So it seems certain sites like wiki have shut down for 24 hours in protest of SOPA. Nothing good has ever come out of the act of protesting, it just harms the people and aggravates others. Wiki shuts down so people can imagine a world without free knowledge, Google censors their logo, and Celestia Radio is shut down for 24 hours so there’s no pony radio. I’m just glad something like hasn’t shut down or we’d all be in deep shit cause then broadcasters would have to stop their casts and go masturbate or something. But I’m being honest here, and however much this internet strike is aggravating people and stopping us from enjoying our entertainment, we as a people still need to stand up to the tyranny of our government and bring back free speech. We all know what’s right and what the government is taking away from us and how we cling to our values. Yes folks, we cling to our values because we want freedom. Freedom from tyranny, freedom from oppression, cause after all if we don’t have freedom what’s the point of living. America the once free country will become New North Korea and shit will just hit the fan. NDAA and SOPA will make our lives a living hell and here we are in the FIRST month of January and shit has already hit the fan. We don’t need a natural disaster of some giant magnitude to climate change to fuck us in 2012, we’re fucking ourselves in the ass WAY before the planet will do it.

I already foretold that 2012 will be a hellish year and the first month of the year has already proven it. It will only get worse this point on and I guarantee you, you won’t like one bit. I’ve forewarned about how things in this world will be far worse than any natural disaster in this world and I’m sure there are a few skeptics out there who didn’t believe me in 2011 about the end of the world by the hands of the people and not by natural disasters. 2011 was a terrible year for governments and politics and it can only get worse because NDAA has already passed and now we’re dealing with SOPA. I’m sure I could write a book about how the United States becomes a prison country like North Korea and the adventures of the resistance of the public. I’m sure people would love it and eat it up quickly. Cause not only is it legitimately a close possible future of the United States, it’s a great work of fiction for the public. And I believe if anyone wants to see said stories I will probably be starting to write a few on Deviant Art just to get the public going at which point I may or may not continue. But folks it’s come to the end of the post now and I would like to bid you all a farewell until next time.
This is Grass signing out.