Spring won’t be upon us for another 19 days so ya. Shut the hell up Lily, we know it’s coming goddammit. Anyway ya, you’re probably wondering about the sparse posts, and if you’re not, that’s cool too. But Katawa Shoujo‘s been taking up my time. This guy best described KS so I’mma leave you with his quote.



Pretty much this ^. Every word of this is true; game is part dating sim, part life sim with h-scenes and graphics for your collection. And this is coming from someone, namely myself, who doesn’t normally do VNs due to how slow they tend to be. But I picked this up cause Max Gilardi (Creator of the Pony.mov series), picked it up and I figure if someone who is pretty much foreign to the anime scene can pick this up and enjoy this,  I might be able to as well.


So about Spring, ya it’s coming but why mention it? cause it’s been cold as fuck the last couple of days with the hail and all over here. Anyway, AWAY with ye, onward toward newsdom or something.

Daring mountain rescue for base jumper stuck in crevasse after he put his parachute on BACKWARDS

By Daniel Miller


A bungling base jumper had a miraculous escape when he ended up stranded on a tiny ledge after leaping off a 600ft cliff with his parachute on backwards.

Mountain rescuers took a nail-biting four hours to reach the man stranded in the perilous position in Arizona’s Superstition mountains.

According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s office, the 30-year-old Casa Grande man had hiked up to the mountain with some friends.

Two of his companions had base jumped successfully, hurling themselves off the edge of the cliff then floating down safely.

However when it was his turn to leap his parachute failed to deploy properly.

Because he had packed it the wrong was it dragged him back towards the cliff face rather than away from it as planned.

Rescue: The daredevil looks out sheepishly as he sits on the narrow ledge awaiting rescue 

Efforts: A rescue helicopter buzzes round the stranded man. It took the team four hours to reach him  

He was only saved because he was wafted into a crevice before ending up perched on the tiny ledge.

Luckily he had a cell phone with him and was able to call for help, wrapping himself up in his parachute to keep warm until he could be hoisted to safety.

Stunning: Arizona's Superstition Mountains are a popular spot for hikers and extreme sports enthusiasts alike

Mountain rescuers said it was a miracle that he hadn’t plummeted to his death and died and was able to hang on until help arrived.

He is now recovering with a minor ankle injury.


Oh silly people, stop putting your shit on backwards. Hahaha!


Patient set on fire in Scarborough Hospital theatre

A patient undergoing surgery at a hospital in North Yorkshire was set on fire during the procedure when solution used to clean the skin ignited.

Officials at Scarborough Hospital said the incident happened at the site on Monday afternoon.

The unnamed patient was treated for the injury and transferred to Castle Hill Hospital near Hull before being returned to Scarborough.

Hospital officials said they were “very sorry for any pain and distress”.

The fire triggered an alarm which saw North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue send about 15 firefighters to the scene but they were not needed.

Liz Booth, director of operations at Scarborough and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust, said: “I can confirm that during a surgical procedure a solution used to clean the skin ignited, causing skin burns to the patient.

“The skin burn was treated immediately and the patient was kept in hospital overnight. As a precaution the patient was transferred to Pinderfields for further assessment and on return was discharged.

“We are extremely sorry for any pain and distress caused to the patient.

“A full investigation commenced within minutes of the incident occurring and a final report will be produced and shared with the family.”


Oh and would you look at this, the KKK left their business card. 😆

By Ann Marie Bush


Business owner John Love isn’t intimidated by two calling cards allegedly left at his southeast Topeka business by the Ku Klux Klan.

“I’m from the South, so I’m used to it,” said Love, who opened Love’s Fish Market three weeks ago at 2511 S.E. California Ave.

Love has been a Topeka business owner for more than 30 years.

Two business cards were left at his new business Thursday.

“The cashier came in and gave them to my daughter,” Love said Monday afternoon.

The first card has a rider on a horse and says “You have been paid a friendly visit by the Ku Klux Klan” and “Should we pay you a real visit.”

The second card stated “You have just been helped by a knight of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Although Love, who is black, said he wasn’t intimidated by the calling cards, he said he decided to file a police report. The original cards were taken by the police, he said.

“We do have a report,” said Topeka Police Capt. Jerry Stanley. “We are investigating it.”

Stanley said he wasn’t aware of any other KKK calling cards left at Topeka businesses.

There have been other reports throughout the years from across the United States of KKK calling cards being left at businesses and in neighborhoods.

Topeka was the site of a large Ku Klux Klan rally in July 1923, according to previous Topeka Capital-Journal articles.

The Klan was formed in the South soon after the Civil War, previous articles have stated. It was re-established in 1915 as a fraternal group for white, native-born, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. KKK membership in Kansas rose close to 100,000 at its height in 1924. In July 1923, more than 1,200 Klan members staged a parade six blocks long in Topeka.

