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It’s Wednesday, let’s relax and open with some ponies and Japan before news.


Will Anderson Looking For Bronies // Hey Ocean CD Release Party // SEASON THREE SPOILER



Cereal here, grouping somewhat related news items for fun and profit.

William Anderson, whom you may remember as the most badass person on the face of the entire planet, just landed in Rome and wants to know if there are any pony fans in the area he can hang out with. Be sure to flood him with requests! Make his trip special. Tell him Cereal sent you.

In other news that may or may not be related, I’m sure most of you are aware that Ashleigh Ball (the voice of Rainbow Dash and Applejack) heads her own band called ‘Hey Ocean!’. For fans in Vancouver on June 16, the band is having a concert and CD release show at the Vogue Theater. It’s $20 and you can find more details here.

And just in case that’s not enough news for you, there’s a spoiler for season three under the page break, tweeted by Tara Strong herself. You’ve been warned!




Yep, Trolla Strong at it again. Now for something from AJ/RD’s VA, Ashleigh Ball.






Support Ash’s band by visiting their site at and buying merch.

Let’s move on.


Bleach Anime Ending Pleases Fans

Author: Artefact

The better part of a decade of Bleach anime has finally drawn to a close, with its many quick-to-complain fans seemingly satisfied the series ended fittingly, and the hero’s future neatly summed up as “unemployment.”

Just how much is left in the manga is not clear, but it is thought that it may end at some point.

Rather than ponder the fate of post-Bleach shonen anime, one fan shares this most pressing concern.

“Is she nopan? She’s walking about town nopan?
If this is nopan, foreigners may misunderstand this as Japanese all being HENTAI.
It should really be made clear if she’s wearing pantsu or not.”

Barbarian viewers take note – Bleach is most assuredly not a “HENTAI” anime, and the concern of its Japanese fans about the cast’s underwear status is solely out of concern for the good name of Japan’s anime industry.


Gallery post. Enjoy. And now this.


YouTube Child Chaser Commits Suicide

Author: Artefact

A man who uploaded a video of himself chasing a schoolboy on a bicycle in his car whilst threatening to run him off the road to YouTube has committed suicide, despite police and the boy declining to press charges, prompting furious speculation as to why he would kill himself when he remained anonymous and faced no punishment.

The incident began in July of 2011, when a Himeji company employee in his forties apparently succumbed to road rage and began chasing a middle schooler on a bicycle, screaming various threats against the boy, including telling him he would ram him into the river.

He recorded the entire chase on his dashboard camera, and for reasons which are not clear decided it would be a good idea to upload the video onto Youtube:




He later deleted the video, but by then mirrors had proliferated and it was too late, and soon the police became involved.

The boy being chased was less than fazed by his ordeal, brushing off his pursuer as not worth bothering with – “I got through it fine. I’m not scared of some guy like that.”

He declined to press any charges against the man (with a complaint from his victim he could have been charged with misdemeanour intimidation or similar), and police had to settle for issuing him a verbal caution and making him sign a written pledge not to do it again.

The Internet, however, was much less forgiving – viewers of the video clamoured for his arrest and denounced him with much vitriol, outraged by his reckless and potentially murderous conduct. The media soon picked the story up as well.

All this was evidently too much for the schoolboy chaser – on the 27th, Tottori prefecture police reported discovering him dead, in what they are treating as a suicide.

There appears to be very little sympathy online, but there is a great deal of curiosity as to what actually transpired:

“This guy had no balls at all, did he?”

“He gets hit back and he kills himself…”

“This is the happiest news I’ve heard all year.”

“The kid didn’t even file a complaint. Why’d he kill himself?”

“He’s trying to get back at the kid.”

“He killed himself to atone. A happy end.”

“Did the kid even do anything to provoke this?”

“This is not going to leave a nice aftertaste for the kid.”

“You guys drove another one to suicide I see.”

“Nobody actually found out who he was and put it online, did they?”

“Nobody found out who he was. There should not have been any public impact on his life.”

“Scum has died, that is all.”

“He was probably up to all sorts of other dodgy stuff which would have ruined him if it got out.”

“If he had any real sensitivity he would never have uploaded that.”

“Apparently he went missing shortly after this blew up, after saying he didn’t think it would be this big of a deal.”

“Watch the video. Guys like that are a waste of oxygen.”

“The classic case of a dog whose bark was worse than his bite.”

“He probably had a mental illness of some sort.”

“A real ruffian wouldn’t have uploaded it like that. He was just a total coward in the end.”

“He had probably done other stuff which would have come out if anyone investigated.”

“Could have been his family which applied the pressure.”

“Was this really a suicide?”

“Why was he found in Tottori? With no complaint filed against him he basically got off scot-free.”

“He was probably unstable to start with. I’m more worried about the effect him killing himself will have on the schoolboy…”


Yay, An Heroes everywhere. Win!!


Daughters Disguised: The Afghan girls who are dressed and raised as boys

By Tahir Qadiry BBC Persian, Kabul

When Azita Rafhat, a former member of the Afghan parliament, gets her daughters ready for school, she dresses one of the girls differently.

Three of her daughters are clothed in white garments and their heads covered with white scarves, but a fourth girl, Mehrnoush, is dressed in a suit and tie. When they get outside, Mehrnoush is no longer a girl but a boy named Mehran.

Azita Rafhat didn’t have a son, and to fill the gap and avoid people’s taunts for not having a son, she opted for this radical decision. It was very simple, thanks to a haircut and some boyish clothes.

There is even a name for this tradition in Afghanistan – Bacha Posh, or disguising girls as boys.

“When you have a good position in Afghanistan and are well off, people look at you differently. They say your life becomes complete only if you have a son,” she says.

There has always been a preference for having sons in Afghanistan, for various economic and social reasons.

Ms Rahfhat’s husband, Ezatullah Rafhat, thinks having a son is a symbol of prestige and honour.

“Whoever came [to our house] would say: ‘Oh, we’re sorry for you not having a son.’ So we thought it would be a good idea to disguise our daughter, as she wanted this too.”

Azita Rafhat is not the only mother who has decided to do this.

Not girlish

Many girls disguised as boys can be found in Afghan markets. Some families disguise their daughters as boys so that they can easily work on the streets to feed their families.

Some of these girls who introduce themselves as boys sell things like water and chewing gum. They appear to be aged anywhere between about five and 12. None of them would talk to me about their lives as boys.

Girls brought up as boys do not stay like this all their lives. When they turn 17 or 18 they live life as a girl once again – but the change is not so simple.

Elaha lives in Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan. She lived as a boy for 20 years because her family didn’t have a son and reverted only two years ago when she had to go to university.

However, she does not feel fully female: she says her habits are not girlish and she does not want to get married.

“When I was a kid my parents disguised me as a boy because I didn’t have a brother. Until very recently, as a boy, I would go out, play with other boys and have more freedom.”

She has returned reluctantly to her gender and says she has done it only because of the social traditions.

“If my parents force me to get married, I will compensate for the sorrows of Afghan women and beat my husband so badly that he will take me to court every day.”

Common story

Atiqullah Ansari, head of the famous blue mosque in Mazar-e Sharif, says the tradition is about appealing to the divine.

