Hello! My name is Akikomi ,if you didn’t know already. Today I will be reviewing some games that i thought were intresting. The games that I will be reviewing are…

1. NUNS (Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm)
2. Bleach: Soul Resurreccion
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm

In this particular naruto game, you start off, after the intro, in the center of konohagakure. You are able to rome around the entire village. After wandering about, you may think, “what do i do now?”. Well thats the thing, it doesn’t really tell you. The fact that this game had no instructions at all on where to go or what to do at all was a big minus. What you have to do is go the the pause menu, select missions, and go all the way to the back and do the missions that were there. The first mission in the story line arc section of the missions page, was the intro. If you click on it, you redo the intro. I have no idea why that was put there because the into isn’t really a mission. The second one was an actualy mission. In the second one, you had to fight Hatake Kakashi. After the you beat him, well, you had to do the same thing again in the next mission. But this time in the third mission, you could call apon Haruno Sakura or Uchiha Sasuke as a suport, and it was a requirement to use them. But even before you could do mission three, you had to go do a sub mission to get more “Mission points”. “Mission points” allowed you to access more storyline missions. Most of these sub missions were either countinuous fighting, climbing a rather large tree while being hit in the face by branches, or jumping along trees to see how fast you can go while being hit in the face by branches. Overall this game was a bucket of repitition and frankly it was not that good. the fighting was good but only after achieving new jutsus for your characters. Achieving new jutsus was done by either progressing in the story line which took an enormous amount of time. It took me atleast 4 hours spread out along a few days just to earn Naruto the rasengan.
Bleach:Soul Resurreccion

In this bleach game, there was no player versus player, which was something new for a change. Unlike most of their other games it had good graphics. In it you could be most of the characters. You could be…
Kurosaki Ichigo
Kuchki Rukia
Abarai Renji
Rangiku Motsumoto
A few Arancars
All the Thirteen court gaurd squad captains-(including Aizen and Gin)
And from the fourth movie (skullclad) Kokuto
( i might be missing a few)
Most the people I liked were in there. You could be any of them from the start of the game. However in story mode, you could only be the asigned character. The story mode was challenging at first because your characters are weak. But each mission you complete gets you “soul points”. The “soul points” are points that each character earns after playing a mission with that particular character. Once you got enough points you could upgrade your character to make them stronger. However, you could not just farm with one character, to unlock new abilitys, you would have to level a seperate character up to a certain level. There was a boss at the end of each stage which was exciting because after you just wiped out a bunch of mobs, you got to fight someone who could give you a challenge. This game would have been better if it had player versus player but it didn’t. It was still a good game overall. But once you get everyone up to max level, the only thing to do is to redo everything which can get boring because nothing new happens. So after you beat everything the game isn’t fun anymore.

Next time!
I will be reviewing some of my favorite games tommorrow! I hope you enjoyed my reviews.
Tomorrow’s games

1.Metal Gear Solid
2.NSUNS2 (Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2)
3.Dead rising 1