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So it seems recently  I’ve been having trouble sleeping due to me being restless. I partially blame ADD, but I also blame how active my mind is around 10 or 11 PM. Anyway, um, I’m probably going to try to post more often if I can remember. I got hooked on watching those Ancient Aliens documentaries  about how ancient astronauts came to Earth and did shit and how mankind has benefited from that, etc etc. I’m an open minded person so it’s okay for me to watch. Anyway, without further ado, let’s move onto the news today.


Atlanta weather | Northern suburbs could get dusting of snow

By Mike Morris

A winter weather advisory has been posted for Monday night for extreme north Georgia for as much as 1.5 inches of snow, while forecasters said up to a half-inch snow is possible in the northern suburbs of  Atlanta.

The rest of metro Atlanta will likely see mostly rain.

A spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation urged motorists to use caution overnight as the predicted wintry mix of precipitation moves into the mountain counties.

Teri Pope said DOT crews in 10 northeast Georgia counties — Banks, Dawson, Habersham, Lumpkin, Rabun, Stephens, Towns, Union and White — will be reporting to work at midnight, while crews in other north Georgia counties will be on call to report in if conditions warrant.

She said road crews would be “working to keep at least one passable lane in each direction open on state routes and two passable lanes in each direction on interstates.

Pope said that Ga. 180 Spur in Towns County was closed Saturday due to snow, and will remain closed until temperatures warm up later this week.

A portion of Ga. 348, also known as the Richard Russell Scenic Parkway, in Union and White counties “will close [Monday] afternoon before precipitation begins to prevent motorists from being caught in hazardous conditions,” Pope said late Monday afternoon.

She said that more than 120 electronic billboards will be used if needed to advise motorists of hazardous travel conditions.

“This is the first regional winter weather event since the State Transportation Board approved a memorandum of understanding with the Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia allowing for travel advisories to be posted on electronic billboards around the metro Atlanta region,” Pope said.

Channel 2 Action News meteorologist Karen Minton is predicting a 90 percent chance of precipitation for metro Atlanta early Tuesday, along with early morning temperatures in the mid-30s.

The winter weather advisory is in effect from midnight until noon on Tuesday for Dade, Walker, Catoosa, Whitfield, Murray, Fannin, Gilmer, Union, Towns, Chattooga, Pickens, Dawson, Lumkin, White, Rabun and Habersham counties.

Just south of those counties, the Weather Service said up to a half-inch of snow could accumulate across Bartow, Cherokee, Forsyth, Hall, Banks, Floyd and Polk counties.

All precipitation is expected to turn to all rain by Tuesday afternoon, when highs will climb into the upper 40s.

By Thursday, afternoon highs will climb to near 70 degrees, with overnight lows in the 50s.

Monday began on another frigid note, with temperatures before daybreak in the upper teens and mid-20s across metro Atlanta.

Those subfreezing temperatures led to an icy patch on Ga. 85 in Clayton County early Monday, when a pipe burst at a nearby business. The state Department of Transportation sent a crew to treat the icy patch, and the road reopened before the morning commute.

Censorship Bill Takes Aim at Teachers

Bill would force teachers to comply with FCC regulations

Tony Pomposelli

A newly proposed bill would force teachers to act within Federal Communication Commission standards if it passes.
The Arizona Republic reports SB 1467 establishes penalties for instructors who violate FCC standards in the classroom, ranging from suspension to termination. FCC regulations limit speech classified as indecent, obscene or profane.
The bill’s primary sponsor, Senator Lori Klein, said the bill came after constituents complained about teachers using inappropriate language in front of high school students. In its current form, the legislation would target any public classroom from preschool all the way up to community colleges and universities. Klein says she is still working on the bill, as the intent was never to include higher education in the bill. Additionally, changes might reduce the first violation from a mandatory one-week suspension to a warning.
Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs has signed on to the bill, saying that the bill is not violating free speech standards. He cites U.S. Supreme Court allowances on reasonable speech restriction based on “time, place or manner.” But Senate Minority Leader David Schapira says that while the concern is understood, the proposed solution isn’t. Schapira also says teachers shouldn’t be using the kinds of words that the bill targets in classrooms and that school districts should be implementing the policies.
The bill has not been scheduled for a hearing yet.
Next up, a story about a guy who kills himself after seeing her girl drown.
(story given to me, by Tracy via facebook)

BRIDGEPORT, Ala. (AP) — Authorities in northeastern Alabama say a man dove into the Tennessee River after seeing his girlfriend’s car sinking and drowned in the fast-moving water. But authorities say he may not have realized the girlfriend had already escaped from the car and was helped to shore by a fisherman.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports ( 25-year-old Christopher Heaton of Jasper, Tenn., died after the Tuesday evening rescue attempt near Bridgeport, Ala.

