My break from blogging has officially ended so here’s your lengthy news post. It’s recently come to my attention that summer is approaching and the load of work needing being accomplished is slowly filling up. So as I take another yawn and wave of my hand to these bothersome workloads I’ve been dealing with, and assume the position of bitching about how the world sucks so goddamn much, once again.

So without further ado, let the bitching commence.

So Google News tells us once again the Euro has been dropping again. You know what, I’m getting sick of this. Seriously…2011 gave us an entire year of bad news…but I’ll leave the article for you guys.

REFILE-FOREX-Euro slides to 4-month low as Greek fears persist

* Greek uncertainty continues, euro could test 2012 low
    * ECB stops operations with some Greek bank-sources
    * Dollar climbs to 2-week high vs yen after US data

    By Gertrude Chavez-Dreyfuss	
    NEW YORK, May 16 (Reuters) - The euro dropped to a
four-month low against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday, sliding for
a fourth consecutive session and likely to face more losses on
fears about a Greek exit from the euro zone.	
    News that the European Central Bank has stopped providing
liquidity to some Greek banks as they are severely
undercapitalized weighed on the euro. These banks have now been
moved to the ECB's emergency liquidity assistance program.

    The news briefly sent the euro below $1.27,
approaching its session low of $1.2679, according to Reuters
data. It was on track to test the January trough of $1.2623,
below which would mark the euro's lowest level since August
    "I think the ECB is playing hardball," said Mark McCormick,
currency strategist at Brown Brothers Harriman in New York. "I
doubt they want to get too involved in EU politics, but I think
they're trying to show Greek policymakers what their banking
sector would look like without support from the ECB."	
    Whether that's enough to persuade Greek politicians and
voters to stay inside the euro zone won't be known until the
June 17 election, he said. But the uncertainty should keep the
euro below $1.30 over the next month. 	
    The euro last traded at $1.2725, slightly down on the
day. The session low of $1.2679 was the weakest since
    In the options market, one-month at-the-money implied
volatility jumped to a 2-1/2 month high on Wednesday of 11.30
percent, while the cost of protecting against a euro
decline as shown in the 25 delta risk reversal data rose to 2.25
percent, approaching the highs seen on May 9.	
    The euro also hit a three-month low versus the yen before
recovering to trade little changed on the day at 102.06 yen. .
    Expectations that Germany and France will act together to
keep Greece in the euro zone helped support the common currency
earlier in the session, though it remained pressured with
investors not convinced Greece will not chart its own course. 	
    Germany wants to stabilize Greece within the euro zone but
Athens must stick to its agreements with international lenders,
a German government spokesman said on Wednesday. 	
    Greek political leaders, meanwhile, meet on Wednesday to
form a caretaker government that will lead the country into its
second election in just over a month, with Greece's euro
membership at stake in a growing crisis rocking world markets.

    "European officials want Greece to remain in the euro zone
and will provide support, but Greek officials are saying a lot
of different things and it is not a surprise they will have
(new) elections," said Eric Viloria, senior currency strategist
at in New York. 	
    Investors also remain concerned about the knock-on effects
of a Greek euro exit for economies like Spain and Italy. World
Bank President Robert Zoellick said as much, noting that
Greece's exit could undermine confience in the euro zone trigger
another liquidity crisis. 	
    Greek concerns overall have helped bolster the perceived
safety of the dollar and the yen in recent months.	
    The dollar rose to a two-week high against the yen of 80.55
yen, more than a yen above the 2-1/2 month low touched
last week, after data showed U.S. housing starts rose more than
expected in April.	
    It last traded at 80.24 yen, up 0.1 percent. The dollar
trimmed gains after minutes of the latest Federal Reserve
meeting suggested that some members of the bank's policy-making
committee considered more stimulus for the economy.

    The dollar touched a four-month high against the Swiss franc
 of 0.9471 franc and was last up 0.1 percent at 0.9433

    Sterling underperformed after the Bank of England issued a
weaker growth outlook in its quarterly inflation report while
Governor Mervyn King warned that the turmoil in the euro zone
posed a risk to the UK economy.  	
    This helped the euro recover from a 3-1/2 year low
against the UK pound. The euro was last 79.94 pence, up 0.5
percent. Against the dollar, sterling fell to a four-week low
and last changed hands $1.5917, down 0.5 percent.	
    Risk aversion and worries about slowing global growth
weighed on higher-yielding currencies like the Australian and
New Zealand dollars , which fell to five-month lows
against the U.S. dollar.

This is not the kind of news I wanted to hear, and frankly I’m tired of seeing this kind of shit on my goddamn blogs anyway. After spending 6 months of daily posts about dropping coinage in Europe and the Americas, I’ve frankly had enough of this.


Let’s move onto something different.


Let’s talk about gas prices. What the hell is up with gas prices these days, it drops once then raises once. Economists, Y U NO predict better prices for the rest of us?

Gas Prices Get Screwy, Dropping 14¢ in One State, Rising Over 14¢ in Others

By Brad Tuttle

A week ago, a federal agency announced its latest forecast for gas prices, which are expected to remain stable through the summer, averaging under $3.80 nationwide. While the overall average may indeed stay fairly flat, prices in individual states could fluctuate dramatically. That’s just what’s happened in the past week, with prices in one state dropping 14¢ per gallon—and rising over 14¢ in others.