He says those families who do not have a son disguise their daughters as boys for good luck so that God gives them a son.

Mothers who do not have sons come to the shrine of Hazrat-e Ali and ask him to grant them sons, he adds.

Atiqullah Ansari says that according to Islam the girls who live as boys must cover their heads when they come of age.

In Afghanistan, stories like this have become more common. Almost everyone has relatives or neighbours who have tried this.

Qazi Sayed Mohammad Sami Balkh Human Rights Commission

Fariba Majid, the head of the Women’s Rights Department in the northern province of Balkh, used to go by the boy’s name Wahid.

“I was the third daughter in my family and when I was born my parents decided to disguise me as a boy,” she says.

“I would work with my father at his shop and even go to Kabul to bring goods from there.”

She thinks that experience helped her gain confidence and helped her get where she is today.

It is not surprising that even Azita Rafhat, mother of Mehran, once used to live as a boy.

“Let me tell you a secret,” she says. “When I was a kid, I used to live as a boy and work with my father.

“I experienced both the world of men and of women and it helped me to be more ambitious in my career.”

‘Breach of rights’

The tradition has existed in Afghanistan for centuries. According to Daud Rawish, a sociologist in Kabul, it may have started when Afghans had to fight their invaders and for this women needed to be disguised as men.

But Qazi Sayed Mohammad Sami, head of the Balkh Human Rights Commission, calls it a breach of human rights.

“We cannot change someone’s gender for a while. You cannot change a girl to a boy for a short period of time. It’s against humanity,” he says.

The tradition has had a damaging effect on some girls who feel they have missed out on essential childhood memories as well as losing their identity.

For others it has been good experiencing freedoms they would never have had if they had lived as girls.

But for many the key question is: will there be a day when Afghan girls get as much freedom and respect as boys?


And now for stories from the cockpit.


JetBlue pilot faces federal charges

By Bart Jansen

An affidavit unsealed Wednesday states that Capt. Clayton Osbon told his co-pilots that things didn’t matter during a New York flight bound for Las Vegas. Court documents say Osbon told the plane’s first officer, “We’re not going to Vegas” and began giving a sermon.

Passengers wrestled Osbon, 49, to the ground after he left the cockpit and sprinted down the cabin screaming and urging everyone to pray. The plane made an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas. No one on board was hurt.

Osbon, a 12-year veteran of the airline, was suspended by the airline and is undergoing medical care. If convicted of interfering with a flight crew, he could face up to 20 years’ imprisonment and up to $250,000 in fines.

An FBI affidavit filed with the complaint said Osbon arrived later than he should have for Flight 191 and missed the crew briefing. After takeoff, Osbon told his co-pilot he was being evaluated by someone, then began talking about religion in an incoherent way, according to the affidavit from FBI Agent John Whitworth.

The co-pilot became concerned when Osbon said, “Things just don’t matter” and “We need to take a leap of faith,” according to the affidavit.

Osbon abruptly left the cockpit to go to the forward lavatory, alarming the rest of the flight crew when he didn’t follow the company’s protocol for leaving the cockpit, according to the affidavit.

When flight attendants met Osbon and asked him what was wrong, he became aggressive and banged on the door of the occupied lavatory, saying he needed to get inside.

Osbon walked to the rear of the aircraft but along the way stopped and asked a male passenger if he had a problem. Osbon then sprinted back to the forward galley and tried to enter his code to re-enter the cockpit.

The co-pilot asked over the intercom for passengers to restrain Osbon, which they did, and he yelled comments about Jesus, Sept. 11, Iraq, Iran and terrorists.

Osbon was removed from the aircraft and taken to a facility in the Northwest Texas Healthcare System in Amarillo for medical evaluation, where he remains.

The case is being investigated by the FBI, along with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Transportation Security Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and Amarillo police.

JetBlue CEO Dave Barger told NBC’s Today show Wednesday that Osbon had been a “consummate professional.”

Barger said Tuesday’s incident began as a “medical situation” and became a “security situation” as passengers and crewmembers restrained him.

“I’ve known the captain personally for a long period of time,” Barger said of Osbon. “There’s been no indication of this at all in the past.”

Osbon’s LinkedIn page describes him as a flight-standards captain who works in pilot recruitment and leadership development. He earned degrees from Hawthorne College in aeronautical physics and Carnegie Mellon University in physics.

Barger commended the company’s workers and passengers for responding well to the incident.

“That was a tough situation at altitude,” Barger said. “The customers and crew did a great job.”

The incident was a rare one and frightening for passengers.

At the time, JetBlue said that the captain of Flight 191, which was diverted to Texas on Tuesday morning, had a “medical situation” and that an off-duty captain traveling on the flight entered the cockpit before the landing “and took over the duties of the ill crewmember once on the ground” in Amarillo.

Tony Antolino, a security executive from Rye, N.Y., said he realized something was wrong on the flight when Osbon left the cockpit and starting walking erratically through the cabin, drinking water and becoming agitated.

Antolino, 40, said he and several other passengers realized they needed to subdue him after the co-pilot locked Osbon from the cockpit. The captain started yelling about Iraq and Afghanistan, then told passengers to start reciting the Lord’s prayer.

“That’s when everybody just tackled him and took him down,” said Antolino, an executive with a security firm headed to an industry conference. “We just physically stood on top of him until the flight was diverted and we landed in Amarillo.”

Because the incident was so unusual, other pilots are waiting to hear more before passing judgement. “We know what happened,” said Capt. Lee Collins, executive vice president of the Coalition of Airline Pilots Associations. “We don’t know why.”

Heidi Karg, another passenger on the flight, told CNN that the man was shouting, “I need the code! Gimme the code! I need to get in there!”

“We heard the word ‘bomb,’ ” Karg said. “We didn’t know exactly what was going on.”

Several passengers wrestled Osbon to the floor. David Gonzalez, 50, a former New York City Department of Corrections officer, told ABC News he put him in a choke hold.

“We got to get this plane down,” Gonzalez, who was traveling to an security show, said he recalled thinking. “This guy is nuts.”

Dave Funk, a retired Northwest Airlines captain now an aviation consultant with Laird & Associates, compares the co-pilot’s decision to bar Osbon from the cockpit to what Captain “Sully” Sullenberger did when he landed a US Airways flight into New York’s Hudson River with no lives lost.

“The first officer recognized the gravity of the situation and solved the problem,” Funk said. “The co-pilot is a hero not because he landed the plane safely but because he created situation to do that.”

Former pilot John Cox, president of Safety Operation Systems, said he could recall only a couple of incidents similar to Tuesday’s in 40 years in commercial aviation.

Cox said the first officer could have landed the plane safely, even without assistance from the off-duty captain. Cox said crewmembers are trained to restrain combative passengers under a program called Crew Resource Management that could have applied to the pilot.

“The same training to restrain an abusive passenger that presents a physical threat could be utilized against a crewmember,” Cox said. “It was great that there was another captain that was on the flight that could assist the first officer. Had he not been there, though, the first officer is completely capable and trained to land the aircraft. There was never a risk to the passengers.”

Airline pilots must have a first-class medical certificate, which is renewed annually if the pilot is under 40 and every six months over that age, according to the FAA. As part of that process, the pilot must have a physical exam by an FAA-designated medical examiner, who assesses the pilot’s psychological condition . The examiner can also order additional psychological testing.

