Good day ladies and gents the 30th of November marks the last day of the month, which means December is upon us very soon. I hope you guys are enjoying your winter season because it’s only going to get colder from this point onward. And with the cold comes some Winter-y news just for the occasion. I’ve been slacking recently but that’s only because I have difficulty managing multiple things like looking for work, blogging, Minecraft, you guys know the feeling. 🙂

Anyway, let’s get today’s post up cause it won’t get itself up.


I want to start off today’s post with a story a friend of mine gave me. Akikomi, a good friend of mine, got me this article. I love it lol.

‘Just one more reason why Scientology is weird. Seriously >.>.’

For most people, an extended stay aboard a luxury cruise liner sounds like a dream vacation.

But Valeska Paris says she was held against her will aboard the Scientology cruise ship “Freewinds” for more than a decade. During her stay on the vessel, she alleges, she was forced into hard labor and never allowed to leave the ship without an escort.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s (ABC News) Lateline program, Paris claims that Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige sent her to the ship when she was 18 in order to prevent her family from pulling her out of the organization.

“I was basically hauled in and told that my mum had attacked the church and that I needed to disconnect from her because she was suppressive,” she said. “He decided the ship, and I found out two hours before my plane left, I was woken up in the morning and I was sent to the ship for ‘two weeks.’ ”

Paris was born into a Scientology family, but her mother quit the group after her husband committed suicide, blaming Scientology for coercing him out of a self-made personal fortune of more than a million dollars.

Instead of the promised two week stay, Paris found herself unable to leave the ship without an official Scientology escort and was often forced into hard labor on the lower levels of the ship for stretches as long as two full days. “It’s hot, it’s extremely loud, it’s smelly, it’s not nice. I was sent down there at first for 48 hours straight on almost no sleep and I had to work by myself,” she said.

So, why didn’t Paris simply escape from the ship when it would take port? The Freewinds has a relatively small sailing route, traveling throughout the Caribbean and occasionally docking at small islands.

“I did not want to be there, I made it clear I did not want to be there and that was considered bad ethics, meaning it was considered not right,” she said. “They take your passport when you go on the ship and you’re in the middle of an island. So it’s a bit hard [to escape] and by that time I was 18, I’d been in Scientology my whole life, it’s not like I knew how to escape,” she said.

The Church of Scientology calls Paris’ claims false but declined ABC requests to make church officials available for interviews for the story. The church, which has a well-known litigious history, threatened Lateline with legal action for taking part in an alleged breach of confidentiality between Paris and the church. In a statement, the Church of Scientology said Ms Paris’ claims were false.

“She certainly wasn’t ‘forced’ to be there. She was also never forced to perform labor in the engine room,” the statement said. “The Freewinds is a wonderful place, as even Valeska said on numerous occasions. Her allegation that she could only leave the ship with an escort is totally false.”

Oh those silly scientology bastards are everywhere. Can’t walk out of the fucking door these days without bumping into one of them. Ah well, let’s hit the docks of asia to see what’s up.

Teacher Rapes 12: “He Raped One The Day Before His Wedding”

Author: Artefact

An elementary school teacher has admitted to raping 12 girls, some as young as 11, even going so far as to rape one little girl the day before his own wedding.

31-year-old Yuui Otsuka, a teacher residing in Kanagawa prefecture who formerly taught at several Tokyo elementary schools, stands accused of raping 12 girls, some as young as 11, during the 2005-2010 period.

He also faces assault charges, and robbery charges stemming from his habit of stealing certain articles of clothing from his victims.

He employed a similar modus operandi for each of his crimes – he would trawl the streets of Tokyo and Kanagawa on a motorbike, looking for young girls on their way home from school, follow them home and then force his way into their homes when they opened their doors, threatening to kill them if they resisted and if they told anyone of the encounter.

In some cases he would call the house to check if the parents were home, and in other cases he would observe which rooms were lit.

However, he did not restrict himself to children, with the oldest of his victims being in her twenties.

He married a fellow teacher in 2009, and according to prosecutors just before the marriage ceremony was due to occur he raped yet another elementary schooler. His wife apparently had no inkling of his rape spree, which continued uninterrupted by his marriage.

His undoing came when he followed a woman home with the intention of raping her, only to be spotted by a student who happened to see him whilst he was peering through her letterbox. He decided this was rather suspicious, and when the man noticed him and fled, he gave chase and caught him.

Searches of his home soon turned up mementos and photographs from his crimes, and DNA evidence subsequently  linked him to several crime scenes.

Police soon extracted a confession, and he further explained the chilling insight underlying his method:

“I would follow girls who looked elementary school age home. When they opened the front door with a key, I would know there was nobody else home, and I forced my way in with them.”

