Hey everybody, today’s the first day of December, and December means Christmas presents. For the young, the old, and the dying Americans. It’s come to my attention that a few of you idiots out there are doing some dumb shit to our nation like making PIZZA A VEGETABLE!! What kind of ludicrous idiots do these sorts of things and how the fuck do we allow them to stay in congress? That said, let’s open today’s featured article with this. Take it away, Tracy.

Dog shoots hunter in the buttocks

Aaron Vaughn, Web Producer FOX 13 News

Excitement turned to pain after a man suddenly received a shotgun blast to the buttocks while bird hunting with several companions Sunday.

Piper the yellow labrador was the triggerdog behind the blast the sent his 46-year-old hunting companion to the hospital. Somehow, caught up in the excitement of the hunt, Piper set off the shotgun that struck Brigham City native Robert Cottingham in the lower back and buttocks.

Box Elder County Sherriff’s Chief Deputy Kevin Potter says that Cottingham was hunting with his son and brother-in-law at the north end of the Great Salt Lake near a bird refuge sometime before noon. While the hunting crew was retrieving a wounded duck from the water, a 12-gauge shotgun was left resting inside the hunting boat they were using.

Cottingham says that the dog was in a marshy area of the lake and jumped into the boat hitting the 12-gauge in such a way that it discharged and shot him from about 6 feet. Cottingham says that some of the blast was absorbed by a duck decoy onboard and that decoy may have saved his life.

A medical helicopter was called initially, but canceled after Cottingham was treated by medics at the scene. He was taken to the hospital where 27 birdshot pellets were removed from his backside, yet several pellets could not be taken out.

Cottingham is expected to make a full recovery.

Cottingham says that he is normally very aware when it comes to gun safety and, as a take away lesson from this, to never become complacent with a loaded weapon and of course to always use the firearm’s safety.

Yes folks, you read that right. A dog shot his master. In the ass. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t stop laughing after I read this. I actually started to choke on my iced tea. Yeah. It’s good that he lived and that they got… most of the birdshot pellets out. Wonder if that’s going to hurt later in life? And if they’ll set off metal detectors. That’d be hilarious. Anyway, I’ll hand it back over to Grass~

Thanks Tracy, that was pretty hilarious. Probably deserves fail of the fucking day if you ask me. Wow, that is some epic shit; Right let’s hit up Asia.

A figurine and a doll are up first.

Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure

Author: Leon

Fate/Extra‘s Saber has been made into a splendid and highly detailed figure by Gift, set for a May 2012 release, and looking as if it may well become one of the essentials for any self-respecting Saber fan.

Homura Akemi Doll

Author: Leon

Madoka fans unsatisfied with their Homura figures have an opportunity to level up to full doll fanciers with this new 26cm Homura doll by Azone, accompanied by Kyubey and due in April, 2012.

Next up is something new from the Kiss X Sis OVA. I’m going to give the NSFW warning here so don’t say I didn’t warn you

Kiss×sis Nude Examination OVA

Author: Leon

Kiss×sis returns with its 6th OVA, managing once again to place the girls into every conceivable service situation the setting allows, which sees Ako trying (almost, thankfully) everything possible to reduce her weight…

Here’s something for the fujoshi of Japan. It seems Japan is just as intolerant of people as the US is. So, my theory that Japan is just America Two but with more sex and women isn’t a terribly false theory. Yes, Japan and America are racist countries; it’s been this way for god knows how long.

“9 Ways You Got Exposed As An Otaku To A Guy”

Author: Artefact

Female otaku have been sharing some of the ways they have apparently been exposed as otaku to surrounding commoner males, with predictably disastrous results for their social standing.

The passage in question:

1. A guy said ‘how old is Luffy anyway?’ and I immediately replied ’17′

“He was like ‘why’d you know that!?’” – twenty-something female

2. I accidentally called a cameraman a “cameko”

“That’s what we call camera types at cosplay shooting events” – twenty-something female

3. I slipped net slang into everyday conversation, saying ‘that’s a flag that it’s going to rain tomorrow’

“It really exposed me as a user of a certain huge BBS…” – twenty-something female

4. I compared drinking an energy drink to using a potion…

“I love Final Fantasy so I kind of thought of potions” – twenty-something female

5. At karaoke, the only songs I could sing were all anime-related

“I didn’t know a thing about J-Pop!” – teenage girl

6. I was rumbled as a groupie after my repeated mysterious trips were discovered to coincide with a band’s appearances

“I just want to go to every single one of this band’s appearances” – twenty-something female

7. I was busted looking at a picture of an idol on my phone

“I was apparently dreamily grinning at the picture…” – teenage girl

8. I was found out as a cosplayer after it emerged how good I was with a sewing machine in class

“‘Why are you so skilled?’ they asked with surprise. I couldn’t conceal it.” – teenage girl

9. I was unable to conceal my excitement when my favourite idol appeared in a drama

“Before I knew it I was talking excitedly about him…” – twenty-something female

There is some sympathy online, not that this is of much consolation where otaku-despising 3D friends are concerned:

“Who cares, if it’s cute!”

