That’s right folks, you heard it here. 4chan, is up in arms about the newly created /mlp/ board. Screaming and yelling will do all those in /co/ and /b/ no good. And in all honesty this means I can stop frequenting places like tumblr and Fakebook for MLP shit. The skeptic in you is probably asking why I don’t just ues ponychan or ponibooru or Let me be frank with you, 4chan’s been like a brother site to me, it’s mostly where I need to go if I want to fap or at least that’s where I used to go before danbooru and gelbooru started showing up with HQ pics for anime and shit. But 4chan is 4chan and frankly I still like the place despite it being one of the largest turd-fests online. I’ve been on and off lurking 4chan since 2004 so seeing an internet culture like MLP get put onto one of the largest traffic sites online I figured now would be a good time to stop lurking 4chan and start posting pics. Believe me, I barely posted back in the day since there was nothing of value to be posted. Anyway, onto the news.

Franklin Township official bemoans $12K in paperwork to remove tree from creek

By Rick Epstein


FRANKLIN TWP. — The state Department of Environmental Protection requires permits and engineering work totaling $12,000 before the township can pull a tree out of a creek near Pittstown, Committeeman Scott Bauman told the Township Committee on Feb. 9.

The offending tree has caused a disruption in the flow of the stream and caused a drainage problem near Stone Barn Road, he said. So the township engineer met with two representatives of the DEP.

It’s a C-1 stream, Bauman said, citing the DEP’s most heavily protected category. The stream is “so protected that DEP wasn’t too keen about just going in there and pulling out the tree.”

Given the committee’s commitment to thrift and the high price of compliance, Bauman said, “The wild side of me asks: How much are the fines for this?” If it was just $5,000, it might be worth it to “get a bunch of guys with a chain and bring it out.”

Township Attorney Michael Selvaggi advised that if the tree was removed “and you didn’t do it right, they’d fine you. And you’d still be under an administrative order to do it right and do the design and everything else.”

He further explained that even though the tree isn’t on public property, “if it alters the natural course of the water or it creates a damming effect,” it changes the aquatic environment upstream. “So that’s why you may be under an obligation to get rid of that tree.”

If the township decides to do nothing, the “DEP does have the ability to do the work and then send you a bill for it,” said Selvaggi. “Then you just negotiate the bill that way. You’d still have to pay the permit fees.”

Bauman said, “Hopefully we’ll have a place in the budget for this.”


Oh you lazy Americans, won’t even remove a tree from the creek. Sure, let’s just let laziness take it’s course.



PATERSON — A bus passenger and three NJ Transit employees were sickened Thursday night, apparently from a liquid that was found on the floor of a bus.

The liquid turned out to be a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water, said John Durso Jr., a spokesman for NJ Transit.

The incident began around 6 p.m. when a passenger dropped his hat on the floor of a Route 161 bus that was traveling in Paterson on its way to Manhattan, Durso said.

The passenger, who was not identified, retrieved his hat, which had come into contact with the liquid. He put it on his head, felt a burning sensation and requested medical aid, Durso said.

The passenger was treated at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Durso said.

Shortly after 7 p.m. a transit supervisor, mechanic and driver became ill as they worked on the same bus at the NJ Transit bus garage in Wayne, Durso said

All three employees were treated at St. Joseph’s and released, Durso said.

The Route 161 bus makes stops in Paterson, Passaic and Bergen County on its way to the Port Authority terminal in Manhattan, Durso said.

*sigh* Really?

Christ you people.

‘Poison’ drunk by convicted man in court turns out to be water

Martin Stroia drank the liquid from an aspirin bottle and slumped to the floor after he was found guilty of displaying a gun in the Broward County Courthouse’s lobby last year.

A man convicted of armed trespassing was rushed to an emergency room Thursday morning from the Broward County Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale after he took a swig from an aspirin bottle, told court deputies it was poison and collapsed onto the floor.

But Marin Stroia’s health was never in danger, the Broward Sheriff’s Office said Thursday afternoon, The liquid in the aspirin bottle turned out to be plain water.

Stroia, 60, was taken back to the Broward Main Jail, where he is awaiting sentencing.

A security guard from Oakland Park, Stroia was charged with armed trespassing and reckless display of a weapon after he came into the courthouse through an exit door on Jan. 14, 2011, pulled out a gun and turned it on himself. Stroia was distraught over a child-support case. Broward Circuit Judge Joel Lazarus persuaded him to put down the gun.

Jurors deliberated for less than an hour Wednesday evening and less than half an hour Thursday morning before returning with a verdict of guilty on both charges. The jury was still in the courtroom when Stroia pulled the small, clear bottle from his pocket and took a drink. He told a court deputy it was poison, but did not say it loud enough for his lawyer, who was standing right next to him, to hear.