For the country as a whole, gas prices have kept up a slow, steady decline over roughly a month’s time. According to AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report, the current national average as of Tuesday was $3.727, which is about 4¢ less than the week before, and 17¢ cheaper than a month prior. By late April, gas prices had decreased to the point that they were cheaper than the year before, and at this point last year, the average gallon cost nearly 25¢ more than it does right now.

This isn’t to say that gas prices are dropping everywhere. Not at all. Consumer Reports’ weekly gas price roundup notes that gas prices have declined in every region of the country with one notable exception: the West Coast. For the whole coast, gas prices have increased 12¢ per gallon over the past week.

A GasBuddy post reports that the average per-gallon increase in California registered at 14¢ during the last week, and that prices rose as much as 17¢ in spots such as Santa Barbara and Orange County. Gas prices in Washington also increased 14¢ in a single week’s time, and Oregon drivers have gotten hit the hardest, with prices that are 17¢ per gallon more expensive than one week ago.

The post explains that while prices at the pump are tied to the price of crude oil—which has been decreasing—there are still explanations for why the West Coast drivers have been paying more:

If refineries aren’t processing enough oil, there won’t be enough gasoline. That’s the case here- supply has tumbled as refineries suffer various small blips, reducing the amount of gasoline available, thus causing some panic amongst traders, boosting the value of the gasoline that is available.

Analysts cited in the Los Angeles Times, which lists the one-week rise in gas prices at 15.4¢ and the latest statewide average at $4.367 per gallon, also place the blame on refinery problems.

The story is quite different in much the country, especially in the Midwest and states such as Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports that prices in Michigan have fallen 14¢ per gallon over the past week, bringing the statewide average to $3.69—or 45¢ cheaper than prices were a year ago at this time.

Gas price hikes related to refinery issues are expected to be temporary, so, in theory, relief at the pump will come to West Coast drivers sometime in the near future. Based on how screwy gas prices have been this year, though, by the time prices should be decreasing in California and Oregon, it wouldn’t be surprising if some other issue(s) arose causing prices to rise for some reason or another, to the dismay and confusion of drivers everywhere


Oh joy, let’s ruin more people’s lives. Really? Sometimes I honestly wish the real world can go fuck itself.



12-year-old put in jail by mistake

Child mistaken for older brother

Krista Henery

JASPER COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – From the waiting room to a jail cell. A case of mistaken identity leads to a 12-year-old who said he was wrongfully jailed.

Now the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is investigating.

“He was holding his belt in one hand and had tears coming down his face and I said, ‘Jacob, where were you,’ and he said, ‘I was in jail,” Michelle Magruder said. “I said, ‘what do you mean, did you ask for them to show you’ and he said, ‘no.’ ”

12-year-old Jacob Magruder said it all happened as he was sitting alone in the lobby while he was waiting for his family at the Jasper County Jail. Jacob said his family was upstairs with his 17-year-old brother who had just been arrested.

“I saw a police officer and he had a phone and he goes, ‘is this the boy I’m supposed to take,’ and the lady goes, ‘yeah,'” Jacob said.

Jacob said he was then asked to stand up as the officer patted him down.

“He said, ‘can you put your hands on the wall and spread your legs,’ and he checked me and he was like, ‘just to make sure you have no weapons on you,’ ” Jacob said.

The boy said he was then taken behind a closed door and put in a holding cell.

“This lady came and said, ‘can you get in this cell for me,’ and I was like, ‘sure,’ ” Jacob said. “They locked the door and it was cell number 1206 and they locked it.”

Jacob said he sat in 1206 for several minutes until officials realized they took him, thinking it was his 17-year-old brother.

“They said, ‘I’m sorry, it was just a misunderstanding,'” Jacob explained. “They said, ‘you can give your brother a hug,’ so I gave him a hug and he started bawling and I started bawling.”

Jasper County Sheriff Terry Risner said an on-going internal investigation is being conducted at this time.

“The incident involved a possible miscommunication and wrongful identification of a person that was at the sheriff’s office when the incident was reported,” Sheriff Risner said.

“He had his radio. He should have called up there to check because he should have known that a 17-year-old does not look like me,” Jacob said.

Sherriff Terry Risner would not say if anyone involved in this incident has been disciplined. Meanwhile, the investigation into how this happened continues.

And our last story, cause frankly I’ve had enough of depressing shit from this fucking world as it is.

Justice, China Style

Author: Artefact

The severe theatre of Chinese justice has been impressing Chinese and international audiences alike, although perhaps for different reasons.

The pair shown allegedly used axes to rob a Shaanxi province jewellery store of valuables worth some 600,000 yuan ($95,000), but were caught 4 days after the robbery.

Both shackled criminals and heavily armed security forces were all on display to local citizens in an effort to thoroughly cow the perpetrators and discourage the public from following their example:


Sankaku is famous for making really big image posts and this isn’t any different.


That’s all for my first day back. I’ll have something bigger up next time.


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