Glenn Winn, a former airlines security chief who teaches at the University of Southern California, said the physical exams are very thorough. There is also random urinalysis. Airlines have numerous employee assistance programs to help deal with stress.

Bob Francis, former vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said for the most part, the JetBlue incident had a positive resolution. “A problem in the cabin in the aircraft is a lot less serious than a problem in the cockpit,” he said. “If there is a problem in the cockpit, you might end up losing the whole airplane.”

No official mental health testing is required. Instead, pilots are trained to be on the lookout for any sign of mental distress among their peers. “The mental health side is constant monitoring from your co-workers,” Funk said .

If someone’s personality changes drastically, he said, “we’re going to pull him aside. Management will get involved and not in a hostile fashion. We work with people.”

“I’d say the system functioned properly,” Funk said. “There’s a reason we have two pilots. There’s a reason we have flight attendants. … One healthy pilot on the flight deck who’s qualified would have no problem landing the plane.”

Antolino commended the co-pilot for recognizing Osbon’s behavior, getting him out of the cockpit and landing the plane safely.

“The co-pilot from JetBlue was the real hero for having the sense to recognize that something was wrong here,” Antolino said.

In August 2010, an upset JetBlue flight attendant, Steven Slater, pulled the emergency chute on a flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. He went on the plane’s public-address system, swore at a passenger who he claimed treated him rudely, grabbed a beer and slid down onto the tarmac.

Slater completed a court-ordered treatment program and was sentenced to one year of probation. “That was one moment; that was not indicative of who I am,” Slater said at sentencing.

On March 9, American Airlines passengers were settling in for a trip from Dallas to Chicago when a flight attendant launched into a rant on the public-address system about 9/11 and the safety of the plane.

Several passengers wrestled the woman into a seat while the plane was on the ground, and the attendant was taken to Parkland Hospital for evaluation.

Randy Reep, who has spent 16 years as a commerical pilot, said crew members are much more stressed out these days. “I think its indicative of where we find ourselves as an industry,” he said. “It is much more stressful in the sense that the job security isn’t what it once was.”

“What was once an extraordinarily glamorous job and arguably well paid is now an okay paid job and not as glamorous,” Reep said. “You have to take your shoes off three or four times a day to go to your office. You’re in charge of your airplane but you have someone go through your shaving kit before you even get on that plane.”


And now for something completely different.

Supreme Court rules that the Federal government can tell the world about your HIV status if it wants to

By Bill Mears

A divided Supreme Court ruled Wednesday against a California pilot who sued after the federal government publicly revealed his HIV status.

In a 5-3 ruling, the high court decided Stanmore Cooper’s claims of mental and emotional distress are not covered under the Privacy Act.

“The Privacy Act does not unequivocally authorize damages for mental or emotional distress and therefore does not waive the government’s sovereign immunity for such harms,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the conservative majority.

Three liberal justices dissented, while a fourth — former Solicitor General Elena Kagan — did not participate.

Cooper became a licensed recreational pilot in 1964, but two decades later, the San Francisco man was diagnosed with the HIV virus. As his condition worsened over time, he let his private pilot’s certificate and his airman medical certificate lapse.

In 1996, Cooper applied for long-term disability with the Social Security Administration.

“I was in bad shape, I didn’t have long to live,” he told CNN last year. But his health improved thanks to a cocktail of anti-retroviral therapy. He went back to work and wanted to fly again.

“I found out they were issuing medicals (exemptions) and I reapplied” to the Federal Aviation Administration “without revealing my HIV status,” he said. “Big mistake.”

He received his new pilot’s certificate but, unknown to him, a joint local-federal initiative called Operation Safe Pilot was launched in 2002. Using a spreadsheet, the agencies shared and compared the names and personal data of about 45,000 pilots in Northern California, looking for potentially medically unfit individuals who were also receiving federal benefits.

Cooper was among four dozen or so pilots tagged as a “person of interest.” When confronted by government agents, he admitted to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false report.

He was sentenced to probation and fined, and his pilot’s certificate was revoked. The retired business executive’s name was listed in a federal press release and later, through his prosecution, Cooper’s medical history suddenly was a matter of public record.

“I had been able to control those (with) whom I shared my information about my HIV status, limited to some co-workers, family, and close friends,” he said “And suddenly that was out of my control.”

Cooper, who was eventually allowed to fly again, sued.

“I chose not to reveal my HIV infection and that was a very bad thing,” he said. “I took responsibility for it and I paid the price. I was punished. And I think now it’s the government’s turn to own up to breaking the law and take responsibility for what they did.”

A federal judge found both the FAA and the Social Security Administration violated the Privacy Act with the information-sharing probe, but said under the law, only “actual damages” could be collected by plaintiffs seeking redress.

Since Cooper made no claims for economic harm, such as lost wages or medical expenses, he was out of luck. The judge found “emotional injury” alone did not qualify and dismissed the lawsuit.

A federal appeals court reversed that decision, ruling for Cooper. The FAA then asked the high court to intervene.

During a sedate hour of oral arguments last year, the justices stayed away from the specific claims of emotional harm made by Cooper, focusing instead on what the law says about qualifying for damages.

“The argument you have made — and I certainly understand it, that this is the Privacy Act and so it’s precisely these types of damages that you would be concerned about — really cuts both ways,” Chief Justice John Roberts said to Cooper’s lawyer.

“What you are saying is this (law) covers a really big chunk of damages, because this is what the whole act was about,” Roberts said. “And it seems to me that argument suggests that there is some weight to the government’s point: That if you are going to get that, you really do need clearer” language in the law that would immunize the government to some extent, from a flood of hard-to-disprove lawsuits.

The ambiguity has divided lower courts for years, and privacy experts say the ease with which the government can collect and share information in the digital age makes the issue of personal privacy liability ripe for review.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg repeatedly hammered away at the government lawyer arguing for the FAA. She said the federal damages provision in question is similar to state tort claims that include both emotional and financial harm.

“The person who is subject to this, to this embarrassment, this humiliation, doesn’t have out-of-pocket costs, but is terribly distressed, nervous, anxious, and all the rest,” Ginsburg said. “The act that the Congress is reaching, the impact is of that nature. I mean, pecuniary (monetary) damages ordinarily attend conduct that embarrasses, humiliates you, causes mental distress.”

Eric Feigin of the Justice Department admitted the Privacy Act’s language may be interpreted as allowing damages for such things as “humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish,” but said because the phrase “actual” damages remains vague, the government should get the benefit of the doubt, tipping the case in its favor.

“Simply because a plaintiff may have suffered an adverse effect” from the privacy violation, argued Feigin, “doesn’t mean that the plaintiff suffered actual damages.”

Raymond Cardozo, Cooper’s lawyer, pointed out during the hearing that his client’s information was made public, and his name and HIV status are still posted on a federal government database. He also made a larger argument, that his client’s dilemma is one that may affect all Americans.

“Congress passed this act to restore the citizens’ faith in their government, and it made a solemn promise to the American citizens that in cases of intentional and willful violation, the United States shall be liable for actual damages,” Cardozo said. “Today, the government is proposing that “actual damages” be read in a way that renders this act virtually irrelevant. That makes a mockery of that solemn promise.”

