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Pet pig (lost, found, pig-napped and sold) reuniting with owners



A Pasco County pet pig found itself in quite the predicament.

Piggy, a six month old Yorkshire pig, pulled what his owner Anne Hammond calls “a Houdini” over the weekend and somehow managed to squeeze out of his pen on Kimberly Avenue in Zephyrhills.

He then wandered down the street into a neighbors yard.  Shannon Shafer found him and said she immediately knew he was someone’s pet and put him inside her house for safe keeping.  But while she was out, piggy was pig-napped.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says Earl Florer, of Dade City, was collecting scrap metal from Shafer’s yard.

They say when Shafer left, he opened the window to the room where Piggy was being kept, reached in and snatched him.  They say Florer then turned around and sold Piggy for $40.

Luckily, it didn’t take long for detectives to track Piggy down.

Meanwhile, Florer was arrested and charged with burglary.


Meanwhile in Florida….

See what I mean?

But I want to drag your attention back to Sankaku for just a second..



Sweden: Manga “Not Child Porn” After All


The Swedish Supreme Court has finally worked out that drawings are not people, and in a landmark case has acquitted a man convicted of possessing child pornography after the authorities found suggestive manga-themed imagery on his computer.

The case in question, previously covered in some detail, was that of a Swedish manga translator convicted of possessing child pornography after courts decided some of the artwork found on his PC depicted minors (a picture of two girls eating a banana, above, was one of the images authorities alleged constituted child pornography).

He disputed the ruling, but two lower courts upheld the guilty verdict, although his fine was lowered.

Eventually his case reached Sweden’s Supreme Court, and the judge there finally accepted his arguments that he needed the images as part of his job and that drawings should not be treated as child pornography:

“The criminalization of possession of the drawings would otherwise exceed what is necessary with regard to the purpose which has led to the restriction on freedom of expression and freedom of information.”

The Supreme Court insisted the images were pornographic representations of children all the same, but relented by conceding that as imaginary entities they were not in fact the same as real children.

However, they did insist one image was “sufficiently realistic” as to constitute child pornography (apparently contradicting the entire basis of their verdict in the process), but decided to acquit him for that one as well anyway.

The exonerated man later expressed his relief to the press:

“I’m obviously very relieved, in part because it makes life easier for me personally, but most of all I’m generally relieved for Sweden as a whole.

It would have been very hard for me to relate to Sweden as a country if it turned out to be a place that prohibited certain expressions of the imagination.”

Even his lawyer seemed happy with the court’s murky logic:

“It’s heartening that common sense has prevailed. The Supreme Court has an excellent way of cutting through the formalities and coming to the right conclusion. The ruling is very good in its entirety.”


It’s a little funny actually. This whole ideal about child pornography in societal means very little in the grand scheme of things, and yet we as humans love to nit-pick on the small things. Let’s widen our little views and show you this…


‘Sleeping Mexican’ Symbol Continues to Vex Drive-In Memorial

what is the role of symbols, designs, and messages now considered to be offensive

Jim Forsyth

The city says it is exploring other options in dealing with preserving the historic integrity of the old Mission Drive-In Theater, which included a mural featuring the old image known as the ‘Sleeping Mexican’ which many people now consider to be an offensive stereotype, 1200 WOAI news reports.

The figure showing a man wearing a large sombrero, his knees against his chest and sleeping up against Mission San Jose was commonly used in the 1940s and 1950s.  A similar drawing, this time featuring the man sleeping against a cactus, was used throughout the 1950s by the state of Arizona to promote tourism.

“The portrayal of an Indian as being lazy and dumb and stupid is what it depicts,” Ronald Rocha told a panel meeting at the Mission Trails Public Library last night.  “A lazy, meaningless person.”

The debate is part of a larger controversy over how racist, demeaning, and offensive historical images should be treated in preservation efforts.  Similar debates have emerged about signs and symbols offensive to African Americans which once were common sights across the South, anti-Chinese images in California, and anti-Native American symbols across the country, including, in the eyes of some, sports team nicknames like the Braves, the Redskins, and the Indians.

The issue in this case is whether the Sleeping Mexican, which was a key part of the design on the movie theater from its construction in 1947 to the early 1960s, should be included in a mural honoring the theaters to go up near the library.

“The mural was found to be significantly part of this historic marquee back in the forties and fifties,” said the city’s Jimmy La Flore.  “Maybe we can take a look at substitution.”

Several people spoke out last night, saying the image is offensive and should not be included in any modern design.  But officials say historic preservation efforts require that the structure be significantly reproduced, including the art work that was part of it.

A second public hearing is planned before any final decision is made.


You know funny story, Americans are racist…what’s the punch line? That’s it. Welcome to the US, people.


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