Police say he had driven to the spot where they were to meet near a boat ramp, when he saw her car sinking and immediately dove into the water.

Jackson County Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen says the woman, whose name wasn’t released, was taken to a hospital in Scottsboro, Ala., where she was treated for bruises and hypothermia.


So a guy fakes bingo and gets paid….

Man Who Faked ‘Bingo’ Returns Jackpot

Worker Paid $400 Before Checking Card


NEW CASTLE, Pa. — A western Pennsylvania man has returned a $400 jackpot after falsely claiming to have a “bingo” at a church fundraiser, police said.Police told the New Castle News that the man was playing at Mary Mother of Hope parish hall in the city about 45 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.The man claimed to have a bingo so a worker paid him the jackpot before checking his card and realizing he had not won.The woman called police because the man left with the money. Officers arrived at his home a short time later and told the man they would file a theft charge against him if he did not give back the money.Police are not identifying the man because he gave back the money.The incident happened Wednesday night.


Next up, AKO’N!!


ACORN-linked group raising funds for California ‘Occupy’ protest



EXCLUSIVE: A re-branded ACORN branch in California is raising money to help fund an upcoming “Occupy” protest in Sacramento, has learned.

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment sent out letters this month pleading for contributions of up to $20,000 for buses, food, printing, sound and other supplies for an upcoming event dubbed “Occupy the Capitol.”

“Thousands of us are arriving in Sacramento on March 5 to Occupy the Capitol with our demand that the 1 percent pay for jobs, education, essential services, and a better future,” reads a copy of the letter obtained by “We need your activists and staff to join us. …We also urgently need funding.”

The letter, which was posted on the California Federation of Teachers’ website, lists a tiered system for donors. To be a “Working Class Hero,” donors must give $20,000, or enough to “rent 20 buses” for the protests. A gift of $5,000 earns an “Occupy Ally” designation.

Critics said the fundraising is yet more evidence linking the remnants of ACORN, a national organization that disbanded after a series of scandals, to the national “Occupy” movement. Like ACORN, the new group, a 501(c)3 non-profit, could be using federal funds for political ends, said Dan Epstein, executive director for Cause of Action, a Washington-based watchdog group.

“We have seen that ACCE has lobbied for federal funding, thus raising a serious concern:  If they are acting as a fiscal sponsor for the ‘Occupy’ movement, are they using federal dollars for the same political ends,” Epstein said.

Assets from the now defunct ACORN were transferred to ACCE in March 2010. The ACCE took ACORN’s database of California supporters and computer equipment used by former employees hired by the new organization.

In October, reported that New York Communities for Change, the successor to ACORN in New York, was aligned with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests last fall. The group hired nearly 100 former staff from the defunct ACORN branch and paid them up to $100 a day to attend the demonstrations.

ACCE officials did not immediately return call for comment.


And our last story about H.W. Bush’s…socks.

Former president’s off-the-cuff fashion choice

By Tony Freemantle


If by chance you happen to come across George H.W. Bush and he has on a pair of outrageously colored or mismatched socks, don’t worry – the octogenarian former president isn’t losing his marbles.

If he caught you staring at the light and dark blue striped confections on his ankles at the commencement ceremonies at Dartmouth College last summer, where he received an honorary degree, he would not have thought you rude.

And if you couldn’t help but gawk slack-jawed at the bright pink numbers he had on while watching the Houston Marathon last month, well that’s fine too because, with his slacks jauntily hitched, that’s kind of the reaction he was hoping for.

In fact, the more people look at his socks, the more he likes it. They’re simple utilitarian garments, socks, but not when a former president wears them as a statement – actually more than a statement.

There was a time when a visitor at the 41st president’s west Houston office invariably left with a little box containing presidential cuff links. These days, you might find yourself leaving with a pair of lobster socks – light blue creations emblazoned with the bright red crustaceans.

“It’s his trinket now,” says Jean Becker, his long-time chief of staff. “This is his signature gift. He’s sort of becoming famous for his socks.”

Bush says he has been a “colored socks fan” for some time, and that his penchant for wearing them at high profile events “is not a big thing” in his life. His staff, however, begs to differ.

“He used to wear them on special occasions and not very often,” says Becker. “But he has lately gotten more outrageous. Now he goes out of his way.”