Cooper attended the public session at the court and expressed optimism afterward he would prevail.

“They’ve betrayed my trust and I can’t get that back,” Cooper said at the time. “There was nothing to lose here. I had to do it. It was the right thing to do.”

The case is Cooper v. FAA (10-1024).


That’s our show for tonight, I’ll see you guys all next time. Buh-bye!



Quickie: America’s Degredation

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Americans, as December 21st, 2012 creeps upon us and riots around the US ring out in revolution for Ron Paul, we need someone in office to help us take back our liberty. I know you guys have heard of the Ron Paul R3voLution hundreds of times, but as you can clearly see, putting something like this over US air space is not only intrusive, it’s turning us into Neo North Korea. You want to go back to the old days of Communist China where talking against the government could get you killed? Go vote anyone but Ron Paul. I’m just saying. After watching this ad, I’d be more than willing to vote for the guy. This is an effective ad and it proves to the simple minded petty human beings out there and reminds them that our government is ENSLAVING the populace. Americans have always fought for freedom even though it was an illusion, but fighting for an illusion is still better than not fighting back at all.

Would the real Mitt Romney please stop masturbating

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Click the picture for a nice video.

If you’re confused about the title click on the picture; You’ll see what I mean. Now let’s get our weekend head out of the gutter of the last woman’s crotch you licked. I’m obviously fucking with you when it comes down to it. So what’s special about this Monday? It’s the week after Spring Break so it’s time to get back to school. <heavy sigh> Well, back to material desires and stupid shit at school. So why are we posting Romney BS today you ask? Well….read on, you’ll see.

Santorum: Romney ‘worst Republican’ to run against Obama

Posted by

Franksville, Wisconsin (CNN) – Rick Santorum on Sunday said Mitt Romney’s ties to universal health care would make him the “worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama” in the general election.

Despite calls from his party to focus on Obama, Santorum has intensified his critique of Romney in recent days.

Last week, he was widely criticized for suggesting there are so few differences between his presidential rival and the democratic president that “we may as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk” with Romney.

As he campaigned in Wisconsin over the weekend, the former Pennsylvania senator continued to cast aspersions on Romney’s ability to defeat an incumbent president if he were to become the Republican nominee.

According to Santorum, the biggest risk with Romney is the Massachusetts health care reform law, implemented when he was governor and which became the “blueprint” for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare – the mandate that every American buy health insurance.

“Seventy-five percent of Americans disagree with Obamacare’s mandate. Why would the Republican Party nominate someone who agrees with that mandate, on the most important issue of the election? That’s why it’s become so important because it’s the establishment types who don’t mind Obamacare,” Santorum told a crowd at a bowling alley in Fond du Lac on Sunday. “They’re okay with someone who will be just a little different from Obama. Bottom line is, we’re not going to win with someone who is just a little different.”

Later, at a rally held at South Hills Country Club south of Milwaukee, Santorum assailed his Republican opponent, even though he endorsed Romney during the latter’s presidential run in 2008.

“Why would we put someone up who is uniquely – pick any other Republican in the country – he is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would Wisconsin want to vote for someone like that?”

Santorum delivered those sharp words in a passionate but measured tone in which he delivers most of his stump speeches.

But a spokesman for Romney, who was watching from the back of the room, characterized the delivery differently.

On Twitter, Ryan Williams described it as an “epic temper tantrum” and called the former senator a “desperate, angry, flailing candidate going off the rails.”

In an e-mail statement, Williams added, “He realizes conservatives are rallying around Mitt Romney as his path to the nomination evaporates. And now he is in full panic mode. His behavior is sad to watch.”

Santorum did however lose his cool later when a reporter approached him along the rope line after his speech.

Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times was on the receiving end of Santorum’s testy response. Immediately after the exchange Zeleny recounted what happened to CNN.

“I said, ‘Do you think that Mitt Romney is really the worst Republican in the country to run against Obama?’ – which is what he said. And he said, ‘I didn’t say that. You guys are distorting what I’m saying,’” said Zeleny.

Then, Zeleny said, Santorum asked him to “quit distorting my words. It’s bulls-.”

“You don’t care about the truth at all do you? You really don’t. Asking that question tells me you don’t care at all about the truth,” Santorum added.

The White House hopeful may have accused the reporter of distorting his words, but hours later his campaign released a long statement relishing in Santorum’s labeling of Romney, claiming he went on the “offensive” in Franksville and “exposed exactly how Mitt Romney is uniquely disqualified to contrast President Obama on the most important issue of the day, healthcare.”

The statement also said, “In fact, Rick Santorum spoke plainly and clearly that of all the Republicans in the field, Mitt Romney is the worst possible candidate to take on Barack Obama, because Mitt Romney authored the blueprint for Obamacare and the issue of healthcare would be off the table.”


I’m sorry but Santorum’s campaign ad is like this: “Hi, I’m Rick Santorum, and I love men and I’m proud of it.” Santorum’s words mean jack-shit compared to what something like Romney is saying. I’m not saying Romney > Perry but Romney isn’t a racist and to my knowledge, Romney isn’t gay either; So butt-hurt on Santorum’s end is his problem. Anyway, since it is still a Monday post, let’s get over to Sankaku and sum up another post.


So here’s something for you animefags out there. A Little Busters anime release…I know, I know, this wasn’t my idea, don’t shoot me for me, please.



Little Busters Anime Announced – “Finally!”

Author: Artefact





Long-suffering Little Busters! fans are rejoicing with the news that the game is apparently finally due its long-awaited TV anime adaptation.

The announcement itself comes from an advert in a Dengeki web radio broadcast, and so whilst having good provenance has very little in the way of details; further information is expected in April.

Little Busters!, aside from being a very popular eroge/visual novel, has long been notorious simply due to the fact it has not yet been turned into an anime (the first game dates from 2007), something which has long aggrieved its fans.

Fans themselves appear to be delighted, with some predicting Clannad-level success should the adaptation fall into the hands of Kyoto Animation again.

So ya, enjoy. Next up, HOLLYWOOD SANDWICH!

Ga. restaurant comes under fire after joking that Chris Brown, Rihanna inspired new ‘black and bleu’ sandwich: report


A Georgia steakhouse is getting grilled by local residents for promoting a new “black and bleu” sandwich it said was inspired by singer Chris Brown‘s vicious assault on former girlfriend Rihanna.

Someone from the Chops & Hops restaurant in Watkinsville posted a photo Friday of the blue cheese-smothered steak sandwich on Facebook, along with a caption that said, “@chrisbrown, @rihanna and us teamed up for a (sic) award winning celebrity sandwich. Put your hands on this caribbean black and bleu sandwich.”

“Chris Brown won’t beat you up for eating this unless your name starts with a R and ends with A,” the post said.

The restaurant’s post was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Saturday.

Locals quickly pounced on the promotion, saying the chophouse showed bad taste in joking about Brown’s 2009 Grammy evening attack.

“Never, never will we cross the threshhold of your restaurant,” one woman wrote. “You’ve really blown it with this ad. Domestic violence is not a joking matter and never should be made to appear so. Mark us down as 2 lost customers.”