After jurors left, Stroia, who held a picture of his son, said he had not poisoned himself. But as he was being led away by deputies to be fingerprinted and booked into jail, Stroia slumped, heaving, to the floor.

Broward Circuit Judge David Haimes ordered the courtroom cleared and summoned paramedics. Stroia was wheeled out on a stretcher, his eyes closed.

BSO spokeswoman Dani Moschella said Stroia would not face additional charges for the suicide scare.

Stroia faces a maximum of five years in prison for the trespassing conviction and one year on the weapons charge. He will be sentenced at a later date.

The trial started with opening statements Tuesday afternoon, ended with closing arguments 24 hours later, and featured the unusual sight of a sitting judge taking the stand as a witness.

Lazarus, called to testify by defense attorney Maury Halperin, described how Stroia sat near the escalator in the courthouse lobby with a gun pointed to his head. He said he never saw Stroia point the gun at anyone else.

It was a crucial point for Halperin, who wanted jurors to acquit his client because he had been summoned to court for his custody case, and thus was not trespassing, and never pointed the gun at anyone else, and thus was not reckless with the weapon.

Jurors rejected both defense arguments. Prosecutor Joseph Wolf said Stroia would have been welcome in the building had he used the proper entrance and gone through the metal detectors, as every member of the public is required to do. But going in through the exit and pulling out the weapon turned the courthouse lobby into a danger zone until Stroia gave up his gun, Wolf said.

Oh and one more from the sand people.

Al Qaeda on rise in Syria, has ‘marriage of convenience’ with Iran, US intelligence director says

Published February 17, 2012 |

WARSHINGTON –  The nation’s top intelligence adviser told Congress on Thursday that Al Qaeda “is extending its reach into Syria” — possibly with Iran’s help.

In a rare public admission, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Al Qaeda and the Iranian regime have a “shotgun marriage, or marriage of convenience.” More significantly, given the series of attacks this week linked to Iran, Clapper said Tehran appears to see Al Qaeda as an insurance policy — a “surrogate or proxy” — against future Western aggression.

This public confirmation comes as U.S. officials investigate the release of five Al Qaeda members after “years of house arrest” in Iran. The men include Saif al-Adel, who was tipped as the likely replacement for Usama bin Laden.

The release of Al Qaeda leaders is not confined to Iran. U.S. officials are also investigating whether the Syrians released Abu Musab al-Suri, seen as one of the terror network’s most important strategists. Al-Suri was captured in Pakistan 2005 and was in CIA custody until he was sent back to Syria as part of the controversial rendition program. Until recently, US officials were confident he would not be released by the Syrian government.

Clapper also confirmed that U.S. officials believe an Al Qaeda affiliate was responsible for a series of blast in Syria because the car bombs “bore the earmarks” of Al Qaeda in Iraq. The affiliate, written off by some members of the U.S. intelligence community, has made a comeback according to Clapper.

Al Qaeda of Iraq is one of Al Qaeda’s largest regional affiliates, and it “is extending its reach into Syria” by infiltrating opposition groups, likely without their knowledge. Clapper said the lack of a unified opposition group could leave a power vacuum that extremists could fill if the Syrian government falls, a potential development he called “troubling,” because Syria has an extensive network of chemical weapons sites.

Defense Intelligence Agency chief Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess added that it appears “the Al Qaeda like attacks” were likely caused by elements already inside the country, and that the U.S. intelligence community had not yet detected “a clarion call to outsiders” to join the cause.

He made no mention of the video released by core Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri over the weekend, calling on Muslims to support Syrian rebels.

The officials also told Congress that if Iran is attacked over its alleged nuclear weapons program, it could respond by closing the Strait of Hormuz to ships and launch missiles at regional U.S. forces and allies.

Burgess tells senators Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict.

Clapper says it is “technically feasible” that Tehran could produce a nuclear weapon in one or two years, if its leaders decide to build one, “but practically not likely.”

He says recent diplomatic outreach by Iran to European diplomats could indicate that officials there are reconsidering the program.

Both men say they do not believe Israel has decided to strike Iran. Clapper said he would be meeting with Israeli officials soon to discuss the matter.


And now for some Sankaku news.


Chinese Walnuts “Made From Cement”

Author: Artefact

Even the Chinese are aghast at their latest innovation – walnuts with tooth cracking cement fillings have apparently been recovered, the effort and cost of obtaining real nuts seemingly being greater than the trouble of making convincing fakes.

According to reports, the walnuts were on sale in a Henan province market, and consisted of a cement kernel with the outer shell glued on. The cement was wrapped in paper so as to prevent the “nut” from rattling suspiciously.

That’s all for today folks, I will see you guys next week. Here’s a little food for thought though: If Taiwan is drawing closer to being the Chinese version of Japan, why the fuck are people still hoarding over to Japan for the same thing they can get in Taiwan.
Good night, everyone.