I wanna thank whoever made this for EqD; I love you so much. Now for some Ponies this weekend, I’ll give you guys a longer quickie this weekend, but no major headliner.

Chapter 6 of the mini-chapter series is up; You can read it here.

As for your daily dose…here you go.

Nightly Roundup #316

Yeah, I usually like cute or sleepy pictures for Roundups it seems. Guess it’s just a little weakness of mine. Well, after tonight my little stint at the Roundups is over and you’ll be getting PK back next week! Thanks for having me during this short time, I’m sure I’ll pop in from time to time when PK needs maintenance or something.
Anyhow, time for some news my friends!

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And just so you guys don’t think I’m leaving you in the dark, here’s an amusing story from Fox.



This is Grass signing off till next time.