“What a thoughtless thing to write,” another poster wrote. “Think about all of the battered women trapped in abusive relationships.”

The restaurant, which is located some 10 miles south of Athens and has a history of naming menu items for celebs, quickly apologized and yanked the sandwich from its menu.

“The owners of C&H would like to make sure everyone knows that we and our staff DO NOT SUPPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE,” the restaurant said in a statement on Facebook. “Many of us have been affected by domestic violence in some manner and realize that this is no joke.”

The managers also said it would donate six times the amount of money it made on sales of the burger to Project Safe Team 6, a non-profit that fights domestic violence.

Several customers on the eatery’s Facebook page said it was the right move.

“Honestly the sandwich looks good and ‘Black and Blue’ is a great name for it,’ one woman wrote on Saturday. “However if you plan on bringing it back I might suggest you name it after an MMA fighter, or hockey player… anything except a woman who was beaten.”


Oh, America, you so silly. Faith: Restored to Max.

Is this a video of Bigfoot in Idaho earlier this year?



The folks who took this footage say they saw something they thought was just a person walking through trees, but the more they looked, the less human it seemed. That’s when they whipped out the camera and grabbed some footage. Could it be Bigfoot? Or, as one discerning reader on Cryptomundo asked, “Could it be just about anything else?”


Bigfoot? Nope.avi.

Jose Hernandez’s ‘Astronaut’ Title Challenged By Lawyers In California House Race


A Sacramento law firm has filed a lawsuit challenging Democratic congressional candidate Jose Hernandez’s use of the title “astronaut” on the ballot for his House race.

Hernandez, who is challenging freshman Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Calif.) to represent California’s newly-drawn 10th district, is listed as an “astronaut/scientist/engineer” on the June primary ballot. He traveled as a crew member on the Discovery space shuttle in 2009 before leaving NASA in 2011.

The Fresno Bee reported that the law firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk filed the suit on Wednesday, asking a judge in the Sacramento County Superior Court to block Hernandez from using the astronaut title on the ballot on the grounds that “astronaut is not a title one carries for life.”

Although Denham’s campaign is not affiliated with the suit, the case is undeniably tied to the California GOP. Two of the firm’s lawyers named on the suit are Charles Bell Jr., who served as general counsel to the state’s Republican party, and Brian Hildreth, who worked for former Gov. Pete Wilson (R), according to the Bee. The firm has also previously done work for Denham’s campaign committee, the paper reported.

Hernandez criticized the suit on Friday, stating that it was a distraction from the campaign’s more pressing issues.

“The challenges our country is facing are far too important to waste any more time on petty partisan political games,” he said.

The son of Mexican immigrants, Hernandez has made an impression on progressive Democrats for his strong support of the DREAM Act and advocacy for middle class families. His work with NASA is a central narrative in his campaign.

“I went from plowshares to the stars,” Hernandez said in October upon announcing his campaign.

Independent Chad Condit, son of former Rep. Gary Condit (D-Calif.), has also announced plans to challenge Denham in the new district.


And our last story.

Harris-Perry: For black men’s safety, dress like Urkel or Skip Gates

By Andrew Jones

Not pleased over Geraldo Rivera citing Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie as a reason for his death, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sarcastically came up with her own clothes restrictions for the safety of minority kids and young adults.

The Tulane professor suggested that attire resembling beloved TV sitcom character Steve Urkel was the best way to prevent any problems. With her snark apparent, Harris-Perry mentioned a certain black Harvard professor, who despite his clean cut attire and esteemed platform, was arrested in his own home.

“Hoodies are an absolute no, they are not acceptable on the MHP dress code for black safety,” she said. “So listen up young men: No red or blue, no sagging pants and certainly no hoodies. If you want to play it safe, dress like, you know, Skip Gates.”

Rivera received much criticism from his comments, including his son Gabriel declaring he was “ashamed” of his father’s reaction to Martin’s death.



Well, g’nite everybody, I’ll see you guys all next time; This is Grass signing out.

Friday Sleep Therapy

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Okay boys and girls, it’s Friday, time to relax for the weekend. This weekend there should be another new ep of Ponies and the next Pony.MOV is coming soon. More info on the tumblr….And if you have not subscribed to the tumblr, you probably should since it’s where updates to blog posts come in, or you can be cool and just ask to be added to the mailing list via that button at the right side of the blog’s main page. First up, it’s Friday Presents and your first present can be found here.

Fans of Katawa-Shoujo will enjoy this game very much; It’s very simple and takes no brain power to play whatsoever. Next present I have for you is a place you will want to subscribe to if you enjoy the internet’s sarcastic/satirical humor: UkinoJoe. To some of you, this channel may be a little old. The guy’s only got 39 vids, as of this post, so I doubt it’s that old. Anyway, moving onto the next present, this is really something that I’ve planned on for a long time, but Ryan and I are gonna be working on a collab game will consist of 3 people: an artist, a programmer, and a storyboard writer. It’ll be simple so don’t expect anything complex. So expect that in the works, we don’t have a site or anything so just follow twitter/facebook/tumblr for more info. I will keep this blog posted about updates to the game, if possible. And that’s all the presents and link dumps this week, if you guys have not checked out my tumblr you really should, there’s a great deal funny and interesting things on there besides blog posts. The tumblr let’s me have as much fun as I want w/o fucking up the blog. I’ll probably leave a tumblr link in the right hand side sometime in the near future so people can reach me there. Since I don’t have anything else to talk about, you guys can enjoy this video.





More can be found here.

Let’s get on with the news. All the way from Japan, a bunch of crossing pedestrians are blocking an ambulance from getting to the hospital. If this kind of shit happened in the US, the police would be involved.


“Heartless” Tokyo Masses Block Ambulance

Author: Artefact


A video of Tokyo pedestrians ignoring an ambulance even as it begs them to make way and stop using a scramble crossing for long enough to let it pass has lately been causing much outrage online, with many leaping to condemn the heartless folk of the capital.

The video:



Online there is outrage and much condemnation of Tokyo residents – notwithstanding the fact that many of the commenters are likely to be from Tokyo – as well as the sort of defensiveness which might be expected of a people who wait at crossing lights for 5 minutes in front of an empty road:

“This is horrible!”

“What is wrong with these people?”

“I am shocked at how ill-behaved these people are.”

“I had no idea Tokyo was this bad a place.”

“This is worse than I imagined. Mass psychology is scary stuff!”

“I can’t believe this is Japan.”

“These are not Japanese, they are Tokyoites.”

“What scum!”

“And I thought Chiba was bad – this is atrocious.”

“Pedestrians are nasty. They used to scatter when the ambulances shouted at them…”

“Well, if you just stopped, the people behind you would just go nuts.”

“It looks like the Shibuya scramble crossing. At a place like that, stopping would be the harder option.”

“This couldn’t really be helped, due to the design of the crossing. It wouldn’t happen on other types of crossing.”

“Stop making excuses about being pushed along or there being too many people to stop. Don’t you have any common sense? Didn’t your parents and teachers teach you anything?”

“Stopping a big crossing like that might actually be the more dangerous option.”

“I can’t believe these people are even human. They have lost their souls!”

“Tokyo inhabitants are rotten to the core. I’m ashamed to be from the same country as them. Don’t they know about ambulances? Did they study so hard they forgot to learn any morals?”