Love moved to Topeka in 1964. He owns Love Enterprise Inc. and operates a moving and construction business, as well as the newly opened Fish Market.

“I want people to be aware of this,” Love said. “I got a good crew here. I don’t want something like this to mess it up.”


I’m laughing furreal right now. Guess racist white folks will have to start Project KKK all over again lmao.


Winder Man Calls 911 to Report Being Invisible

A 28-year-old Winder man called 911 on Feb. 17 and said he was invisible.

Paramedics with Barrow County Emergency Services and a deputy with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Chancey Circle residence following the 911 call.

According to an incident report, when the deputy arrived at the location he was advised by first responders that the caller did not need medical assistance and this was the fourth or fifth time paramedics had been to the residence in the past couple weeks.

The deputy was told the caller wanted a ride to the hospital “so he could get more medications” because he had taken all the medication he had received the night before. According to the incident report, the caller was told he needed to “dry up on the medication” and that he should not call 911 unless there was an emergency. If he did call 911 again and did not need help, he would be arrested.

According to Barrow County Detention Center records, the caller has prior arrests for criminal trespass and failure to appear.


And our last story for tonight before heading to Japan.


Ian Campbell killed by freight train while fishing off narrow bridge near Biscayne Boulevard

Arlene Satchell, Sun Sentinel

A man was killed after he was struck by a Florida East Coast Railway train Wednesday evening, according to the Aventura Police Department.

The accident occurred shortly after 6 p.m. in the 17800 block of the FEC railroad tracks, authorities said in a statement.

The man was in 30s and had been fishing with a friend when he was struck by the front of the train, according to WPLG-Ch. 10. The friend escaped the collision by jumping into the water.

The injured man was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Aventura police and FEC law enforcement officials are investigating the incident.

Prof: “Men Without Girlfriends Are Sick Because of Games!”

Author: Artefact

Controversy abounds over an university professor’s theory that men without girlfriends are actually suffering an illness caused by the pernicious influence of games and the Internet.

The article in translation, referring to the theories of one Professor Tomonori Morikawa, an expert in Japanese politics and “love theory,” and judging by his vast list of trashy print media appearances, quite the publicity hound:

Professor Tomonori Morikawa of Waseda University says young people today increasingly prefer games and the Internet to real romantic relationships. He asserts young men put off by the difficulty of securing real romance now tend to give up and pursue easy conquests in the virtual realm.

Professor Morikawa’s article was soon picked up by Chinese news sites with the byline “Do you all have girlfriends? If not, you are ill.”

According to Morikawa, romance is excessively difficult for young people today, and many are left with the impression that only beautiful men or women can succeed in love. This soon saps them of all romantic ambitions.

As a result of this, they find themselves fleeing to the virtual worlds offered online or in games, and may even find themselves unable to distinguish between the two. Morikawa warns this may well constitute a type of disease.

Some might think this portrait only applies to particular types of men – the prevalent image is of otaku whose only chance of love is in games – but in fact it may apply to anyone. Many lay the blame on games and the Internet.

Should this theory be correct, it also has paradoxical implications for the notion that games cause crime.

The validity of this entirely unsubstantiated theory is the subject of much debate online:

“Miku is my wife.”

“Not again.”

“To think, if there were no net or games I would be totally popular…”

“This is the best theory he could come up with? It sounds like something any amateur could dream up.”

“Come on, he’s just trying to drum up publicity.”

“It’s disturbing to think ones of our ilk would be lumped in with the barbarians interested in this ‘romance.’”

“It’s a symbol of Japan today. Women are all bitches, but 2D girls don’t backstab or parasitise, and they are cute too.”

“Funny how game basher theories are never accompanied by the huge increase in rapes their ideas suggest should be happening.”

“Is it me or are professors today just obsessed with making up stupid theories about ‘young people’?”

“Games at fault again? Come off it, women.”

“There are no ‘women’ in the real world. What there are are carnivorous animals who look like women.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are hot, you can manage with cash only.”

“Who can support some woman with the economy like this whilst facing an uncertain future?”

“Lately even hot guys get bored with real women and go for dating games. Source: me. I’m dating Nene!”

“Not another one of these ‘young people today are…’ articles.”

“They are easier for these people to write than ‘because young people have no money…’”

“I really would like to have sex with someone and end this loneliness. But when I onanise these feelings disappear somewhere in a shot. In the end I’m happy just licking Miku.”

“Blame it on all these articles about trashy women putting us off the real thing, not games.”

“It can’t be helped, 2D is just too cute.”


Really Japan? has your culture pushed you so far off the edge that the whole idea of dating/living is no longer of interest to you? This is sad, to see Japan ending on such a sour note. Well whatever, I don’t live there, yet. I have no complaints.


Anyway, this is Grass signing off, till next time.