“I surmised that with the ones who didn’t say ‘tadaima’ when they got home, or who opened the door with a key, the parents were probably not home. Even if I didn’t assault them there and then, I would think about coming back the next day.”

He initially explained his motive as it being “very stressful teaching the upper grades.”

He apparently committed no crimes against the children at the elementary schools he formerly taught at.

According to co-workers he was a model teacher who enjoyed much popularity amongst his pupils, and had chosen to pursue teaching over a career as a policeman after passing the latter’s employment exams.

Sentencing is due in early December.

See, I never understood Japan’s obsession with sex. America may have more murders than Japan but Japan has more rape victims than the US. Ironic that it’s okay that the blood spilled on US soil has a correlation to rape between the two countries.

Oh well, I’m sure something will eventually fix these fucked up people. Makes me wonder what it’d be like for Japan to come to the US and own a gun.

Moving on…

Next up something I’m excited about Fio from Metal Slug gets her own figurine.

Metal Slug Fiolina Germi Figure

Author: Leon

Fans of retro games will remember Metal Slug and its Italian heroine Fiolina Germi, or Fio – who will now be made into a figure in March 2012, courtesy of Embrace Japan and featuring such elements of the game as the Metal Slug tank, a wooden bridge and a prisoner of war.

Delicious Fio is delicious. More Fio can be seen here.

Next up a bit of news for your teenagers about people in Japan of the same age.

36% of 16-19-Year-Old Boys “Sexless”

Author: Artefact

Japanese statistics which suggest over a third of male youths and nearly two thirds of female youths have no interest in or an active dislike of sex have lately been exciting the concern of Japanese online.

The results of the latest governmental survey of Japanese attitudes to sex and marriage, undertaken every 5 years, reveal a society in which men and women are apparently increasingly alienated from one and other.

The survey found 61% of unmarried men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend, a 9.2% increase from 2005. For women, 50% had no boyfriend (suggesting they are tending to date older men).

45% of both sexes actually said they were not particularly interested in dating someone of the opposite sex.

A quarter of unmarried men and women in their late thirties also reported having had no sexual experiences at all.

However, despite all this, both sexes do apparently desire marriage – 86% of unmarried men and 89% of unmarried women report wanting to wed. Over 40% reported economic uncertainties as preventing their marriage.

A related survey of young people aged 16-19 found extraordinarily low levels of interest in sex amongst youngsters – 36% of boys reported having “no interest” in or “dislike” of sex, up 19% in only 3 years, and amongst girls it was up 12% to 59%.

A wide variety of interpretations of such findings have been proffered, although thus far nobody has actually attempted to do anything about the issue.

The increasingly destitute younger generations of men (who are more often than not expected to sustain a dedicated housewife whether or not children are involved) are thought to be deferring marriage and even dating for financial reasons.

More speculatively, there are some who consider their traditional masculinity to be increasingly in doubt, with the media having concocted such terms as “herbivorous men” to highlight the trend.

Women meanwhile face problems of their own – those in their late twenties and beyond are widely regarded as having poor marriage prospects, if any, and some do not even find the prospect of married life appealing in the first place.

It has also been frequently suggested that they tend to have unrealistic expectations as to the income and status of their desired husband, which when coupled with low incomes for young men and their own short shelf-life serves to drive marriage rates down further still.

As the actual numbers of Japanese besotted with such solitary pursuits as doll fancying and anime watching are insignificant, it is unlikely such pastimes have anything more than a tiny effect – although they do make inviting targets for media and political harangues.

2ch has some interesting alternative interpretations (focused exclusively on the issue of young people not having sex, for some reason):

“Virgin excuses.”

“Isn’t that when you most want it?”

“They should be at it like monkeys at that age. Japan is done for.”

“So let us have the women your age if you don’t want them. Make it legal already.”

“But aren’t the virginity rates of high schoolers still lower than ever?”

“Women are filthy inside and out, so it’s no surprise.”

“It’s a hassle dating people. Onanism is easy.”

“I heard they were all doing it at that age. I guess only the girls are getting any action then…”

“They arrest people for doing it with 16 and 17-year-olds, yet these idiots are saying we face a catastrophic decline in birth rates?”

“Even a plain girl looks enticing at 18. If you arrest everyone older who has sex with them it’s not really surprising you get ruined birth rates.”

“If you continuously hammer elementary schoolers and up with horror tales of abortions, STDs and AIDS, it’s obvious they will view sex with revulsion when they mature.”

“I think the real issue is that the ideal partners both men and women seek have been continuously getting more and more unrealistic as the years progress.”