“There are no female otaku.”

“Apart from Johnnies otaku and band groupies it’s all good. But not those two.”

“Would anyone really be bothered about someone reading One Piece?”

“You aren’t an otaku just because you know One Piece…”

“Female otaku appeal is annoying.”

“2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 aren’t even otaku, they are just creepy Nicotards and Vippers.”

“I only go for Akiba maids so I don’t even see these as abnormal.”

“I went to my girlfriend’s room and I saw Raoh on his steed. I want to die.”

“I went out with my girlfriend and one of her friends. They were busted when they greeted each other as ‘onushi’.”

“I bumped into my elder brother in the genkan and my eroge dropped out of its DVD case…”

“I bet 2/3rds of this was just made up by whoever wrote this. It’s even more annoying than if they had made up all of it.”

“Lightweights. No otaku would know Luffy’s birthday.”

“Only 8 and 9 are plausible. I dated a cosplayer and she showed no sign of 1-7.”

“If being an otaku is so bad, give it up already!”

Now before we hit up Europe and the Middle Finger I’m gonna show this story to you guys with BestBuy trolling the GameStops in the U.S.

This GameStop Trolling Brought to You By Best Buy

There are certain disadvantages to locating your game-centric retail store next to a big box electronics outfit, as this lovely Best Buy sign so aptly demonstrates. It’s enough to make a guy trade in all his games for a refrigerator.

It’s also a bad idea to have your corporate logo rendered in an easily accessible font like Impact MT, making it all too easy for the competition to create mocking signage that draws your customers’ eyes away from your storefront.

Come on, brave little GameStop. Don’t let Best Buy push you around. Get your hands on some Futura Bold Extra Condensed and poke fun at Best Buy’s disorganized Blu-ray aisle and its $5,000 HDMI cables.


And now the rest of the blog post…


Daily Show clip that gave me quite a bit of a laugh was posted on Facebook earlier today.


I’m pretty sure Egypt’s not doing it right.


Since we’re on the subject of Egypt…

Egypt must wait longer for landmark poll results

By Marwa Awad and Tamim Elyan

(Reuters) – Egypt’s ruling military painted a dire picture of the economy on Thursday as election officials delayed releasing results of a landmark parliamentary poll that Islamist parties looked set to win, saying votes were still being counted.

They said first-round results would be declared on Friday, a day when youthful protesters demanding an immediate end to army rule have called a rally in Cairo’s Tahrir Square to remember the 42 people killed in clashes with riot police last month.

Egyptians voting freely for the first time since army officers ousted the king in 1952 seem willing to give Islamists a chance. “We tried everyone, why not try Sharia (Islamic law) once?” asked Ramadan Abdel Fattah, 48, a bearded civil servant.

Islamist success at the polls in Egypt, the most populous Arab nation, would reinforce a trend in North Africa, where moderate Islamists now lead governments in Morocco and post-uprising Tunisia after election wins in the last two months.

Parliament, whose exact makeup will be clear only after Egypt’s staggered voting process ends in January, may challenge the power of the generals who took over in February after a popular uprising toppled Hosni Mubarak, an ex-air force chief.

The army council, under growing pressure to make way for civilian rule, has said it will keep powers to pick or fire a cabinet. But the head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s party said this week the majority in parliament should form a government.

The poll results had been expected on Thursday, but some constituencies had not completed their counts.

In an alarming revelation, an army official said foreign reserves would plunge to $15 billion by the end of January, down from the $22 billion reported by the central bank in October.

Mahmoud Nasr, financial assistant to army chief Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, told a news briefing that a widening budget deficit might force a review of costly subsidies, especially on petrol, to save money.

The economic crunch has forced the Egyptian pound to its lowest level in nearly seven years after tourism and foreign investment collapsed in the turmoil since Mubarak’s overthrow.

The world is closely watching the election, keen for stability in Egypt, which has a peace treaty with Israel, owns the Suez Canal linking Europe and Asia, and which in Mubarak’s time was an ally in countering Islamist militants in the region.

Washington and its European allies have urged the generals to step aside swiftly and make way for civilian rule.


Western powers are coming to accept that the advent of democracy in the Arab world may bring Islamists to power, but they also worry that Islamist rule in Egypt might erode social freedoms and threaten Cairo’s 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s oldest Islamist group, says its new Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is set to win about 40 percent of seats allocated to party lists in this week’s vote, which passed off peacefully, albeit with many irregularities.

