Welcome to Monday indeed, today is the 6th of February, 2012. Month 2 of the catastrophic year for the world. But as I have foretold, it is not the Mayans we need to worry about but rather the way economics and politics have been lately. I went out to lunch today and saw people’s stickers on their vehicles about voting for Ron Paul. Ron Paul is old, the mofo looks like this:

He’s old. We have enough old farts running the United States as it is, this isn’t Japan, stop voting in old farts into the fucking White House. I don’t give 2 shits if he can bring our troops home; Obama already did that. The war’s over and done with; What is it with you Americans and fucking wars. It’s like you’re all war addicts, seriously. People always say war is a bad thing, well if war is such a bad thing why does America revel in the fact we make wars with people. You guys ever heard of that song by The Beatles called ‘Piggies’?



Hey look guys it’s a song about Americans! Rich, white, racist pigs. Yeah, boys and girls, we live in a world where the rich white men control everything and as Carlin said before, you have no freedoms, it’s all an illusion. Welcome to America boys and girls and here is where we will stay. Now you’re probably wondering why a Monday intro is this long or this rant-y, the truth is when I see posters or stickers of vote Ron Paul and any Republicans, my debate radar goes off and I just want to tell people to stop voting for asshats. Last time we let a Rep into the seat of the white house he lost not only the game, but accidentally’d the whole economy for 2 whole terms. We let Ron Paul in office and we’ll be back in the 30s with a depression. All joking aside though, I don’t think any of the Reps are worth voting for, in fact I’d rather vote in someone like George Cloony or Schwarzeneggar for prez than some 2-bit worthless Republican.


Anyway let me turn off my rant-o-meter and give you guys some goddamn news.


Bill Requires NJ Teens Stay in School Until 18

New Jersey teenagers would have to stay in school until they’re 18 under a bill going before a state Senate committee.

State law requires those between 6 and 16 to regularly attend school. But several states have sought to raise the age limit in recent years to reduce the drop-out rate.

Mandatory school attendance laws vary from state to state, generally starting at age 5, 6 or 7 and ending between 16 and 18. Some allow students to leave school – with consent of a parent or principal – before they reach the state’s required age

New Jersey has one of the highest graduation rates in the country, with about 87 percent of high school students receiving diplomas.

The bill will be heard Monday in the Senate Education Committee.


I’m sorry, what did you say? I can’t leave school even though I graduated? Ah, that’s right more old people making dumb decisions, of course, now we know who to blame.

Onlookers ‘filmed on mobile phones’ as Roma mum Jane Sheahan swept away in floodwaters


A FATHER is disgusted that dozens of men stood and watched, some filming on their phones, as Roma mum Jane Sheahan was swept to her death in raging floodwaters.

Blair Humphries ran to help five other locals as they saw Ms Sheahan and her son Darcy trying to escape the fast-rising torrent that swept their car off the road in Roma on Friday.

Mr Humphries said dozens stood and watched, but none tried to help out as Viv White, Ricky Schefe, Adam Finch, Leigh Hadwin and Angus Anderson heorically went to the Sheahans’ aid.

Some, he said, had even tried to film the desperate situation on their mobile phones instead.

Mr Humphries said the details of the incident were a blur but while Mr Schefe and Mr Anderson tried to reach the stranded pair with a ski rope, Mr Anderson wedged himself against a power pole further downstream in a desperate attempt to grab them if they were swept past and Mr White, also known as “Stretch”, entered the water.

He said the mum and her son were outside the car when he arrived but were being pulled apart by the water.

Mr Humphries said the men passed him Darcy, who he held in his arms, desperately asking how many people had been in the vehicle.

He said he knew Darcy because he was in his daughter Danika’s class at school.

Mrs Sheahan, despite the men’s efforts, was swept away before she could be saved.

Her body was found nearby on Sunday.

Mr Humphries said he had only done what he expected others would do in the same situation.

But he was critical of the onlookers who had not tried to help, especially those who reached for their mobile phones instead of the mum and child who needed their help.

Mr Humphries and his wife, Carmen, were yesterday trying to mop out the flooded Roma home they share with daughters Alex, 9, and Danika, 8, and twin sons Jack and Karl, 6.

They said they community was pulling together to get over the flood but were critical of the performance of some imported SES bosses.

Mrs Humphries said the family had been trying to escape across rapidly rising Bungil Creek with a dozen other cars but were held up, inside the floodwaters, while SES volunteers stopped the lead vehicles to collect their personal details.

Mrs Humphries said it was only when they drove around the queue of cars, with water fast rising around their wheels, and told the SES the cars were in fast-flowing and rising floodwaters, that the cars were allowed to move forward.


Yes, let’s film the people in distress while these people scream for help. Please, America, continue this idiocy of yours.


Chopper makes emergency landing at CA playground

Associated Press

MODESTO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say a helicopter encountered mechanical problems before making an emergency landing at an elementary school playground in a Modesto, Calif., neighborhood.

Neighborhood resident Susanna Ballard tells The Modesto Bee (http://bit.ly/yDQbpa ) the helicopter was shaking badly as it flew over Sunday morning, and that she thought it was going to crash.

The aircraft had fueled at the Modesto Airport and managed to land safely in a grassy area at El Vista Elementary School after nearly hitting trees and a soccer goal. No one was injured.

Battalion Chief Hugo Patino says the two-seat helicopter made a hard landing following apparent mechanical failure.

The pilot, who didn’t give his full name, told the Bee the helicopter started having problems at 800 feet and he had no other safe place to land.


Oh and while chopper failure is the least of our worries, OG North Korea has started reverse engineering our drones.

Report: North Korea using old, US-made drones

(WARNING: this news is from Fox News, be warned some of the following may be lies and/or garbage)

PYONGYANG –  North Korea’s hard-line communist regime is using old US-made target drones to develop unmanned attack aircraft, South Korea intelligence sources said Sunday.

“North Korea recently bought several US MQM-107D Streakers from a Middle Eastern nation that appears to be Syria, and is developing unmanned attack aircraft based on them,” the South’s Yonhap news agency quoted an intelligence source as saying.

Its powerful military placed explosives on the drones in a number of tests, but was yet to master the technology, the report said.

The US drone flies at 40,000 feet and a maximum speed of 575 mph, and South Korea fears it could be used to target its troops stationed on islands near the tense border.

The MQM-107 Streaker series was developed in the late 1970s. Almost 700 MQM-107Ds were built for the US armed forces after its introduction in 1987. The Streaker drones have been sold to a number of allies in the Middle East and Asia.


I’m not sure if I should listen to Fox News, they have no respect whatsoever. But if this is true, then we may be fucked.

here’s your daily dose of Sankaku.


Ushijima Thrown Out of Taiwan Event for Not Wearing Skirt

Author: Artefact


Ero-cosplay queen Ushijima Iiniku has been thrown out of a Taiwan’s “Fantasy Frontier” event for serving as a booth girl whilst clad only in her pantsu after local media made a fuss and showed mosaiced pictures of her notoriously shapely rear on TV.

The fact that she took off her skirt for part of the even was not well received by the commoner media:



Rest can be seen via the title link, enjoy yourselves. I will see you next time for yet another piece of the world, right here on Grass’ World, where the world’s grass roots are exposed. Good night.