So having spent most of my weekend on Skyward sword and sleeping in the day time, I can functionally say that I had to catch up on sleep so this post is fucking late; Deal with it. So let’s open up with a short review of SS based on what I’ve played and not finished: Played first 3 dungeons all dungeons but last made sense, and did not need a guide for. Dungeon 3 had me re-routing so many fucking times I gave up and just followed a guide online to get out of there. Ladies and gentlemen I think it’s safe to say that, you fucked yourself if you decided to fuck around with the dungeon design and retain one of Moonlit Grotto’s biggest flaw, HUGE RE-ROUTING; Thank you Nintendo. Thanks for ruining a lot of shit with your poor dungeon design, considering I was gonna rage quit. So let me get this out of the way. I liked the faces of the people and everything was well refined in SS, but looking back at TP, everything looked flatter and less vibrant. I’m not sure what Nintendo did with Skyward but it looks too fucking bright and those were my exact comments when I saw the trailer at E3. To quote myself “It looks just like TP, but with brighter colors.” And was I right, damn right I was. Clunky motion controls aside, it’s not bad, but we need to look forward for the next Zelda and hopefully it won’t be too big a disappointment.


Anyway, I know we got news, so let’s get this over with.



Teacher Has Sex With Pupil & Gets Mother Pregnant

Author: Artefact

A teacher who repeatedly had sex with his pupil and then got her mother pregnant may face punishment.

The 51-year-old teacher began his mother-daughter tryst with one of the 15-year-old schoolgirls at his Ehime prefecture middle school, in darkest Shikoku.

One night he reportedly picked up the pupil in his car near the school gates on the pretext of taking her home to discuss her academic worries together with her mother, but stopped on the way there in order to grope her, which soon developed into full-blown sex.

He then dropped her off and warned her to keep her mouth shut – although not, it seems, for long, as he called her out for two similar encounters in the months following.

However, he was apparently unable to satisfy his lusts with only his pupil, and soon arranged to meetings outside of school with her mother “in order to discuss her daughter’s progress.”

Naturally enough, these discussions took place at local hotels, and over their course he managed to get the girl’s mother pregnant. She was subsequently persuaded to have an abortion.

The schoolgirl was evidently none too happy either about having to put up with her teacher’s advances, or else having to share them with her own mother, and unwisely sought assistance from the school principal.

After hearing what had transpired, he made his errant subordinate retire “at his own request” and apologised to the pair, but insisted “it would be better not to involve the police” and tried to leave it at that.

However, the schoolgirl was not having any of it, and approached police herself. They began investigating possible charges of indecent assault against the girl’s teacher.

None of the reports are forthcoming about the actual level of consent involved in the teacher’s encounters with his nonetheless underage pupil, beyond calling it “indecent” (as opposed to “inappropriate” in the case of the mother) – although given that both mother and daughter clearly knew about each other’s dalliances, it is hard to imagine the mother being sympathetic to the teacher had he forced himself on her daughter.

When local media soon got wind of the scandal the school merely insisted they were looking out for her interests by sensibly sweeping the matter under the rug and pretending it never happened:

“We judged publicising the incident would have a negative effect on the pupil’s school life, so we refrained from making the incident public or referring the matter to police.”

The local school board went one step further in its disavowal and denied knowing anything at all:

“We are aware of a teacher retiring due to poor health, but we have no reports of anything else. We will be sure to confirm matters and take the proper measures.”

The school has announced it will offer a public explanation to parents later in the month, although no arrests or sackings have so far been announced – or seem likely.

Online, there is a certain amount of demand for a adaptation of some sort:

“This is more amazing than any soap opera!”

“Forget soaps, this is ero-manga territory!”

“This teacher was some kind of sex demon…”

“I’m sick of watching AVs like this. Can’t they think of anything new?”

“Even the school told them not to tell the cops – it’s all rotten to the core, isn’t it?”

“Out in the country teachers – and cops – are still considered beyond reproach. Nobody can disobey the will of the community. You think it’s a good place to raise your kids? It’s nothing but sex, and rape under the guise of senpai-kouhai relationships is common.”

“Must have been a fatherless family – else he would have gone nuts.”

“Imagine being the husband…”

“Oyako donburi.”

“Aren’t our police wonderful? They recently arrested a 19-year-old boy for having a loving relationship with a 17-year-old girl, but they totally ignore power harassment sex between a 51-year-old and his 15-year-old student.”

“Did someone write up the plot of an eroge as an article by accident?”

“What’s all this stuff about retirement at his own request and him being ‘temporarily’ retired?”

“Hint: it’s all to do with pensions and years of continuous service [so he doesn’t lose his pension].”

“What a union those teachers have.”

“Join the Japan Teachers’ Union and have sex with all the children you want!”

“You net rightists are total morons. If you’d bother to look online you’d see the JTU membership of teachers in Ehime prefecture is close to 0%!”

“All this whining about child pornography and they can’t even get these guys arrested. You’d think they’d consider prosecuting actual child rape the priority…”

“What does it take to get a civil servant arrested around here? If it were a commoner you can bet they’d be arrested on the spot.”

“The girl is a victim, so wouldn’t her mother be an assailant? She did nothing to stop matters, after all.”

“The girl was probably doing enjo kousai, which was spun into ‘indecent assault.’ But why aren’t the police arresting anyone?”

“MILF@40 & JC@15 – that teacher was a high level hentai!”

“It helps if you just think of teachers as habitual sex offenders.”

“I-I’m not jealous of this guy at all! Really!”

“He was truly a teacher of teachers.”


