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I know you guys are getting tired of fillers so here’s some actual news about a game company buying out another game company. So sit right there while I tell you how EA was bought out by a prince of town called Bel- wait wrong story.

Nexon said to make offfer for Electronic Arts, Bloomberg reports



Japanese online game company Nexon reportedly contacted Electronic Arts (EA) about making an offer, according to Bloomberg, citing a South Korean newspaper.



So ya, shortest news ever. But I kinda wanna call bullshit about that Nexon being  a Japanese company when the site is in Korean. Oh retarded America, there’s no way Nexon is Japanese; That’s 100% grade A bullshit. Now, onto the next story: X-Play’s Adam Sessler quits X-Play.


Watch Adam Sessler’s Best Video Game Rants Right Here


t’s not an exaggeration to say that an era ended yesterday. G4 aired its last episode of X-Play with popular commentator Adam Sessler as co-host on Wednesday, just hours after Kotaku reported that Adam Sessler would no longer be working at the network.

While Sessler was best known for review and interview segments on X-Play, he also ranted on a regular basis in his infamous Sessler’s Soapbox segments. The brash, opinionated personality logged more than 450 Soapbox rants, covering everything from wishes for next-gen consoles to the joys and failures of specific franchises.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, where Sessler takes on anti-game lawyer Jack Thompson, clueless parents who aren’t in touch with the games their kids play and the bigotry and bullying that too many gamers spew online. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get to hear Sessler hold forth on the medium he clearly loves so much.


Vids can be seen on the Kotaku page, enjoy there.


We will miss you Sessler. /salute


That’s our short story for my come back I’ll be back to post something longer assuming I can keep my comp from black-screening. This is Grass, signing out.