No news post today, but I wanted to share something with you all. It’s a blog post on about how to survive homelessness in Japan if you’re going there like me and run out of money or something.


If You’re Homeless In Japan, Here Are Your Options

Japan’s jobless rate is currently at 5.2%, which is a record high (way better than America’s, but still). There is a 15.7% poverty rate, one of the highest amongst industrialized nations. 15,800 people live on the streets of Japan (according to the government – in reality this number is probably higher with 10,000+ in Tokyo alone).  Read more


Anyway, just a little something to keep you guys going on in life even if we all know how bad Japan’s dealing with it’s underlying cultural defect and their people not having relations and sex anymore. Still it’s not all bad, I mean people are still alive over there if nothing else. New pony ep tomorrow if I remember correctly.


I’ll see you all next week for more exciting news and other such things. Good night, and have a safe rest of the week.