“I can imagine there being one or two idiots, but what the hell is with this?”

“I cannot believe it, but there it is in the video. And to think the world praised Japan for its morals in response to the quake.”

“What would you expect from Shibuya!”

“Getting home is so much more important than some stranger’s life.”

“Tokyo people think they’re so cool, so well mannered, but on the inside they are scum!”

“It makes me sick to think these people are the same species as me!”

“This is the bad side of the Japanese character. Behave according to group psychology, everything is someone else’s problem. Someone collapses on the train, or gets sexually harassed – someone else will deal with it.”

“Hopefully an earthquake under Tokyo will wipe out half of Shibuya!”

“Ishihara was saying the earthquake was divine punishment for the greedy and corrupt Japanese. Seeing this, Tokyo deserves it!”

“What do you expect, Tokyo attracts all the country bumpkins!”

“All the people bashing Tokyo and Shibuya residents – less than a quarter of the population there actually comes from Tokyo.”

“Japan has no morals. I can’t believe this would happen in Europe or America.”

“Imagine what you’d feel if a member of your family was a patient on that ambulance. This is no different to those Chinese people pretending not to see someone in need.”

“It’s because Tokyo has lots of foreigners. They probably aren’t Japanese.”


Right, of course, it’s always the foreigner’s fault never the Japanese’s fault. Of course, keep your bigotry of other races out of this shit Japan. Though, what am I to say, Americans are just as racist if not more so. A BOMB WENT OFF ON A BUS? BLAME THE IRAQIS! OSAMA DIED? BLAME THE IRAQIS! A BANK WAS ROBBED? OOOH! OOH! IT WAS AN AMERICAN! Why are you people so goddamn bigoted? Racism, fucking racism even exists in Japan folks. I’m not lying here, the place isn’t the best place on earth and I’ve said this time and time again, Japan is just America 2 with all the racism and hatred they have for foreigners like we have for middle eastern people. Why can’t you racist fucks just get along with each other? So what have we learned?

We learned Japan is just as racist as the US, we learned that Japanese people also don’t give a flying fuck, we also learned that there are just as many faggots on 2ch as there are on 4chan, and we learned that when presented with a problem; the solution is always to just blame other people.


Moving on.


Stray dog saves teenage girl from attack by sex offender

Written by

Adam Freeman

St. Petersburg, Florida — A St. Petersburg dog is being called a hero for helping to save a 17-year-old girl from an attack.

The teen was volunteering for the Friends of Strays animal shelter on a Saturday afternoon, a few weeks ago.

As she walked down a path behind the building with Mabeline, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix, the girl was attacked.

Pinellas County deputies say Michael Bacon, a registered sexual predator, chased her down, grabbed her by the hair, then pinned her down.

The teen couldn’t get loose, but the 38-pound dog did, scaring the attacker off, and allowing the girl to escape.

“To see something like that happen, it’s just unfathomable,” said Donna Thomas, from Friends of Strays, adding they’ve never had any problems before. “…a dog, its bark, its growl, and defending its owner, is always a deterrent.”

But Mabeline, described as an “absolute sweetheart” is hardly what many think of as a guard dog.

Since the attack, she was adopted out.

The new owner, Mary Callahan, had no idea what her new four-legged friend had done, until 10 News told her.

“I looked at my dog and I thought you are a hero,” Callahan explained.

It’s a feisty side Callahan hasn’t seen, but she’s glad to have the extra protection.

“I like that.  I like that a lot,” she said.

The shelter said they are no longer allowing volunteers to walk dogs down the same path where the attack happened.

10 News also found out the attack victim couldn’t adopt the dog herself because someone in the family is allergic.



And now Katrina’s gifts…

The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans Gives New Meaning to “Urban Growth”


“We have snakes,” Mary Brock said. “Long, thick snakes. Kingsnakes, rattlesnakes.”

Brock was walking Pee Wee, a small, high-strung West Highland terrier who darted into the brush at the slightest provocation — a sudden breeze, shifting gravel, a tour bus rumbling down Caffin Avenue several blocks east. But Pee Wee had reason to be anxious. Brock was anxious. Most residents of the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans are anxious. “A lot of people in my little area died after Katrina,” Brock said. “Because of too much stress.” The most immediate sources of stress that October morning were the stray Rottweilers. Brock had seen packs of them in the wildly overgrown lots, prowling for food. Pee Wee, it seemed, had seen them, too. “I know they used to be pets because they are beautiful animals.” Brock corrected herself: “They were beautiful animals. When I first saw them, they were nice and clean — inside-the-house animals. But now they just look sad.”

The Lower Ninth has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs and cats. People from all over the city take the Claiborne Avenue Bridge over the Industrial Canal, bounce along the fractured streets until they reach a suitably empty area and then toss the animals out of the car. But it’s not just pets. The neighborhood has become a dumping ground for many kinds of unwanted things. Contractors, rather than drive to the city dump in New Orleans East, sweep trailers full of construction debris onto the street. Auto shops, rather than pay the tire-disposal fee ($2 a tire), dump tires by the dozen. The tire problem has become so desperate that the city is debating changes to the law. (One humble suggestion: a $2 reward per tire.) You also see burned piles of household garbage, cotton-candy-pink tufts of insulation foam, turquoise PVC pipes, sodden couches tumescing like sea sponges and abandoned cars. Sometimes the cars contain bodies. In August, the police discovered an incinerated corpse in a white Dodge Charger that was left in the middle of an abandoned lot near the intersection of Choctaw and Law, two blocks from where Mary Brock was walking Pee Wee. Nobody knew how long the car had been there; it was concealed from the closest house, half a block away, by 12-foot-high grass. That entire stretch of Choctaw Street, for that matter, was no longer visible. It had been devoured by forest. Every housing plot on both sides of the street for two blocks, between Rocheblave and Law, was abandoned. Through the weeds, you could just make out a cross marking the spot where Brock’s neighbor had drowned.

It is misleading to talk about abandoned lots in the context of the Lower Ninth Ward. Vast sections of the neighborhood have been abandoned, so it’s often unclear where one property ends and the next begins. (An exception is the sliver of land on the neighborhood’s innermost edge, where Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation has built 76 solar-paneled, pastel-hued homes — though this seems less a part of the neighborhood than a Special Economic Zone.) To visualize how the Lower Ninth looked in September — before the city’s most recent campaign to reclaim the neighborhood — you have to understand that it no longer resembled an urban, or even suburban environment. Where once there stood orderly rows of single-family homes with driveways and front yards, there was jungle. The vegetation had all sprouted since Katrina. Trees that did not exist before the storm are now 30 feet high.

The cartoonish pace of vegetation growth resembles something out of a Chia Pet commercial, but it is hardly surprising to New Orleanians long accustomed to roads warped by tree roots and yards invaded by weeds. The soil in the Lower Ninth is extraordinarily fertile, thanks to centuries of alluvial deposits from the Mississippi River, which forms the neighborhood’s southern boundary. From the river, the neighborhood descends, like a long ramp, down to an open-water, brackish marsh called Bayou Bienvenue. This back part of the neighborhood, which, at its lowest point, is four feet below sea level, was the most devastated by the storm and remains the least inhabited. Its population has decreased by 85 percent since 2000.