FJP officials say the party also leads the race for individual seats that make up a third of the total in the poll.

Al-Nour Party, one of several newly formed ultra-conservative Salafi Islamist groups, said on Thursday that it expects to pick up 20 percent of assembly seats overall.

“In light of the media campaign against us, we believe our results are largely acceptable,” said Youssry Hamad, Nour’s spokesman. “We are doing as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The liberal multi-party Egyptian Bloc has said it is on track to secure about a fifth of votes for party lists.

“For the first time in Egypt we don’t see a political intention by the state to forge the elections,” said Magdy Abdel Halim, coordinator of an EU-backed group of election monitors.

He said the infractions observed did not affect the legitimacy of a vote held in a “reasonably fair atmosphere.”

Egypt’s April 6 youth movement, a prime mover in the revolt against Mubarak, said an Islamist win should not cause concern.

“No one should worry about the victory of one list or political current. This is democracy and this great nation will not allow anyone to exploit it again,” its Facebook page said.

If the FJP and Nour secure the number of seats they expect, they could combine to form a solid majority bloc, although it is far from certain the Brotherhood would want such an alliance.

Senior FJP official Essam el-Erian said before the vote that

Salafis, who had kept a low profile and shunned politics during Mubarak’s 30-year rule, would be “a burden for any coalition.”

The FJP might seek other partners, such as the liberal Wafd or the moderate Islamist Wasat Party, set up by ex-Brotherhood members in 1996, although only licensed after Mubarak’s fall.

Nour Party spokesman Hamad said solving Egypt’s problems might be beyond one party. “We believe a coalition government that comprises all political streams is the best option. The burden is too much after all these years of corruption.”


Some Egyptians fear the Muslim Brotherhood might try to impose Islamic curbs on a tourism-dependent country whose 80 million people include a 10 percent Coptic Christian minority.

Ali Khafagi, the leader of the FJP’s youth committee, said the Brotherhood’s goal was to end corruption and revive the economy. Only a “mad group” would try to ban alcohol or force women to wear headscarves, he said.

The priority of the Brotherhood, which gained trust by aiding the poor under Mubarak, is likely to be economic growth to ease poverty and convince voters they are fit to govern.

Essam Sharaf’s outgoing government quit during protests against army rule last month in which 42 people were killed, most near Cairo’s Tahrir Square, hub of the anti-Mubarak revolt.

Kamal al-Ganzouri, asked by the army to form a “national salvation government,” aims to complete the task in the next day or two, but acknowledged on Wednesday that five presidential candidates had turned down invitations to join his cabinet.

Protesters who returned to Tahrir last month, angered by the military’s apparent reluctance to cede power, say the generals should step aside now, instead of appointing a man of the past like Ganzouri, 78, who was a premier for Mubarak in the 1990s.

Mohamed Taha, 46, an accountant who supports the liberal Egyptian Bloc, said the election showed that young activists had failed to present a viable program. “Their revolution was stolen and they are stuck searching for who stole it,” he said.

You know, I think the middle east’s biggest problem is that they can’t accept each others gods, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why that is. I guess if you live in the middle of the fucking desert you’re gonna have to believe in god or some form of being if you want to survive, but I never understood why people fight over religion or make it a taboo subject. I guess religion is like a toy to these people, when one kid isn’t happy about someone making fun of his “toy” or saying Ala doesn’t exist or something, well shit’s going down.

It’s been a while since we checked up on Palin-san who is clearly none the wiser as is her supporters.

Palin fans urge her to get into 2012 race


CHICAGO — Fans of conservative darling Sarah Palin urged the former Alaska governor to jump into the race for the White House Wednesday, running a small ad on a local station in the key electoral state of Iowa.

The ad comes as the Republican field remains unsettled just over a month before the Iowa caucuses, the first nominating event to pick a candidate to challenge Democrat President Barack Obama in the November 2012 elections.

Palin rocketed onto the national stage after being tapped as Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

She has long flirted with a potential White House bid, but has missed the filing date to get onto the ballot in several early-nominating states.

Supporters at Conservatives 4 Palin are hoping that won’t stop her from tossing her hat into the ring, despite her October 5 announcement that she will be “more effective” on the sidelines.

The ad, dubbed “The Challenge,” ends with a crowd chanting “Run Sarah Run” after Palin speaks of the need for “sudden and relentless reform” to “return power to we the people.”

It will run this week in Sioux City, Iowa at a cost of $6,500 the group said.

I’m sorry wut? The words “conservative darling” do not describe you sweety. You are an idiot and if you make it to the 2012 election then oh balls are we fucked. Yes ladies and gents if Palin makes it to the elections and she gets the support she needs, we are fucked.


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