The end is nigh, at least that’s what the fortune teller has foretold of the year 2012. But as adversity dawns upon us, we shall persevere and persevere we shall into a bold new dead earth where poles make no sense anymore. I’m going to draw out the first few weeks slowly, to begin licking off the new year like a lollipop that I will suck on for 300 days,  by posting small news and small posts. Probably some news, and some non-news. You guys are probably wondering why I’m doing this, well for starters, I’m kind of stuck in weekend mode at the moment and probably will be at least for this first week of January so don’t expect too much. But by the next week I should be in full gear and posting much longer posts and better news articles worth reading. However, until that time comes you’ll just have to settle for small posts.

Anyway, let’s start off today’s slow day with my story from deviant art that I’m planning to make into a game. I’ve talked this story over with Ryan last night while we were catching up with stuff and looking over a few things regarding upcoming games we’ll be making. But I wanted to take this shittily written story I had started in high school to a brand new level and make it into a game I myself would enjoy playing as well as many others. We went over a few things like design and how things came to be in the universe. What I saw was complete trash, Ryan saw potential, so it’s highly likely this will be our first game. I mean, people have to start somewhere and frankly I’m thinking this is a good spot. Anyway, I liked the lore and the settings of the game I just didn’t like how it turned out in certain areas (or rather like a good 60% of it). I told him how I noticed that story-wise it was very light/dark kind of game and he and I both agreed it was extremely cliched so I told him I’ve considered tweaking certain things and changing a few names of people inside the storyline. I remember in the first parts of the series when I went to go make the character I based a lot of it from games I’ve played like Starcraft, Halo, generic anime sequences, etc.

And my plan for the most part was to basically create a Tales-esque action RPG style game where the player would be given a limited confined pattern of movement and they’d have to follow thru the so-called pipe maze of game linearity to reach a specified goal. There’s one good thing about linearity in games and that it’s been the norm since about 1986 when Super Mario first hit shelves in the US. Simple goal, get thru game by going around and killing enemies, 2 power ups and your wit is all you had. It was simple and yet so great as far as game play was concerned and how things panned out. The game had warp paths which the player could take if they knew where it was. All in all Super Mario Bros. basically panned out how a game was supposed to be played back in the day: linearity, secrets, and an ultimate game-ending goal. I want to say that it’s that sort of thing we are missing in the current day and age.

I have nothing against sandbox games, but maybe I’m old fashioned when I think how much more effort it is to program something like a sandbox game like GTA or Assassin’s Creed and although that leads into the MMO-esque side-quest path. That just gives the player too much to do and if you’ve got a small attention span like most people with ADD or ADHD you’re probably not going to enjoy having so much at your disposal. And even if you don’t have ADHD, you’ve probably built up this annoying habit to look for secrets cause you realize sometimes you won’t be able to go back for it and get it, and realize later it’s completely unnecessary because they respawn later or you can go back to it with a different power up or ability.

Anyway, enough dev talk. I’ll see you guys later in another post.

Good night everybody.