

9. Huang Lingyin (Infinite Stratos)

10. Tamura Manami (Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai!)

Next up 2 figurines.

Himeji Mizuki Figure

Author: Leon


Yamanobe Tomo Hadaka Apron Ero-Figure

Author: Leon

Here’s a bit of gaming news for you: Tales studio has disbanded.

Tales Studio Disbanded

Author: Artefact

Namco Bandai Games have announced that Tales Studio, the studio responsible for producing its popular line of Tales RPGs, is to be disbanded and merged into Namco Bandai proper.

The official announcement of their dissolution and merging merely points out that as a fully owned subsidiary there is no substantive financial change in it being dissolved.

A detailed rationale for the decision is not provided, although the studio’s financial performance has been in doubt for some time, despite healthy sales of recent “mothership” titles.

As far as Japanese corporate politics go, for a fully owned subsidiary to be rolled back into the parent company suggests at the very least a considerable loss of independence and prestige, although just how it will affect their game output is not clear.

Online there is no small scepticism about the move:

“TOX was planned to sell 400,000 but managed 600,000, why are they doing this!?”

“The expansion of Bandai Namco’s exploitative business practice continues apace.”

“This sounds like a streamlining move, but I don’t see how they can avoid layoffs.”

“Nothing will change… right? It was a fully owned subsidiary after all. And the parent is the one who keeps churning out loss making games.”

“The influence of the Tales staff is sure to decrease with a move like this, you know.”

“Haven’t they lost enough staff already?”

“Tales Studio was an actual company?”

“It’s the same as with SCE. But unlike Sony there is no way they’ll reorganise them into another company.”

“So they won’t be able to choose their platform and number of titles now?”

“So Xillia was a beta after all…”

“If TOX could sell 600,000 and still make a loss their organisation must be pretty rotten. Anyone else could make a crappy game like that with only 200,000 sales.”

“Some of these Tales games are good. I hope they keep making them.”

“Why annoy all the users and retailers by dissolving their studio?”

“They’ll make it CG and have them appearing in Soul Calibur, mark my words.”

Tales will come back , sooner or later. It’s only a matter of time and I never knew tales studio was an actual company either.

Off to Europe and the middle East.

Egypt’s latest uprising has a more violent feel


CAIRO (AP) — Not everyone was pleased Tuesday when crowds in Tahrir Square revived chants of “Peaceful! Peaceful!” that were heard nine months ago during the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

A group of young men, their eyes and noses red from tear gas fired at rock-throwing protesters nearby, shook their heads.

“Enough ‘peaceful’ already!” one said.

The latest demonstrations against the military leaders who replaced Mubarak are more explosive and violent than those in January and February — something that pro-democracy activists had warned might happen as the ruling generals stumbled in carrying out sweeping reforms.

Protesters hurl rocks and firebombs. Security forces fire tear gas, rubber bullets and bird shot. The number of wounded piles up at an average of 80 per hour. Angry cries of “thuggery” and “dirty government” echo among the buildings. The death toll has risen steadily.

The violence Monday and Tuesday centered around the headquarters of the Interior Ministry, which runs the police, in the side streets a few blocks from Tahrir Square.

In the earlier demonstrations, protesters rarely approached the headquarters. But in a sign of the greater aggression in the past four days, they have marched repeatedly on the building and were met by a heavy response. Police and military around the ministry fired tear gas and moved in, beating and dragging away some of the activists.

The protests have reignited as feelings arose among many Egyptians that their revolution has been undermined by the military. Trials of former regime members have stalled, the economy has deteriorated, streets are less secure, activists have been hauled before military tribunals, and the generals have been reluctant in giving an exact date for transferring power to a civilian government and parliament.

There are also complaints that little has been done to reform the security forces, which rights groups say still torture detainees. The lack of trials for those behind the deaths of about 850 people in last winter’s uprising also has led protesters to target the Interior Ministry.

Many say the violence against protesters brought them back to the square.

“We can’t accept the same humiliating, inhuman treatment by the police. Enough,” said Saad Abdel-Hamid, who showed up after work Tuesday, still in a sport coat. “Egyptians want a real, democratic country, but we realize this won’t come easy. People are still making sacrifices every day.”

It’s clear that some of the protesters and the black-clad police — a hated symbol of the Mubarak era — are acting as if they have scores to settle from January and February.

While a feeling of uncertainty loomed over the first uprising because many Egyptians at the time thought the ouster of Mubarak to be a nearly impossible task, the Tahrir protesters this time around are determined not to leave until Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi steps down along with the rest of the generals on the ruling council.

Before death toll started rising, protesters spoke only of their demand that power be transferred from the military council to an elected president no later than April 2012. After the deaths, they called for an immediate transfer, although there is no consensus on who should receive it.

Some want a civilian council to be chosen from Tahrir. Democracy advocate Mohamed ElBaradei and Islamist moderate Abdel Moneim Aboul-Fotuh are among the names floated as members of such a council.

Politicians who try to take a stage or hold a loudspeaker are shouted down. On social network sites, activists call for setting fire to podiums and not allowing anyone to “hijack the revolution.”

Also unwelcome is Egypt’s most organized and influential group — the Muslim Brotherhood — and its political arm. Protesters heckled and threw water bottles at the party’s spokesman, Mohammed el-Beltagi, when he visited the square Monday.

