Americans, as December 21st, 2012 creeps upon us and riots around the US ring out in revolution for Ron Paul, we need someone in office to help us take back our liberty. I know you guys have heard of the Ron Paul R3voLution hundreds of times, but as you can clearly see, putting something like this over US air space is not only intrusive, it’s turning us into Neo North Korea. You want to go back to the old days of Communist China where talking against the government could get you killed? Go vote anyone but Ron Paul. I’m just saying. After watching this ad, I’d be more than willing to vote for the guy. This is an effective ad and it proves to the simple minded petty human beings out there and reminds them that our government is ENSLAVING the populace. Americans have always fought for freedom even though it was an illusion, but fighting for an illusion is still better than not fighting back at all.