“Banning sex from TV and putting mosaics on everything can’t have helped.”

“Now they can get uncensored porn off the Internet, so who needs the real thing.”

“I’ve done 3 girls as a 19-year-old student. But it’s such a hassle. You old guys can have my sex quota.”

“A lot of young people are overly fastidious when it comes to personal cleanliness. You should just dump those ideas and let nature take its course.”

“Having a shower before sex, another one after. It’s too much hassle.”

“Blame the Bubble generation. Watching your parents greedily cheating and whoring is anough to put anyone off sex.”

“It’s not about people not wanting sex. Everyone wants it. It’s that to get to have sex, the amount of effort and money required have become insane.”

“There are too many good eroge these days.”

“It’s all a lie, they are just embarrassed.”

“If you watch an AV you really wouldn’t want to do it.”

“What do you expect, if you arrest every guy who has sex with a girl.”

“If ero is bad and sex is viewed as wicked, as they increasingly seem to be, it’s no surprise you see lowered interest in them.”

“Onaholes feel too good. It feels better doing one of them whilst being embraced by a woman than it does actually doing the woman, seriously!”

“2D + onahole > 3D sex. Hurry up and make a machine so we can have sex with 2D girls.”

That last comment gave me a chuckle. Though it is quite true that Japan’s repressed sex is never good for the mind and body.

Let’s see what the rest of the world is up to.

Aung San Suu Kyi Optimistic About Clinton’s Burma Visit

VOA News

Burma’s pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, says she is optimistic that a landmark visit by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will advance reforms in the country.

Speaking via video conference from Burma Wednesday, Aung San Suu Kyi told a Washington research institution, the Council on Foreign Relations, she supports the United States’ efforts to engage more with the Burmese government.

“I think the United States has got it just right. Because although of course we discuss many things very often, they also engage with other groups in Burma.  I am not the only democratic opposition party member with whom they discuss matters, the issue of engagement with the government.  And, I think the government is quite comfortable with the close link that I have with the United States because they understand that I do not wish to use our friendly relation to the United States to in any way hurt the situation in Burma,” she said.

Aung San Suu Kyi says, however, that she has not changed her mind on economic and political sanctions placed on the country.

“The United States has made it quite clear what they expect the government of Burma to do, if sanctions are to be lifted and we certainly support this.  We have always said that the best way to get sanctions lifted in Burma is to meet the conditions that were set by the Congress when sanctions were imposed, for example: the release of political prisoners, negotiations with democratic opposition, humanitarian access to conflict areas and so on.  So, if these conditions are met, then the time will certainly have come for sanctions to be relaxed,” she said.

Aung San Suu Kyi says she plans to run in upcoming by-elections for the country’s new Senate.  Aung San Suu Kyi’s National Democratic Party boycotted elections last year because of a law that prevented her from competing.  The government recently repealed that law.

“I know that the majority of the people are very pleased that the NLD (National League for Democracy) has decided to re-register simply because that now they feel they have a party for whom they can vote.  It’s that simple, it’s all that.  But still, it’s very good they have this eagerness to support us.  We have to get closer to the people again.  Over the last two decades although we were officially a legal political party, we were never allowed to operate as one.  There were so many restrictions on our work,” she said.

Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD party won a landslide victory in Burma’s 1990 general election.  However, she was under house arrest by the time the elections took place.  Burma’s then-military government ignored the election results and placed her under a lengthy house arrest.  She has spent 15 of the past 22 years in some form of detention.

Aung San Suu Kyi will meet with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Thursday in the main commercial city of Rangoon.

Isn’t Burma that one small as fuck country that no one cares about? Reminds me of Poland tbh…hmm let me google that…

So apparently it’s SE Asia.

Ok, so it’s not small ass country but it’s not all that big either. Anyway Britain said they had something they wanted to talk to us about.

Britain orders Iran’s diplomats out of UK

LONDON (AP) – Britain ordered all Iranian diplomats out of the U.K. within 48 hours and shuttered its ransacked embassy in Tehran on Wednesday, in a significant escalation of tensions between Iran and the West.

Iranian protesters enter the British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, which led to the expulsion of Iranian diplomats from the U.K.

Iranian protesters enter the British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, which led to the expulsion of Iranian diplomats from the U.K.

By Vahid Salemi, AP

Iranian protesters enter the British embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, which led to the expulsion of Iranian diplomats from the U.K.

The ouster of the entire Iranian diplomatic corps deepens Iran’s international isolation amid growing suspicions over its nuclear program. At least four other European countries also moved to reduce diplomatic contacts with Iran.