It could be because recently, the 87-year-old president’s ankles are more openly on display. He has been diagnosed with lower body parkinsonism, a condition that causes instability from the waist down, and he often uses a wheelchair. But for whatever reason, Becker says the “sock thing” has certainly ramped up a few notches in recent months.

He has green and black striped socks. Pink and salmon striped socks. Orange socks with yellow polka dots. Socks with the American flag. Orange and pink socks. Blue striped socks with lavender accents at the top.

Bush says his favorite socks have orange stripes, “but they’re getting a little old now.”

In November, the actor Kyle MacLachlan visited Bush in his office and was much taken with the pink and salmon striped socks the president was wearing with his grey pin-striped suit and black loafers.

This got Bush thinking about Christmas presents. His staff swept into action and within no time, the office was awash in boxes of socks, which went out to select friends and family, including MacLachlan, as gifts.

For years, Bush’s principal supplier of socks has been Spike Heminway, a long-time friend and golfing buddy from Kennebunkport, Maine, where the Bush family has a seaside estate.

Bush says he receives varying responses when people see his socks. And because he is a former president he probably gets away with it more than most folks.

“I suspect some people think this old boy is a little strange,” Bush says.

As for reaction from the president of Dartmouth on seeing what the honorary degree recipient had on his ankles? “No reaction at all,” Bush says. “I think he’s too polite for that.”


And now our final news story from Japan.

But before that…Early Valentine’s day Present!



And now the article.


Zero no Tsukaima F Yuri Skinship Anime

Author: Leon

Zero no Tsukaima F has received one of the many inevitable service-centric episodes fans have come to expect, with Louise, Henrietta and the male all busy groping one another.


Since this is a gallery post, I’ll leave you guys with one more.


Cops Bust Cop in Nude BDSM Club Raid

Author: Artefact


Police have busted a naked policeman found tied up on stage in a BDSM sex club, charging him with public indecency – apparently on the grounds that the club was not a properly lisensed brothel.

The incident occurred in Sapporo when a 28-year-old head warden at a local police station paid a visit to a BDSM club named “Club Patio,” situated in the centre of town.

He took to the stage, took off his clothes, and was bound in place with a red rope by a female member of staff, when police suddenly raided the premises.

The officer was subsequently taken into custody at 1:25AM on charges of public indecency.

He admits the charges, saying “there was no doubt that I was naked at the time,” although at the time of his arrest he was apparently not forthcoming about the fact he was a police officer as well.

Police say there were “about 15″ male and female patrons at the establishment watching his on-stage antics when they arrested him.

Police explained their own presence at the club by saying that they were investigating the club for providing sexual services when they only had a late-night restaurant license (brothels and sex clubs normally have to pay to “register” with police if they wish to remain unmolested).

The rather lurid details of the incident and the pathetic way in which Japanese police shake down brothels by “licensing” them has provoked much comment online:

“I can’t believe this made the national news!”

“If he is M then he is only going to enjoy being arrested.”

“Ruining his dignity as a policeman is the ultimate reward for this guy.”

“He wasn’t actually naked though – he was tied up.”

“That’s what the place is for. Let them be already.”

“Wouldn’t they normally cover up his name in the reporting?”

“He probably wanted it this way.”

“How is nudity in a private SM club ‘public indecency’ in any case?”

“If this is illegal public indecency then every bathhouse in the country is illegal.”

“I wish they’d leave these people to their harmless fetishes…”

“Don’t they have anything better to investigate? They should overlook this sort of thing, it’s completely harmless.”

“If the patrons were in an establishment they believed to be a sex club, how can you arrest them for being naked?”

“Arresting patrons for being in a joint which was improperly licensed is low. How would they know what kind of license it ought to have?”

“No victims arise from customers paying to engage in consensual sex play. If they are adults and consent, the authorities should not be interfering whether it is gay sex or BDSM sex or whatever…”

“They have really been abusing the definition of public indecency lately, haven’t they?”

“How do they call being naked in a room indoors in a private club an act of gross public indecency…”

“You can’t even get naked at an SM club. Being a pervert sure is harsh.”

“Arresting people for being naked at an SM club is kind of crooked thinking.”

“So this would have been legal if the club was properly licensed as a sex club!?”

“There was really no need to release his name for something like this. There are so many other dodgy coppers whose names they never release, after all.”

“What’ll his family think of him now…”

“For a true masochist all this is probably heaven.”

“When I see news like this, I am reminded why I am glad to be S and not M.”


That is our show ladies and gentlemen, I will see you again next time.