It’s a fucking miracle folks, I never thought it’d happen, but it finally happened. Here’s some real game news.

Ubisoft Employees: “I Can’t Continue To Make Shooters Over And Over Again”


Jade Raymond the Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto has stated that a number of her employees approach her and confess that they no longer feel passionate about creating yet another first-person or third-person shooter. Raymond firmly believes that it’s now time to “give our teenage medium a kick in the balls.”

“More and more people come to me at Ubisoft and say, ‘I love games. I came into this industry with so many ideas. But I can’t continue to make shooters over and over again. I’m not even in line with the messages.’ I have that meeting a lot these days. Yeah, it’s time to give our teenage medium a kick in the balls.”

“I don’t know when we decided as an industry that in order to sell five million copies of a game you have to make a Michael Bay film. There are other options.”


The world has hope and the tyranny of FPS has hope to come to an end.