The Brotherhood refused to join the protests, saying that the parliamentary election due to start Nov. 28 is the way to transfer power. The group is set to win more seats in parliament than any other political party.

The new dynamics in Tahrir Square began to take shape after four days of confrontations, and the determination of the protesters suggests they won’t be leaving soon — unless security forces try to clear the area.

Teams of volunteers provide medical aid, food and blankets, and motorcycles rush the wounded to field clinics. Youths in gas masks and goggles take shifts. Some have slings, while others make firebombs from soft drink bottles filled with gasoline.

A half-naked young man took his position over a charred car with an Egyptian flag in one hand as he flashed a V-for-victory sign with the other. He signaled when protesters should stand fast and when they should flee the tear gas.

A few yards (meters) of no man’s land covered with rocks and ashes separated the two sides, with protesters chanting, “Say it! Don’t be afraid! The marshal must leave!”

Tires are set ablaze so demonstrators can hide behind the thick, black smoke.

Unlike the January and February uprising, the square is not family-friendly. The crowd is mostly poor and middle class Egyptians with a grudge against military rule. Others are those wounded by police in the earlier protests and relatives of those who were killed, demanding that those responsible face justice.

Two other groups are present: violent, die-hard fans of two of Egypt’s top soccer clubs, el-Ahly and Zamalek; and ultraconservative Salafists who defied clerics’ orders to stay away from the protests.

I always wondered why this part of the world was always fucked up all the time. I mean you always either got some BS dictator or you got some revolution going it; There’s never any peace sheesh.


Next up, Obama’s going for MORE CUTS? Well woop-de-doo.

Obama Pushes for Payroll-Tax Cut

MANCHESTER, N.H.—President Barack Obama, visiting the home of the nation’s first presidential primary Tuesday, urged Republicans to support a payroll-tax cut next week.

Mr. Obama argued that a failure to extend the tax breaks would hurt middle-class families already struggling amid a shaky economy, effectively daring congressional Republicans to block the extension and increase taxes a year before the next presidential election.

“Don’t be a Grinch. Don’t vote to raise taxes on working Americans during the holidays,” Mr. Obama said at a high-school gymnasium.

Mr. Obama sought to steal the spotlight from Republican presidential contenders who have blanketed the political battleground with anti-Obama messages while tending to a state expected to be heavily contested in the next year’s general election.

President Barack Obama traveled to New Hampshire on Tuesday, where he pushed for an extension of payroll tax cuts due to expire next month. First, however, Obama had to face some hecklers – apparently affiliated with the “Occupy” movement – who interrupted his speech as it was beginning.

Even as he sought to draw a bright line with Republicans over taxes, Mr. Obama was reminded about the unhappiness among some in the Occupy Wall Street movement. As he began to speak, Mr. Obama was briefly interrupted by protesters who chanted, “Mr. President—over 4,000 protesters, over 4,000 protesters, have been arrested.”

Mr. Obama paused to let the demonstrators speak. “No, no, no. That’s OK,” Mr. Obama said. The crowd then sought to drown out the protesters with chants of “Obama!”

It’s been nearly two years since Mr. Obama visited New Hampshire. And on Tuesday, he will find a state that has shifted distinctly to the right since his 2008 victory. Recent polls indicate that, if an election between the two of them were held today, Mr. Obama would lose by roughly 10 percentage points to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who governed the neighboring state of Massachusetts.

Mr. Romney, meanwhile, was airing his first TV ads in the state, and they are sharply critical of Mr. Obama’s economic record. He also ran ads in New Hampshire newspapers that say to Mr. Obama, “I will be blunt. Your policies have failed.”

The president’s trip to the state that holds the first presidential primary follows the collapse of the special congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee, which failed to reach a deal on $1.2 trillion in cuts. Democrats had hoped to tuck the payroll-tax extension, as well as a renewal of jobless benefits for the unemployed, into a supercommittee agreement.

With that option seemingly off the table, the White House plans to push hard for a separate measure to extend the payroll-tax cuts before they expire at the end of the year—and set up Republicans as the scapegoat if that doesn’t happen.

The White House says a middle-class family making $50,000 a year would see its taxes rise by $1,000 if the payroll-tax cuts aren’t extended.

Republicans aren’t wholly opposed to the extension. In fact, party members sent the White House a letter in September stating that extension of the payroll-tax cut is one element of Mr. Obama’s $447 billion jobs bill where the two sides may be able to find common ground.

Some Republicans worry that the tax-cut extension would undermine the solvency of Social Security pensions, and others are opposed to any effort to pay for the renewal by taxing the wealthiest Americans.

Mr. Obama wants to cut the payroll tax by another percentage point for workers, at a total cost of $179 billion, and cut the employer share of the tax in half as well for most companies, which carries a $69 billion price tag.

The issue could appeal to independent voters in low-tax New Hampshire, the presidential swing state Mr. Obama won in 2008. Ahead of the Jan. 10 Republican primary, Mr. Obama and his surrogates, including Vice President Joe Biden, are seeking to steal some of the spotlight for their economic message.

“The next time you hear one of these folks from the other side…talking about raising your taxes, you just remind them that ever since I’ve got into office, I’ve lowered your taxes, haven’t raised them,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s worth reminding them.”

Anon displeased with Obama? Roffles! you know one thing I hate about the Occupy movement since I found out Anon started that shit, my respect for Anon has started slowly diminishing itself.


That’s the news for today, this is Grass signing off till next week. See ya!!