The British measures were announced by Foreign Secretary William Hague, who said Britain had withdrawn its entire diplomatic staff after angry mobs stormed the British Embassy compound and a diplomatic residence in Tehran, hauling down Union Jack flags, torching a vehicle and tossing looted documents through windows.

The hours-long assault Tuesday was reminiscent of the chaotic seizure of the U.S. Embassy in 1979. Protesters replaced the British flag with a banner in the name of a 7th-century Shiite saint, Imam Hussein, and one looter showed off a picture of Queen Elizabeth II apparently taken off a wall.

“The idea that the Iranian authorities could not have protected our embassy or that this assault could have taken place without some degree of regime consent is fanciful,” Hague told lawmakers in the House of Commons.

The diplomatic fallout from the attack quickly spread to other Western countries with embassies in Iran. Norway announced it was temporarily closing its embassy as a precaution, and Germany, France and the Netherlands all recalled their ambassadors for consultations. Italy said it was considering such a recall.

Iran currently has 18 diplomats in Britain. About 24 British Embassy staff and dependents were based in Tehran.

The White House condemned the attacks and spokesman Josh Earnest said the U.S. backed Britain’s ejection of Iranian diplomats.

European Union foreign ministers were to meet Thursday to consider possible new sanctions against Tehran.

France’s budget minister, Valerie Pecresse, said the EU should consider a total embargo on Iranian oil or a freeze on Iranian central bank holdings. British officials said the U.K. would likely support new measures against Iran’s energy sector.

Hague claimed those involved in Tuesday’s attack were members of a student group allied with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard‘s paramilitary Basij organization, which recruits heavily on university campuses.

“We should be clear from the outset that this is an organization controlled by elements of the Iranian regime,” he said.

Hague told Parliament the private quarters of staff and Britain’s ambassador were trashed in the attack and that diplomats’ personal possessions were stolen.

“This is a breach of international responsibilities of which any nation should be ashamed,” he said.

Some were alarmed by Hague’s tough tone. David Miliband, Britain’s former foreign secretary, said he hoped the robust words would not become “part of the very unwelcome drumbeat of war.”

Iran’s government has publicly expressed regret about the “unacceptable behavior” of the protesters, whose attacks began after anti-British demonstrations apparently authorized by authorities.

However, regime hard-liners have spoken out in support of the protesters, reflecting the deepening power struggle over which direction Iran might take in the future.

Mohammad Mohammadian, a representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, praised the attackers, saying they had targeted the “epicenter of sedition.”

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the “wrath of (the protesters) resulted from several decades of domination-seeking behavior of Britain.”

The expulsion of Iran’s diplomats and the withdrawal of Britain’s officials from Tehran intensifies a rift that had deepened dramatically in the past week after Britain joined the United States and European Union in imposing new economic sanctions on Iran. The punitive measures followed a U.N. report offering new evidence suggesting Iran may be developing nuclear weapons.

On Sunday, Iran’s parliament approved a bill to downgrade relations with Britain in retaliation.

The U.S. and many allies fear that Iran’s nuclear program could eventually lead to nuclear weapons. Tehran insists it only seeks reactors for energy and fuel, but will not give up the technology to make its own nuclear fuel.

Tensions between Iran and the West were heightened in October when U.S. officials accused agents linked to Iran’s Quds Force — an elite wing of the powerful Revolutionary Guard— of a role in an alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.

Britain previously ordered Iran to remove its diplomats in 1989, when the two nations broke off ties over a fatwa, or religious edict, ordering Muslims to kill British author Salman Rushdie because his novel “The Satanic Verses” allegedly insulted Islam.

Iran’s tensions with Britain date back to the 19th century, when the Persian monarchy gave huge industrial concessions to London, which later included significant control over Iran’s oil industry. In 1953, Britain and the U.S. helped organize a coup that overthrew a nationalist prime minister and restored the pro-Western shah to power.

More recently, Iran was angered by Britain’s decision to honor Rushdie with a knighthood in 2007, and over its involvement in Western scrutiny of Iran’s nuclear program.

In March 2007, Iran detained 15 British sailors and marines for allegedly entering the country’s territorial waters in the Gulf — a claim Britain denies. The 15 were released after nearly two weeks in captivity.

Oh those silly brits and their problems with the rest of the world. As for tension in the US, well, let’s just say that Herman Cain has been dishing some crazy shit out. You guys can look at this but I’m not going to post on it for 2 reasons.

  1. The election is almost 100% drama-laden
  2. Reporting on an election in a country full of Rednecked voters is pretty dumb in my opinion.

And with that, our show comes to an end. I will see you all next time; Here is your moment of zen.