Many of the ruined buildings have been cleared away, and most of the old foundations are obscured. The inhabited lots, about one per city block, are the exception. With their dutifully trimmed lawns, upright fences and new construction, they stand out like teeth in a jack-o-lantern. But wilderness encroaches from all sides. “My neighbor just saw a little family of coons parading across the street,” said Don Porter, who lives south of Claiborne Avenue, in one of the more occupied areas of the neighborhood. There are four houses on his block, and only two are vacant. “And you see rabbit,” he said. “You see egrets. Pelicans.”

“A raccoon climbs on top of our roof,” said Terry Jacko, 23, who stood with his brother Terrence, 19, in the front yard of their Reynes Street house. “It’s huge. The first time I heard it, I thought it was a dude.”

“I saw a possum in the backyard the other day,” Terrence said. “Its teeth were about this big. I killed it with a stick. It was coming toward me, so I hit him. He just flipped over. I stayed inside after that.”


The article is 8 pages long, I’m not C/P’ing all that shit. Read the rest here.


After a man was murdered on a dark stretch of a bike trail, city council decides it’s best to add: A) Lights B) Police patrols C) A memorial bench

“We have snakes,” Mary Brock said. “Long, thick snakes. Kingsnakes, rattlesnakes.”


Your usual Monday Joe

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Your Monday coffee for this week is brought to you by AJ with a shotgun; Don’t fuck with ponies w/ guns.

Let’s open our ground coffee beans with THIS!



Oh MickeyMonster, you know your discord humor so well. Let’s move on and while the coffee is heating up let me give you some news about Japan and the language around that.

What Does It Mean To Be Fluent In Japanese?

Over on Mutantfrog Travelogue, a post went up earlier this week called “My Japanese sucks and always will.” The post talks about how the author, somebody who’s a long-time student of Japanese, passed the JLPT 1, and has worked and lived in Japan for several years, still doesn’t feel like his Japanese is good enough.

As a student of Japanese, this is probably the most discouraging thing in the world to hear. You might think, “if even he doesn’t feel good about his Japanese, how can I?”

But if you go beyond the article and into the discussion, there’s a bit more than meets the eye.

Reading through the comments, there are plenty of people who empathize with the author, saying that they’re in a similar place.

One the other hand, there are lots of people who say that the author is too hard on himself.



The JLPT And Other Standards Of Japanese Fluency

When you start talking about Japanese fluency, probably the first topic that comes up is the JLPT, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test for the uninitiated.

The JLPT is a test given a couple times a year by the Japanese government to foreigners who want to prove their Japanese language skills. When it comes to Japanese tests, the JLPT is the most widely-recognized and legit test out there.

Unfortunately, the JLPT isn’t a perfect test. It’s a multiple-choice test, so your written and verbal skills (which are important if you ever want to, y’know, talk to people) are never tested.

But if the JLPT isn’t the marker of fluency, then what is? This is where things get a bit hazy, and definitions of fluency become pretty arbitrary.

Everybody seems to have their own standards. Is fluency when you’re able to hold a translation job? Is it when you’re able to have a conversation with a stranger?

The weirdest standard of fluency I saw from the article comments was being able to have an affair with somebody entirely in Japanese. I guess that’s one way to see it.

If there’s disagreement on what it means to be fluent in Japanese, then it might be easier to figure out what it means to be fluent in your native language. How do you know that you’re fluent in your mother tongue?



Native Fluency

Even in your native language, there will be times when you forget words, stumble to find the right ones, and find words inadequate. Language is a big, complex, and imperfect form of human expression.

It’s scary to think about, but in your mother tongue, you only speak a very, very small piece of the language. Your accent and dialogue isn’t the norm everywhere, you don’t know the slang of every subculture, and you’re definitely not familiar with all technical terms.

“Mmm, quite.”

So when people say things like “you’re only fluent in Japanese if you know the on’yomi and kun’yomi of all the Joyo Kanji,” think about what that means in your own language.

What would the English-language equivalent of this be? The closest I can think of would be learning a slew of SAT vocab words, then breaking them down and identifying their Latin roots.

I’d like to think that my English skills are pretty good, but that seems like a tall order. Would you expect any given fluent English speaker to do that much?

Don’t hold yourself to a higher standard in Japanese than you do in your own language.



What You Should Aim For

If you study Japanese and were discouraged by “My Japanese sucks and always will,” don’t be. This kind of frustration is normal when you’re learning something new, but you shouldn’t view it as a permanent setback.

Instead, you should see this as an opportunity to learn from people who have been studying Japanese longer than you, people who hit obstacles before you do.

As a Japanese student, set actionable, concrete goals for yourself instead of saying you want to be “fluent.” Fluency is a big, abstract goal that isn’t really helpful to anybody.

But if you instead set a definite goals for yourself, you’ll be able to hit the mark.

To read more of the discussion, check out the article here, take a look at the Gakuranman’s Google+ post, or follow the conversation on Reddit.


Our last bit of stuff before moving onto today’s news came from my email regarding a survival horror game that utilizes the 3DS’s camera to create a surreal horror scenario…blah blah blah. You don’t want to hear me babble on about this bullshit. Watch for yourself. BIG WARNING! Do not watch if you are easily scared. Don’t worry, it’s not a screamer or Nintendo would get sued.




So ya, there you have it, scary as fuck shit from a 3DS. Never been a fan of horror games, never will. Anyway, uh here’s the site for the game.


Now before anyone gets snippy with me and say I never post decent game news. MLP: Fighting is Magic is in Alpha phase, but MOST BRONIES KNOW THIS ALREADY!



As for CONSAWL GAMING, if you guys don’t know about ME3, then wtf. As for future releases, I’m sorry Nintendo, but I have no interest in future zelda games unless you do something to your series that adds interesting.



Oh look our coffee’s done.

Anyway let’s move onto some real world news.



Heaven’s Memo Pad Alice Figure

Author: Leon


Obviously a gallery post, so I’m not going to push it further, just know this thing comes out October 2012.


And then there’s this faggot…



Kiddy Event “Ruined by Creepy Lolicon Otaku”

Author: Artefact

Much criticism has been directed at creepy otaku who swarmed an event for little children in order to get a chance to touch the show’s adolescent presenters, buying up all the goods on offer and leaving none for the little kiddies in the process.

The controversy centres on an “Oha-girl” (referring to the youthful assistants who appear on TV Tokyo’s “Oha-star”) handshaking event, ostensibly held for the benefit of the young children the morning TV programme is aimed at.

Buyers of the “miracle spin baton” sold at the event also got a signed photograph of the girls and the chance for a handshake, and therein the problems arose – creepy lolicon otaku buyers soon bought up all the batons, some buying ten or more, leaving none for the children.

Attendees (admittedly not themselves in much of a position to criticise others) were soon complaining about this and the sheer number of “big friends” in attendance – although as in fairness all this could easily be headed off by only letting children or families attend, it seems odd that the organisers who ultimately profit escape censure:

“All the batons are sold out!”

“You guys bought too many…”

“You mean they didn’t provide enough! They underestimated our numbers!”

“This is troubling the normal visitors…”

“The baton exchange queue was nothing but old guys.”

