Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these hasn’t it. It seems that the pony named Derpy Hooves has been edited, and this was because Hasbro has apparently gotten numerous amounts of letters/email stating that little Derpy is an outcry for making fun of mentally retarded people. Christ, America, you’ll butt-hurt over a minor detail in a character and yet you won’t cry about this scene; which is actually darker than what you’re crying over. A darker episode for young children that has a higher chance of mentally scarring kids with a darker side of a character than something like Derpy’s voice and eyes. Have you no SHAME, America? Political correctness? Pfft, fuck political correctness, Brad Stine was right.

America has been offended by the truth, so we shamefully hide it by telling people we’re just plain offended by the truth, so governments will start hiding it from the people. Just tell your representative you’re offended by a children’s show and more than likely, it’ll be banned in a matter of weeks. I kid of course, but what this boils down to is being scared of offending people. I can make a LIVING offending people, all I have to do is till a few racial jokes and everyone goes ape-shit.
“Hey, man that’s offensive.” Says a black man.

“Do you think I give a shit?” I reply back, “Americans have been racist for YEARS, and you can’t take a fucking joke? I was taught as a young child that everyone needs to laugh at themselves and each other from time to time. That is, unless you’re afraid of the truth of your own origin. But then, only idiots are afraid of truth.”

My point here is that, Derpy isn’t offensive to mentally retarded people, it’s a made up ideal of Americans that things are politically correct; It’s a mental condition, much like religion, in which the person PURPOSELY AVOIDS saying something offensive or doing something offensive to someone else or an audience. Anyway, /mlp/ and EqD  aren’t happy, so if you wanna join the cause go to and voice your opinion without flaming or trolling. Hopefully Hasbro will get the message and we’ll have our old Derpy back someday.

Till then, See ya later, guys. This is Grass signing out.


Edit: oops, I forgot to leave you guys with the un-derped eps that weren’t modded by Hasbro. Here you go.