So I mentioned I’d be spending time with the fam this summer holiday season and I am. Just not on a goddamn cruise liner and for good measure. I’m pretty worried that in the long run, my family will probably get either me or my dad arrested; Heaven forbid one of us falls over the damn ship. Anyway, I figure since there isn’t any need to start an argument, my trip for the week of the first of July will involve some friends and a make-shift raft out in the Pacific. But enough about my plans. Let’s get some news going.

Let’s open with some anime news.


New Minami-ke “May Actually Be Good This Time”

Author: Artefact

Who is to produce the “4th” TV season of top bakayarou anime Minami-ke has finally been announced, and for once fans are expressing relief that the production has been entrusted to a studio of some quality, and that it will retain its all-star seiyuu cast – some even going so far as to say it may be the best season of all, how ever many they choose to believe there were…

Production goes to Feel, and the seiyuu cast is to remain unchanged, with Rina Sato, Marina Inoue, Minori Chihara, Nana Mizuki, Eri Kitamura and Aki Toyosaki making for an almost ridiculously luxuriant cast.

TV airdates are unknown, but an OAD is due in October with volume 10 of the manga, which is taken to suggest a January airing might be on the cards.

Recent Feel works of note:

Da Capo II (2008)

Kiss x Sis (2010)

Yosuga no Sora (2010)

MayoChiki! (2011)

Papa no Iu Koto (2012)

Dakara, Boku wa H Dekinai. (2012)

I’m gonna be honest, Minamike S2 held a lot of complains for me, esp. re-colorations of the characters. I prefer consistancy to recolors every time. Imagine if the charactes for something like Men at Work were played by women instead of men; It’s just something worth thinking about. On the plus side, I managed to catch the first ep of Hyouka, it’s ok, but nothing on a major must-see anime on my list.


 Brave premieres new Dolby sound system

Earlier this year Dolby announced a new sound system for theatres, called Atmos, that provide for 128 different sound “objects” to play at any given time. The more major advance from the audience perspective is the ability to have sound come from above with ceiling mounted speakers. (The Vergehas more technical details on the system.)

Pixar’s Brave became the first new film to debut it, with the specially mixed Atmos sound track being played at the premiere at the Dolby Theatre yesterday. Entertainment Weekly was there. And while they think the sound was impressive and immersive, they were mostly distracted by the actual film itself.

To find out more about Atmos watch the following Soundworks Vimeo video and then check out this Hollywood Reporter story to see if the system is coming to a theatre near you.

And then there’s this….



Deputies: Accused mugger left his mug at crime scene

By  Barbara Hijek

Investigators from the Broward Sheriff’s Office on Monday released a few mugs of a man they say is a wanted for mugging.

The photos, including one showing the man accused in an attempted armed robbery holding up blue cotton candy, were found on a cellphone left behind at the crime scene, reports the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

According to officials with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, a man told deputies that while he was walking  someone came up from behind him, put him in a choke-hold and held an object, believed to be a box cutter,  to his neck.

When the robber began to run away after demanding money from the man, the man chased him, according to the report.

During a struggle, the mugger dropped his cellphone, which contained at least three photos matching the man’s description of the mugger, officials said.

Oh look at what the National Security Association dug up for the rest of us in America.



NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say if We Spied on You

By Spencer Ackerman


The surveillance experts at the National Security Agency won’t tell two powerful United States Senators how many Americans have had their communications picked up by the agency as part of its sweeping new counterterrorism powers. The reason: it would violate your privacy to say so.

That claim comes in a short letter sent Monday to civil libertarian Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. The two members of the Senate’s intelligence oversight committee asked the NSA a simple question last month: under the broad powers granted in 2008′s expansion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, how many persons inside the United States have been spied upon by the NSA?

The query bounced around the intelligence bureaucracy until it reached I. Charles McCullough, the Inspector General of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the nominal head of the 16 U.S. spy agencies. In a letter acquired by Danger Room, McCullough told the senators that the NSA inspector general “and NSA leadership agreed that an IG review of the sort suggested would itself violate the privacy of U.S. persons,” McCullough wrote.

“All that Senator Udall and I are asking for is a ballpark estimate of how many Americans have been monitored under this law, and it is disappointing that the Inspectors General cannot provide it,” Wyden told Danger Room on Monday. “If no one will even estimate how many Americans have had their communications collected under this law then it is all the more important that Congress act to close the ‘back door searches’ loophole, to keep the government from searching for Americans’ phone calls and emails without a warrant.”

What’s more, McCullough argued, giving such a figure of how many Americans were spied on was “beyond the capacity” of the NSA’s in-house watchdog — and to rectify it would require “imped[ing]” the very spy missions that concern Wyden and Udall. “I defer to [the NSA inspector general’s] conclusion that obtaining such an estimate was beyond the capacity of his office and dedicating sufficient additional resources would likely impede the NSA’s mission,” McCullough wrote.

The changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in 2008 — which President Obama, then in the Senate, voted for — relaxed the standards under which communications with foreigners that passed through the United States could be collected by the spy agency. The NSA, for instance, no longer requires probable cause to intercept a person’s phone calls, text messages or emails within the United States as long as one party to the communications is “reasonably” believed to be outside the United States.

The FISA Amendments Act of 2008, as it’s known, legalized an expansive effort under the Bush administration that authorized NSA surveillance on persons inside the United States without a warrant in cases of suspicion of connections to terrorism. As my colleague David Kravets has reported, Wyden has attempted to slow a renewal of the 2008 surveillance authorities making its way through Congress. The House Judiciary Committee is expected to address the FISA Amendments Act on Tuesday, as the 2008 law expires this year.

Longtime intelligence watchers found the stonewalling of an “entirely legitimate oversight question” to be “disappointing and unsatisfactory,” as Steve Aftergood, a secrecy expert at the Federation of American Scientists told Danger Room.

“If the FISA Amendments Act is not susceptible to oversight in this way,” Aftergood said, “it should be repealed, not renewed.”

Even though McCullough said the spy agencies wouldn’t tell the senators how many Americans have been spied upon under the new authorities, he told them he “firmly believe[s] that oversight of intelligence collection is a proper function of an Inspector General. I will continue to work with you and the [Senate intelligence] Committee to identify ways we can enhance our ability to conduct effective oversight.”


I’m sorry, wut? Make sense plawks.  What we have here gentlemen is an exceptional example of stupidity and for lack of a better word fail. And since I don’t intend on doing anything else today, enjoy today’s last post.

Rie Tanaka Weds: “Now We Can Only Weep Over Her Pics!”

Author: Leon



The announcement that sexy seiyuu Rie Tanaka married some male and even closed down her fanclub has left her many fans reduced to forlornly spilling their Rie cosplay folders online one last time, often whilst either congratulating her or vehemently insisting that as she was just an “old hag” she was well past it anyway…


Another ginormous gallery post…enjoy.


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