“Today was a huge gathering of creepy otaku. And not a hot guy among you.”

“The guy in front of me bought 11. I do think he wanted to give them to kids though.”

“This is harsh!”


“What are you going to do with 11? Give them to the little kiddies.”

“Don’t cause problems for the children, you guys.”

“This is awful. Restrain yourselves!”

“You want to shake their hands that much?”

“Poor kids.”

“They called this ‘a gathering for sub-elementary schoolers’…”

“We’re just big kids.”

“The organisers really did seem to be expecting more families.”

I’m never going to understand what is wrong with people in Japan? Does this mean that Japanese people prove my theory right? That if you take away a man’s right to bear arms so they can kill people, they start going toward a more primal instinct of sexual attraction and start violating women? Fuck man, if that’s the case Japanese people are even worse than Americans.

Let’s move onto some better news.

Al Qaeda now recruiting wheelchair-bound three-year-olds in body casts

Here’s a video of a Chicago TSA operative searching a three year old boy who is in a wheelchair, wearing a body-cast, on the way to his family trip to Disney World. The boy’s parents were not allowed to hold him or touch him to comfort him during the procedure.

A toddler in a wheelchair is stopped by the TSA at ORD (O’Hare Airport in Chicago) and forced to into a sequestered area. On his way to a family vacation in Disney, this 3 year old boy is in a body cast for a broken leg. Despite assurances from his father that “everything is ok”, he is physically trembling with fear while he watches his two siblings, mother, father, grandfather and grandmother pass through along with everyone else…only to be singled out.



As usual the video can be seen on the site.

Teen caught with nipple chain down his pants

The man took his time browsing around the shop, which is called Ladyland and located in central Sundsvall, in June last year.

Store employees recalled him as friendly and chatty, according to local paper Sundsvalls Tidning.

However, upon leaving, the 18-year-old set off the store’s anti-shoplifting alarm.

A search of the man revealed he had pocketed a so called nipple chain, worth some 119 kronor ($18).

The bust-adorning piece of jewelry consisted of two hooks to be fastened on the wearer’s nipples, with a chain running in between.

When questioned by police, the 18-year-old said that he had “forgotten to pay for the item”, claiming that the shopkeeper was overreacting, according to the paper.

However, the man had earlier texted the owner of the shop, saying “sorry I tried to steal from you”.

The 18-year-old was caught shoplifting again in February when he nicked three diet bars from a local supermarket.

When asked why he was stealing, the teen said that he had been having a bad time at home recently and that the reason he stole was to feel a sense of achievement, reported the paper.






Especially that last line, wtf. If you thought that was wtf-worthy, then you’ll get a kick out of this next one.

Chinese artists accuse Apple of piracy, demand compensation

Alexa Olesen
Associated Press

BEIJING—A group of prominent Chinese writers have demanded millions of dollars in compensation from technology giant Apple Inc. for allegedly selling unlicensed versions of their books in its online store, a lawyer said Monday.

The case is a departure from the usual pattern of U.S artists or companies going after Chinese copycats. Trade groups say illegal Chinese copying of music, designer clothing and other goods costs legitimate producers billions of dollars a year in lost sales.

Three separate lawsuits have been filed with the Beijing No. 2 Intermediate Court on behalf of 12 writers who allege 59 of their titles were sold unlicensed through Apple’s iTunes online store, said Wang Guohua, a Beijing lawyer representing the writers.

The three suits together demand 23 million (US$3.5 million) in compensation from Apple, Wang said. Well-known novelist and race car driver Han Han is among the writers taking the legal action, he said.

Carolyn Wu, a Beijing-based Apple spokesman, said that the company respects intellectual property and responds to complaints quickly.

“As an IP holder ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting intellectual property and when we receive complaints we respond promptly and appropriately,” she said. She declined to get into the specifics of the Chinese writers’ claims.

Wang said the Chinese writers’ works was made available via the Apple Store without their permission, violating their copyright, and while Apple deleted some books after the suits were filed in January, some works quickly appeared again, apparently uploaded by developers that sell apps through the Apple Store.

“Some developers, with whom Apple has contracts, put them back online again,” said Wang of the United Zhongwen Law Firm. “It is encouragement in disguise, because they did not punish the developers. The developers could have been kicked out. But nothing happened to them.”

Apple has more than 585,000 apps available through its Apple Store, and according to guidelines posted online, requires the developers themselves secure the rights to any trademarked material within those apps.

Wang said 10 other writers have also gotten involved since January but their suits have yet to be filed. In all, 23 writers have registered their complaints with Wang and claim that Apple sold 95 pirated titles.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported late Sunday that the writers were collectively seeking 50 million yuan ($7.7 million) in compensation from Apple but Wang could not confirm that figure.

Product piracy is a major irritant in China-U.S. relations, but usually involves complaints that Chinese are copying American products.

However, it’s not the first time Chinese have cried foul over copyright infringement by an American company either. In 2009, the government-affiliated China Written Works Copyright Society complained that Google had scanned nearly 20,000 works by 570 Chinese authors without permission as part of its digital library project, drawing an apology from Google.

For Apple, the latest case is just one of several legal battles being fought in China. The company is embroiled in a battle over the iPad trademark with Proview Electronics Co., a Chinese computer monitor and LED light maker that says it registered the trademark more than a decade ago.

Proview wants Apple to stop selling or making the popular tablet computers under that name.

Apple says Proview sold it worldwide rights to the iPad trademark in 2009, though in China the registration was never transferred.


China suing the US?




and our last story for the night.


Police: Karaoke singer knocks out manager after bad review



A 28-year-old man knocked out a Applebee’s manager inside the Melbourne restaurant after stripping and getting bad reviews about his karaoke performance, police said.

Jeffrey Lee Thompson was charged with battery and disorderly conduct after Melbourne police were called late Sunday to investigate reports of a disturbance at the Applebee’s at 1545 Palm Bay Road.

“He was intoxicated. It was karaoke night and he became very involved with his performance,” said Melbourne police Sgt. Byron Barnes.  “He took his clothes off as he sang to the audience.”

At least one customer complained, and a manager asked Thompson to stop singing, according to patrons.

The manager then turned the music off, and police said Thompson punched the manager, knocking him out.

A Palm Bay police officer who was eating at the restaurant at the time chased Thompson and arrested him after deploying his stun gun, according to witnesses.

During the arrest, Local 6 cameras captured the singer bragging about knocking the manager out.

Thompson was taken to the Brevard County Jail and was being held on $700 bond.

Watch Local 6 for more on this developing story.


And with that I’m signing out.


Weekend Quickie: SOPA strikes back

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So here’s what happened the original Pinkie Pie’s real song got taken down due to being “spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content”. Dafaq does that mean? I went back to watch the damn video and I find it was down. Anyway, I decided to edit the post so now a copy of the original version can be seen on that post. Anyway, you guys can enjoy the copy of the original that is once again edited back into the post.


If I noticed this a little late, I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that YouTube had taken this down.


I’ll see you next week in the mean time. Enjoy a free tumblr post.

You guys remember Pinkie Pie’s REAL SONG?

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You should probably listen to this.




Thanks trolls news. No I’m not spamming posts, so I can make up for this week.

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