Now I’ve said I’ve hated Skyrim before because butt-hurt Americans couldn’t take the fact that someone out there hates their precious game. But before I start tard-raging on Skyrim let me drop this off for you guys.



I absolutely loved it despite my passion for hating American ideals and their poor gaming decisions. Now I’ve never been against a perfectly good RPG but let me make this clear to you people, Skyrim is super-hyped and it’s only because so many people loved how things have changed since Oblivion. Now I’m okay with this because these people who love the game have made a good decision and I say this with good intentions but I’m sorry, sandbox RPGs just don’t hold my attention. Now you’re probably saying ‘wait a minute, you play Minecraft. Isn’t that technically a sandbox RPG since you can enchant and level and improve your weaponry and armor?’ And I’d say, yes, it is to a degree but Minecraft has always been a building game; Has been and will continue to be one, whether you like to admit it or not. Now don’t get me wrong, this rant isn’t about how I hate RPGs and how their game scripting works; I have complaints on Minecraft just as I have complaints about Skyrim.
Let’s start off with a few things I like about Skyrim:

  • It’s beautifully made and the textures look nice for a current gen RPG.
  • You can wield magic/magicka with one hand and melee with the other which is a mechanic that only one other game franchise has made use of.
  • Tons of side-quests means you’ll never truly be bored in the sandbox world.
  • Tons of things to pick up and I mean this literally.
  • Dragons. Nuff said.

Now some cons about this game:

  • It’s a WRPG which means you get your set of generic looking characters from beast men to warriors and archers and mages. It’s stereotypical WoW as far as character design is concerned.
  • It’s a sandbox, which means although your limitations are few, it’s boring being in a sandbox; Just look at GTA.
  • Magic in one hand and sword in the other: where have I seen this before oh right, Bioshock!
  • Medieval ages and dragons are only interesting to a certain point then it becomes monotonous.
  • WoW did it first, WoW did it better.
  • Skyrim has no PvP to speak of. If this is a single player game, that wouldn’t be a problem, but would it not be better to have a community in-game?
  • It’s on 360…nuff said

There you have it, my pros and cons of Skyrim. I’m aware of the PS3 port but just so you know the PC version is still ultimately superior since the game was made for PC; Same with Portal and Portal 2.