You know what, let’s just fire all the teachers in Japan and make them not teach in Japan. That way, you can be stupid in Japan and be ok. Full on retard mode activate! I know my friend Ryan’s like ‘You shouldn’t read ShitKaku.” But you know what, Sankaku isn’t completely wrong, they’re just really bad at finding good news in Japan; So be it. I’m sure not all Japanese women hate the whole sex thing or the decline in Japan’s population growth would be so drastic that if any major earthquake hit Japan and wiped out, say, another 30% of the population that the population would probably be about 40% of what it used to be at the turn of the century. Japan’s population was nearly decimated in WWII and they bounced back years later, so I think it’s safe to say that they’ll be fine.

Anyway, let’s move on.

By Erin Lindsay

You know it’s going to be a good day at work when you see the words “Preacher puts stripper pole on the pulpit” on your assignment list.

You read that right: “Stripper pole on the pulpit.”

Pastor Mike Scruggs is leading a series called “Battle of the Sexes” at his church in Ohio — and he used “props” to demonstrate the difference between the two.

Scruggs tells HLN affiliate WLWT he can save marriages with his sermon series. He’s even challenging couples to have sex every day for a week straight.


Oh look a black man doing sermon with a stripper pole. BRB STEREOTYPES!!!

Next up let’s run over an indestructible phone.

Samsung Rugby Smart review [Video]

By Nathan Olivarez-Giles

Samsung, AT&T, I’m sorry. I smashed the Samsung Rugby Smart. It’s busted, broken and unusable. In my defense, I was told I could drive over the rugged smartphone with a car and it’d come out OK.

To test out the car-versus-Rugby Smart selling point, I enlisted Times auto critic David Undercoffler to drive over the durable handset with the nicest car we could find — a Bentley Continental GT convertible.

The Bentley came out fine, but the Rugby Smart is trashed. It won’t even turn on. And the screen is shattered. The back plate is scraped up. I didn’t see things coming out this way.

In the Rugby Smart’s defense, the Bentley Continental GT Convertible weighs more than 2 tons.

As soon as the first tire rolled over the Rugby Smart, I heard a crunching noise that struck both excitement and fear into my bones. You can see from my reaction in the review video above that I pretty much knew I had ruined your phone.

But before the Rugby Smart was put out of commission, it was a solid little handset. Not particularly fast. Not up to modern top-of-the-line smartphone standards. But a rugged bulldog of a phone nonetheless.

At $100 on a two-year contract (exclusively from AT&T), the Rugby Smart offers one of the most durable gadgets I’ve ever laid my hands on. I sunk the phone in a sink full of water for about 25 minutes and it worked like a champ as soon as I pulled it out and dried it off. Samsung says the Rugby Smart can be dunked as deep as a meter, for as long as half an hour.

I rubbed the Rugby Smart in dirt and sand and mud, and nothing fazed it. It passed all the durability tests I threw at it (except for the Bentley), including dropping it from about six feet in the air.

And, best of all, the ruggedness was packed into a compact design that felt sleeker and less obstructive than the over-sized and unattractive waterproof and shockproof cases I see adorning far more fragile iPhones from time to time.

The Rugby Smart is 0.47-inches thick and weighs 4.2 ounces. The rubberized bezel of the phone was grippy and, along with a hard plastic backplate, reinforced the overall feeling that this was a tough gadget.

Performance of the phone itself, however, was poor by today’s standards. Unless you really, truly and genuinely need a phone that can survive the natural elements, I would steer clear of the Rugby Smart.

For one thing, it’s running an older version of Google’s Android operating system — Android 2.3 Gingerbread. As a gadget reviewer, at this point, I wouldn’t recommend buying a phone not running the latest Android Software (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) or a phone without a solid Ice Cream Sandwich arrival date announced. The Rugby Smart, while rugged, has neither.

The 3.7-inch touchscreen looks great, with bright colors and nice contrast, but it’s low in resolution at 480 x 800 pixels. The touchscreen was also slow to respond to my fingers and the operating system moved sluggishly, with power coming from 512-megabytes of RAM and a 1.4-gigahertz processor.

The Rugby Smart comes with just 4-gigabytes of built-in storage, which isn’t enough if you hope to load up on apps, music, games, or maybe a couple of movies. Thankfully there is a microSD card slot for added storage (microSD card sold separately).

The 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera isn’t bad for video chatting, and the 5-megapixel camera on back was pretty good, with decent but not breathtaking photos and 720p video being captured. Battery life was good. I regularly went through a day before I needed to charge back up.

With the highs and the lows taken into account, the hardware and performance felt about a generation behind what is offered on most of today’s new smartphones.

After spending a couple weeks testing out the Rugby Smart, the only reason I see to take it for the next two years of your life is if you know you’ll be abusing your phone day in and day out.

Just make sure not to drive over this phone with a Bentley.

The video’s on the page, go enjoy it.


Last post today, since today’s my “Coma” day, I’m going to leave this at this.

Florida man seeks return of nearly 700 cats

The Associated Press

LEE, Fla. — A Florida man wants nearly 700 cats removed from his cat sanctuary to be returned to his care.

An attorney says Craig Grant is seeking a permit from the Madison County Commission to upgrade the Caboodle Ranch about 60 miles east of Tallahassee.

David Collins tells The Florida Times-Union ( ) that his client will plead not guilty to multiple animal cruelty charges at his arraignment Tuesday.

Collins says a hearing Wednesday to determine who will care for the cats was postponed while the commission considers the permit request.

Officials say many of the cats removed in February are still being treated for various ailments. Cats that can be traced to owners who want them will be returned. Adoptions for the rest must wait for the criminal case against Grant to conclude.



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